Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Turning the Big Five-Ut-Oh!

My Mom once told me that when I was a baby she used to dress me up in cute little dresses and such and people used to think I looked just like a little China doll I was so cute; then continued on to say she wondered what happened! I guess that explains where I got my sense of humor, doesn't it?

Looking back - way back - I'd have to say that I was a cute little kid though I really could've used a little extra hair to go with that ruffly little dress with the big bow in the back. I'm not sure what color it was but I'm going to guess it was pink and I bet I had cute little shoes to match. Not too sound too immodest, I'd have to say that at that time of my life I was a real babe!

Flash forward 49 years later and there have been some obvious major changes - I now have a full head of hair, I no longer wear ruffly dresses with big bows and matching shoes, and I'm not even close to being a babe. But ... that said ... it's been a pretty good journey from the time of that first picture to the time of this second one.

Perhaps my life hasn't taken the path I would have liked it to; I mean, come on, who says they want to have two divorces behind them by the time they turn 50, be a single parent, and barely scrape by financially?? Overall , though, I'd have to say that it hasn't been a bad life.

Would I make any changes? You betcha! Would I change my life for that of someone else? Hell no! It hasn't been a perfect life but it's been mine and during the course of the last 50 years I've met some fantastic people and made some fantastic memories. Unfortunately, I can't remember all of those fantastic memories as I have seem to have early onset Alzheimer's setting in (or so it seems) but I know the good has definitely outweighed the bad,

So - the question begs to be asked ... what are my next 50 years going to be like? Good? Bad? Mediocre? As I march boldly into the future with my AARP card clutched tightly in my hand, I honestly have to say I don't know!

What I do know, though, is that for today it's gonna be good as it's lunch with my good friend Rhonda and blogging pal Claire who has popped over from across the pond to spend this most auspicious occasion with me (and who is even more smashing in person than on her blog!); then later in the evening Claire and I are off to the Harp & Dragon, the closest thing we have to a pub here in Norwich, for a pint or two and to meet up with the marvelous Mags from Boston and some more friends to help make the day even better! Sounds like a good way to start off the half-century mark to me!

In the meantime, though, what's a birthday without cake?? Help yourself to a big ole' cyber piece and mingle amongst yourselves while I go out and seize the day - with both hands!

Thank you for stopping by and helping make my 50th birthday a special one!

Oh, and just for the record ... no ... we aren't "there yet!"


  1. Anonymous7:01 AM EDT

    And , aaaaa,Happyhappyhappyhappy, happy, happy, happy, h a p p y, h a p p y birthday!!! Baby!

  2. Anonymous7:34 AM EDT

    WOW!!! Just WOW!!!
    Happy, happy birthday, Linda ♥

    Stay the way you are!

    Hope you don't mind I stole the photo =)


  3. Anonymous8:20 AM EDT

    Good for you Linda...yup fifty is daunting but like everything else you just grin and bear it...you seem to have an interesting life so far and the next years will help you on the next leg of your journey...remember 50 is the next thirty and you look awesome so have lots of fun tonight and save us a slice of that wonderful cake..

  4. Anonymous8:37 AM EDT

    Linda, Have a wonderful 50th.... Hope the second fifty are even more gooder than the first fifty!

    BTW, I threw you a party on my blog. Hope hyou didn't mind! LOL!

  5. Happy Birthday toooo yoooouuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday dinner tonight, and a great time next week!!! You deserve it!!

  6. Hooray! Welcome to the newest member of the Half Century Club! Happy Birthday, Linda!

    P.S. You totally stole my thunder with your last sentence!

  7. happy birthday honey! thanks for the cake too! totally awesome! wish i was there to give you a big old hug but here is a cyber hug...

    smiles, bee

  8. Happy birthday, Linda!!

    Hope you have a great day!!!!!

    Enjoy your blogging buddies :)

  9. Linda, don't change a thing! Don't wish for a different outcome. Your experiences have shaped your life, Amanda's and Jamie's and of course, your blog friends as well. We enjoy your exploits even if you don't wear dresses with bows any more...

    The big 5-0 is no big deal, for me it was in 2005. You are merely more experienced! Happy Birthday, Linda!!

  10. have a wonderful time tonight all your lucky peeps...

  11. You're as adorable now as you were then! Happy Happy Birthday, Linda! :)

  12. Hope you have a great day, you deserve it!

  13. Don't lie Linda-you totally wear frilly dresses and matching shoes.



  14. Oh Linda, that was such a wonderful post :o)
    Very happy birthday, my friend! Enjoy your day with the girls and thanks for the cake. It was delish :o)

  15. Anonymous10:12 AM EDT

    You did it! You turned 50. The day we've all been waiting for! I just got there myself in June. I feel 23. Really. Keep up the good work, Linda!

  16. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday Dearest Linda,
    Happy Birthday to you.

    I hope your 50th is the best birthday yet. Big hug and lotsa lovies. :)

  17. Happy birthday sweetness, I still think you are a babe, because BEAUTY is inside of us, not on the outside. Big Bear Huggles and snuggles for you!

