Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Vacation is Definitely Over

I'm sure that anyone who has ever gone on a vacation has come back thinking that it just wasn't long enough and I am certainly no exception to the rule as I have to honestly say that the past week spent at a lovely beach house in Rhode Island seemed to just fly by. I find it hard to believe that just last week at this time I was chatting with five of the nicest people I've ever met in a very cozy setting that included a chocolate-amaretto cake with Kahlua frosting that was beyond delicious. However, in the week that I've been gone, life has - of course - continued on its merry way and I got to come back to a bit of unpleasantness that I wanted to address and get out of the way before I fill you in on the last week and share some of the 750+ pictures that I took. As they say, it's business before pleasure ... or does this count as business after pleasure? Hmmm ...

At any rate, during the time I was away on September 17th, the State Police here in Connecticut made arrests in the August 28th shooting death of 2-year old Wyatt Matteau, a story that regular readers of my blog are, unfortunately, quite familiar with. The details of what actually happened on that fateful day, which were made available for public view in the court affidavit, are much worse than I ever could have imagined and solidly reinforced my opinion that the law needed to be upheld in this case no matter how much the parents were hurting over the loss of their son. Some things just boggle the mind and leave you wondering "why?" and this is certainly one of those things.

Other bloggers had asked me to let them know if anything happened with this case and that's what I'm doing with this post. I'm not going to go into the details of what happened, you're more than welcome to click on the above links as well as this link for an article where the child's uncle speaks out about the warnings he had given Wyatt's mother before the young boy so tragically shot himself in the face, but I will say that the whole situation is just beyond sad and was beyond preventable. Yet it happened and many lives will never be the same again. One will never be at all.

In the meantime while I was still on vacation, a website called wrote a post on September 18th where they stated that I was "making all kinds of shameful judgments on the Matteau family with not a single fact to back up her hurtful statements" in my post of September 2nd. In addition to that they went on to say that "The women is a dispatcher for American Ambulance and in our most humble opinion, a pretty heartless one at that. Alas she is the typical of those other liberal vultures and those that are posting in their comment section." (The poor grammar is theirs and not mine, by the way).

Ah, such a lovely thing to come home to ... not! So, before I write the post about my vacation that most of you would rather be reading I wanted to take the time to just point out a few things for the edification of the good folks over at who obviously have never read another single post in my blog and yet have chosen to make judgments of their own with no facts to back them up.

First and foremost, I made no shameful judgments on the Matteaus other than to say that they were responsible for the safety of their son and they failed miserably in that area. Anyone who would like a fact to back that up can read the above mentioned court affidavit where you'll find facts galore about the blatant irresponsibility of both parents.

Second, I am not a "heartless dispatcher" or human being in general. My heart breaks when I hear about these kinds of things and I think that anyone who knows me or has ever spent any time at all reading my blog could solidly back me up on that one. Just because I have an opinion when it comes to the simple keeping of a law that is designed to keep these sorts of tragedies from happening in the first place does not make me heartless which is defined as "without a heart; specifically, without feeling, emotion, or concern for others; uncaring". Whoever wrote that statement has no idea exactly how much concern for others I do have and I resent the implication of it being otherwise.

Third, I am not now nor have I ever been a liberal - vulture or otherwise. I don't get into politics on this blog as politics tend to put people at odds with each other faster than anything else I know but I will say that, for the most part, I am a conservative. If you want to know if I believe in gun laws then the answer is a resounding hell yeah! I believe that people have the Constitutional right to bear arms but if you're going to have guns, especially in a home that has small children, then you had damned well better take care to secure them properly. If believing that makes me a liberal then go ahead and call me that and I will take no offense at all, otherwise - once again - stop making judgments without any facts to back them up.

As for my association with the Norwich Bulletin, what I write on my blog is in no way, shape, or form reflective of their opinion or the opinions of their employees. It is my opinion - no one else's. Speaking of opinions, on all of the stories that The Bulletin has run regarding the Matteau case they have disabled their "story chat" feature that allows readers to post opinions to the story as they felt the parents had enough to go through without having more piled on them via reader's comments. Apparently they missed that fact over at as it was stated that there was "a whole new rash of posters that just seems to be flowing out of the woodwork or seeping up through the sewers." Uhm ... where? Not on any article about the Matteaus unless they got The Bulletin mixed up with The New London Day.

