Thursday, September 25, 2008

Organized Randomness!

Boats on the water

Yesterday morning at work we had The Today Show on in the background for awhile and I heard the stupidest thing ever - PETA had sent a letter to Ben & Jerry's requesting that they use human breast milk rather than cow's milk in the making of their ice cream. HUH?!? Of course being the sick individuals we are at work we naturally started joking around about having stalls of women hooked up to milking machines! Thankfully the wiser people at Ben & Jerry's thought it best to leave human mother's milk for human babies and continue on with business as normal in Vermont. Where do people come up with these ideas??

Sun reflections

One of the guys I work with who recently became a paramedic has also recently started a blog of his own. Rob has been a regular commenter on my blog for some time now "and decided that since I used to blog, there is no reason that I shouldn't blog again!" Of course, I only found this out as he is listed as one of my blog followers and I went to go check it out. I'd appreciate it if you'd click on over to Rob's Random Ramblings and welcome Rob to the Blogosphere! He leaves great comments so I'm sure he's going to write a great blog once he gets past that first post he has up!

Out to sea

It's going to rain here in Connecticut for the next two days and even if I didn't hear it on the weather forecast, I'd feel it in my back and left leg which has been aching like nobody's business since yesterday. I tell ya, being a walking barometer is really not all that fun!

Returning from Block Island

My friend Mags got a phone call from her mother yesterday that her father was having some chest pain and difficulty breathing and then she got another call this morning that he is scheduled for bypass surgery tomorrow. She's on her way here to Connecticut to be with him. I know you guys are good at this so please send thoughts, prayers, and wishes her way for her Dad's successful surgery and recovery.

clouds move in

Claire is flying back to England today from Boston and I am really going to hate her being so many, many miles away. She may come across as a cheeky little Brit on her blog (and trust me - she is!) but she is also one of the funniest, warmest, nicest people I've met even if she hates having her picture taken even more than I do! She has told me she's planning her next visit again already and I sure hope so as I would love to see her back here! I'd also love to go visit her in England as she told me so much about it but unless I manage to win that elusive Powerball jackpot, it may be a very long time before I can afford to go.

Return to Block Island

Finally, if you're curious about all of the pictures in this post, they were taken from the upper deck of the ferry that was returning us from our visit to Block Island back to Point Judith on the Tuesday of our vacation. You guys know me and pictures of the sky and clouds and if you throw in the ocean - I just can't resist! I thought this was a good way to share some of them. More on Block Island in another post soon!


Now if I work this right, I can go visit some blog buddies who have been sadly neglecting for the past week and a half before heading back to work! Speaking of work, I had a 911 call last night where the caller told me had been bitten by a vampire bat about a week ago (why me?!?)

Everyone have a great Thursday no matter where you are or what you're doing!


  1. Linda, those pictures are just beautiful.

    I heard that on the news about PETA wanting to use breast milk in Ben and Jerry's ice cream and I, too, thought it was a stupid idea.

    I will visit Rob's blog and welcome him to blogland.

  2. First off the pictures are just fabulous.

    I will, of course, be sending positive thoughts and plenty of Reiki to Mags Dad.

    If you come to England to visit Claire maybe she could arrange a meet up with some of us other bloggers. Not sure where she lives but England's not that big in the scheme of things.

    I'll drop by Rob's and tell him you sent me. :)

  3. OMG, the pictures are absolutely breathtaking. I love the silhouettes.

  4. It sounds like PETA are a little on the weird side.

  5. You'd think soy milk would be a better solution for PETA...

    You take amazing pictures, you know that, right?

    And what do you say to someone who was bitten by a vampire bat a week ago? Stay away from garlic and make sure your coffin in the basement has some soil from your homeland before the next full moon?
    Or did you say "sucks to be you?"

    Love ya!

  6. mo's comment has me cracking UP!!! i've got nothing now. but lovely shots linda!

    smiles, bee

  7. Wow, when you say organzied random you really mean organized lol

    my organized is not that pulled together

    Love the photos, one more dramatic than the next

    and I will go say Hi to Rob right now :)

    the storm is supposed to get a bit hairy - be safe.

  8. S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G. photos.

    (sending prayers for Mags)

  9. thanks for the heads up about mags.

    the photos are need to do a set of notecards or SOMETHING

    typical PETA...whiskey tango foxtrot? I'd like to see LaLeche League take them down. smile

    Have your girls read the Twilight series yet?

    I mean it about the note cards.

  10. OMG I heard that about PETA I thought it was a JOKE... Can you imagine some lady eating mexican food the night before... "O my Cherry Chip Ice Cream tastes like Enchiladas and then I got Gas from the Ice Cream..." Disgusting!!!!

    I will go visit Rob.. It took me all day to read this. Everytime I would pull it up some Jack ass would walk in my Office... I mean Really people can't you see I am visiting with friends... Gads.

  11. The photographs are stunning! You know what? I'd buy a coffee table book of your photographs.

  12. Those photos are incredible. You are getting so good. Now about cow's milk. It really isn't good for you. Unfortunately, the dairy industry has sold us a bill of goods and it does taste wonderful. PETA is nutzo, but cutting back on the dairy is probably a good idea.
    Here is a place to start scaring yourself, What's Wrong With Milk

  13. those photo's pull you right in.

  14. well, since they won't even let you donate breast milk for mothers who can't produce due to the fear of disease I serioulsy doubt we're gonna be buying it in a store.

    bitten by a vampire bat?? a week ago and they're calling 911 NOW??? what's up with that?? do we even have vampire bats here???

    oh, and cow's milk is just fine for you, zillions of people have been drinking it forever.

  15. PETA is largely made up from people who have gone off their meds. The same people who have had alien abductions - including Pamela Anderson. They're crackpots.
    Now, to serious business! Each batch of photos gets better and better - I don't know how but they just do. I'm totally with Katherine on this...
    Cards! Check this out:
    They would make the best family gifts ever!

  16. By the way, I never did say thanks for the plug!

    I was intending on sending you a message after i got things all settled in over in my little cyber cave, but as usual you can't hide from dispatch!!!

  17. Anonymous11:17 AM EDT

    I'm really enjoying the pictures of your vacation.


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