  18. happy birthday, i just turned. besides 50 is the new 30.

  19. Yay! Happy Birthday.

    I hope you have an awesome day and year.

  20. Anonymous11:42 AM EDT

    Happy birthday to my all-time favorite dispatcher, blogger, and all-around sweet gal! You deserve nothing short of a pleasant day filled with little surprises that bring a smile to your face. Remember, you are loved & respected - which is far better than what some have!

  21. Anonymous11:57 AM EDT

    Happy Birthday! (coming over from Dori's blog....)

  22. I just wanted to say "Happy Birthday" - you're one of the people I've met in person from the world of blogging, whose friendship has had such a wonderful, positive influence on my own life.
    I wish you the greatest of happiness and success in the next year, and cannot wait 'til Saturday when I get to give you a great BIG Mo-Bear HUG!!!!
    Happy Birthday, my friend.

  23. Happy Birthday to you! my youngest Sis is older that you. take care!

  24. Anonymous1:33 PM EDT

    Hope you have a great day, you deserve it!

  25. things of quality
    have no fear of time

    happiest of birthdays!

  26. Happy Birthday, Duchess Linda!!!

    Wowzer, you sure do have a lot of friends. You are one lucky lady.

    See? Turning 50 today wasn't so bad now, was it?

    Sounds like you have a fun day and night planned. Enjoy ;-D


    I hope you have a wonderful day, when you have a drink think 'Akelamalu's saying cheers"!

    My 50th birthday was so long ago I've forgotten what it's like! :0

  28. Have an absolutely Fab time, Linda. May it be very memorable. Worth placing as a Quality Post.

  29. Happy Birthday Linda!!
    The 50's are fantastic!!!!!!!
    Be happy, be safe, and know you have made friends all over the world.

  30. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Linda, Happy Birthday to you.

    You didn't know I could sign now did you?

    Seriously, I hope your special day is your best birthday ever.

  31. Fifty is nifty, I hope you had a great day.

  32. Anonymous5:11 PM EDT

    Happy Birthday, Linda. And here's to at least 50 more!

  33. WOO HOO! The big 50 is here and sounds like you'll be celebrating it in grand style too! Don't let that crazy little Brit drag you too far stray now though. But do go out and have a great big celebration of a really whiz-bang event. And I want a cake just like that one for my birthday too -next month!
    Party hearty, my dear!

  34. WOW!!! Cake !!!!

    A very happy happy birthing day 2 U :-)

    At 50, you are still a spring chicken. Tweet twweeet! Hope your day is mah velous.


  35. Stepping onto grate to sing. Striking a Marilyn pose. Pencil skirt is blowing in the wind. Clears throat...

    "Happy birthday to you.
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday Duchess Linda Upon the Thames....
    Happy birthday to you."

    I royally declare it Duchess Linda's Birthday Day in the blogosphere. Did you hear that people??!

    Stepping off grate now. Adjusting skirt. Bowing to you...

    And just so ya know....I am proud to call you my friend. BIG HUG. Bwaaahhaaahhhaa

  36. And as a wise man once said to me on the exact same occasion....

    "It's just a nuuummmmber."

  37. Happy happy happy and even more happy until you cry for happy birthday. May the next 50 be filled with joys, surprises, and rewards for being the wonderful person you are.

  38. And just to tie a bow on all the good wishes....

    Happy Birthday

  39. Happy, happy birthday!!! And I hope your special day turned out to be exactly what you hoped it would be!!!

  40. So many happys for you! I'm hoping the next 50 will bring you all of your heart's desires - I really do!!!
    ~~~Love and Blessings~~~♥♥♥

  41. p.s. You have a greeting over at my place, too....

  42. Happy Birthday! Why has no one mentioned that in your infant photo you look just like the Gerber baby?!

  43. Happy Birthday Linda! :-)

    You look adorable in your baby picture and beautiful in your 49 year old picture. As far as how your first 50 years have been, always remember one thing..."We Are Rich In Love" and that is all that matters. :-) Cheers to your next 50!

    I hope you had a Wonderful time today with your friends.


  44. Anonymous1:27 AM EDT

    Happy berfday to you,
    happy berfday to you,
    happy berfday to Linda,
    happy berfday to YOU!

    You inspire me!!!

  45. Anonymous10:36 AM EDT

    I love this post! I hope you had the bestest day ever. I am sorry I didn't make it around yesterday. My little Emily seems to have her days and nights mixed up!

    Have a great time, Linda!!!

    Happy Belated birthday, my friend.

  46. Anonymous9:20 PM EDT

    I'm so sorry that I missed your birthday. But you know I was here in spirit. I'm so glad that you had time to enjoy yourself. Looks like you had a wonderful time. You deserve it! Happy Belated Birthday to my fantastic, awesome, funny, kind and caring blogging friend :)

  47. Anonymous5:47 AM EDT

    I also missed your Happy Birthday. Very interesting day missed out. Thanks for sharing this post. Keep it up


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