Another thing I would like to address is the statement that "We find it appalling that the posters at the Norwich Bulletin and other Blogggers are relishing and dancing on the grave of Wyatt so they can break the parents even more than they are broken now." NO ONE is relishing and/or dancing on the grave of Wyatt - NO ONE. People don't relish or dance on the graves of young children whose lives are cut short in accidents that could have been prevented had someone just been intelligent enough to realize that toddlers are curious and that telling them "no" is probably not going to be enough to keep them away from the object they want. Heck, that doesn't even require intelligence - it requires plain and simple common sense. If that's me being judgmental then so be it.

Finally, in closing, let me just say to Remad who posted the comment, "I know a good friend who heard that the american ambulance company is being flooded with telephone calls about Linda." - perhaps your good friend needs to recheck his/her sources as this statement is wrong. Yes, one person made a phone call to one of my supervisors but there was no basis for the complaint as I wrote my post on my own time at my own home on my own computer and I never attempted to speak for American Ambulance or any of its employees just like I never attempted to speak for The Bulletin and any of its employees.

I am certainly not foolish enough to think that my opinion is the only right one and that everyone is going to agree with me (that would just be silly) but I would really appreciate it if someone feels the need to lambaste me and drag me over the coals for one of my opinions that they please get their facts straight before doing so.

Oh, and for the record, I'm not "disgusting, cruel and unethical" either but if Zlynda wants to think so then that's certainly her opinion. Please forgive me if I beg to differ.


  1. It's a terrible shame that this happened, even moreso because it was easily preventable.

    It's also awful that some have decided to take their anger and grief out on you. Hang in there.

  2. I'd bet money that single phone call was made by the person who said that the company was "flooded with calls"

    it's a sad sad situation. And an EMT/Firefighter damn well should have known better and to be more careful. But he'll relive that day for the rest of his life, there is no worse form of hell on earth.

  3. now, dammit, would you post something HAPPY for a change??

  4. Thanks for the follow up, Linda. It's so, so sad.

  5. Anonymous7:48 AM EDT

    I'm sitting here shaking my head...
    that makes me so sad.

    To me you're one of the most thoughtful bloggers out there - like I said in my birthday post dedicated to you. You have a beautiful heart, my friend.

    Hang in there!

    Glad you enjoyed your vacation. Can't wait to see the photos.

    I'm back from my vacation, too and came up with a little something:

    I'd love to see you participating in my first own MEME.

  6. Anonymous8:04 AM EDT

    Sorry about the firestorm...let me just say that they don't know the real Linda like we do. And we stand by you.

    You are a caring, kind individual. I know how much that child's death touched you -- personally, professionally, and most of all maternally.....It moved you to the point you had to write about it so a situation like this wouldn't happen again.

    I heard a few days ago that the case went to court.

    I'm hoping that gun owners learn about this case and learn the value of resposible ownership.

    In a household where there's a child, guns should not be left out or placed within reach. The ammo should be locked up in a location away from the gun. The gun should be put away, empty and locked --far from the ammo. The two should not be together, and the gun should not be loaded or in plain sight. period. That's basic gun safety.

    I'll pray for this child's family as they get through this. Such a hard, hellish lesson to learn. Something none of us wish on any body.

    Hugs Linda. We love you!

  7. It's a sad state of affairs and very unfair that people should take their anger out on you for voicing an opinion that a lot of people agree with. You weren't malicious at all in what you posted, which is more than can be said of the people who are maligning you. x

  8. Anonymous9:24 AM EDT

    These idiots who are upset with you over your opinion and not upset over the stupidity of this sitiuation is also the reason we have a legal system in the toilet. Gangs are running wild, no one is safe in their own homes anymore and our jails are packed with inmates that have more than most people working their asses off.

    I have worked with you for over 5 or 6 yrs and in no way have I or others ever thought or felt that you were uncaring or cold. I have heard you on the brink of tears and that was on the radio.
    Some people should take a step back and stand in someone elses shoes. What if it was your sister or brother whos kid shot them self and( per the news stations not just the Bulletin), you found out that those family members took that fire arm away from that child 2 or 3 times in the course of the day. (Mom admitted to this by the way). Would'nt you be pissed to know that instead of putting it where it couldnt be reached, it was slid back under the pillow. Come on commonscense says put it where it cant be reached!
    Protection of our children is supposed to come first no matter what. Since when did that unwritten rule get erased?

    If you morons want some thing to boycott, pick something that has meaning. Someones opinion is not it but you could send your voice higher aand stop the stupidity of of our justice system, or hey here's one, how about illegal imigrants getting benefits that us poor dumb working folk cant get yet we pay for out of our measely paychecks every week! We have children all over the USA who are starving and we worry about the countries overseas instead( Hatian Health Fund ring any bells?)
    There I gave you more contructive things to do with your time.
    Boycott the Bulletin if you wish, but do it for a more substantial reason, like their website isnt always up to par and they have unintresting stories. Not for the opinion of 1 person who had all the facts in the first place. Unlike the tv news who couldnt figure out if Wyatt was a girl or a boy.
    Love ya Linda

  9. I love you Linda. I'm sorry that this is happening-especially because you are one of the KINDEST, most compassionate people I know.

    I've talked to you after shifts when people die while you are on the phone with their loved ones. I've heard your sadness, your heavy heart and known that this is NOT just a job for you. Anyone stating anything other than THESE facts, are very, very wrong.

    You're an amazing woman and though there are people out there who are so close minded and cruel to say things about you and who are trying to make your life harder your amazingness will never falter.

    Stay true to you. Because you is fantastic.

  10. Dang-it Linda!! I was looking forward to a post about your wonderful vacation, and a small group of nimrods had to ruin it!!

    We all know what an awesome person you are, and apparently they didn't read the court afidavit, before putting up their post! Funny that they singled you out, yet many of us agreed with your post!!

    Well, can't wait for the vaca post!! Love ya Linda!!

  11. Anonymous10:34 AM EDT

    Linda, as a victim of a firearms accident myself in my early teens, I am greatful to see and read your posts concerning this sad incident. Irresponsible people in society go on being that matter how many children and families are hurt by senseless tragedies like this was. I am happy you stand with me and so many others here.

    Thankfully for the grace of God, I'm alive to tell about my experience. And I won't stop; there are so many innocent souls still at risk.

    Thanks for caring, Linda.

  12. Welcome back, Linda. You did an excellent post there. Like all the commenters, I'm 100% behind you.

  13. I am sorry that you are going through this publicly, that you came home to this after your lovely vacation, that you have to deal with this at all.

    Anyone who reads your posts, especially those honoring fallen public servants, could only conclude that you are a kind and caring person with an empathetic soul. You are passionate about your job and take it personally when you see that someone else is hurting - on your job and in your personal life. You are always there for friends when they need a shoulder and are loyal to a fault. This I know for a fact.

    And what did you do when "anonymous" and non-so-anonymous posters berated and insulted you here? Did you remove them for your own sake? No, you did not. You stood up to them and answered them which is further testament to your character.

    Just know that your friends are here. This too shall pass. We might need to hold you up for awhile.

    You can count on it.

  14. Anonymous4:52 PM EDT

    First, welcome back. Thankfully, you had a great vacation, and hopefully are renewed and refreshed.

    Now, in the case of those attacking you for voicing your opinion. This reminds me of idiot parents who get mad at schools when their kids get caught doing something wrong and are held accountable. I don't get it.

    It is very easy to mount this kind of attack on the Internet because of the relative anonymity. But at leas get the fact straight.

    As others have said, you've done nothing wrong, but you know that. Keep voicing your opinion in this type of situation, because at day's end, you are right.

  15. You are very feisty upon your return. And I don't blame you one bit. Welcome back! We missed you...

  16. I'm sorry you had to deal with this yet again and right when you came back home.
    Welcome home Linda, I missed you :o) Cannot wait for more details...

  17. Anonymous10:23 PM EDT

    If anyone has a doubt about your being one of the kindest bloggers I know, let them interview us, the people that know you.

    Or they just need to take a look at your blog and see the posts you do for the officers who die in the line of duty, or many, many other posts and comments you leave on other people's blogs.

    I'd vouch for you in a heartbeat my friend.

  18. I don't know who this other fire fighter or EMT is, but it's my guess that he's behind most of this. I'm telling you he's a loose cannon. Mark my words.

    Thanks for the information. As I said before, this was up to the cops and the district attorneys office. I see they have done their jobs. Good for them. Now let the courts handle the rest.

    I know you quite well. You are by no means heartless or a liberal vulture. You were not accusing or hateful. The other side (the complainer) was all of the above. Don't listen to any of them. I'm just as disgusted as you are about this. It was senseless to say the least. Big hug honey. :)

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I can state with first hand knowledge that the individual that made the call is the same one who made the inflammatory remarks in this blog.

    However, they have both been arrested, charged, and will, by the grace of God get what is coming to them.

    Now, I think it would be appropriate to turn the other cheek and let the poor child rest in peace. Those who are not able to are the true heartless hate mongers, and that is most certainly not the Linda I know.

    Just my opinion, take it for what it's worth...

    Stay Safe...

  21. Too bad such closed minded people have such big open mouths.

  22. Aw, Linda...honey, I'm so sorry you had to come home to this garbage. Only cowards and idiots hide behind lies and evidently, this "person" is one huge cowardly idiot!
    I certainly love you - and know, as do all of us, that the "allegations" are utter nonsense and prevarications. Our boy sure has his panties in a wad, doesn't he?
    Please, if possible, put this out of your mind and dwell on the beauty of the scenery and friendships of the past week and fill your heart full of them!
    There won't be any room for ugliness!
    ~~~Love and Blessings~~~♥♥♥

  23. Anonymous7:49 AM EDT

    I'm sure that you know that the same woman who runs the boycottnorwichbulletin webpage is also the very same person who runs the Canterburyweb. Both webpages are nothing but hate-spewers and webmaster Donna thinks that anyone who does not goose-step right along with her is either a 'liberal vulture' or a 'tax and spend liberal' or whatever else she can think of at the time. She really has a pathetic outlook on life so pay no heed to what she has to say.

    There is NO question that this tragedy was entirely preventable and that stop-point was with the parents. You were correct to point that out.

  24. Linda,
    I'm so sorry you had to come home from a wonderful vacation to this unfair criticism.

    I didn't do too much blog visiting over the weekend so I just read this now, Monday a.m., after I returned from an early assignment.

    I can't imagine anyone thinking ill of you, Linda. Like several other of your friends have said here (who beat me to it) I know you are a caring person and a loyal friend.

    As Mimi said, this too shall pass.

    You have my support, and Ralph's.


  25. Linda..

    Well you know I don't think your heartless... that's just stupid. As were all of the other comments made.

    AND I will say as the parent of a 2 year old boy that this mother was just plain stupid. I'm sorry if that is rash and judgemental but so be it. I KNOW that when I tell my son "NO bad boo boo's" about something his natural curiosity is to see if I am telling him the truth or not. Like he has to investigate for himself if the situation really WILL. He's had numerous bumps on the head from falling after repeating a "stunt" I had JUST told him not to do. It is only LOGICAL COMMON SENSE to know that if the child showed interest in the gun.... he was going to go back and see if this thing really did make "bad boo boos". MOM FAILED HER SON MISERABLY BY NOT GETTING IT OUT OF HIS REACH!!!!

    Plain and simple. no questions asked. Period.

    It boggles my mind anyone would even argue that point....?

  26. Anonymous1:45 PM EDT

    Oh yes, we definitely were flooded with complaints. Those two calls we received really bogged down or phone system. Linda, please keep your opinions to yourself; you have no right (except the first amendment and tons of case law) to say what you want.

    I hate dumb people.

  27. well...there is proof that we have met...and I truly admire and respect the person you are.

    As I read through these stories, posts and comments I find myself mentally flipping off your detractors. And then I remember that some of them are reacting in their own personal grief and horror...and I try to understand their hatefully misguided words.

    at the very least....all of the people who have read about this tragedy...and all the readers who have read your weblog posts...they will ALL think twice when there is a loaded gun and a child in the same vicinity.

    Sorry you and your name gets drug through the muck. It makes me shake my head at the people who are taking shots at your integrity.

    But ya know....if all this angst saves just one child...or one adult (as in my co-worker) then I'd be willing to bet you think it is all worthwhile.

    The courts will deal with the Wyatt Matteau case (God Bless his heart) and your friends...and the people who actually know you stand behind you in total support.

  28. Good Gravy, Linda. I am glad you had a break from this, but sad that such a wonderful lady like yourself has to deal with this crap.
    It is sad when closed-minded people do things to intentionally hurt others.
    Love you,

  29. Anonymous1:35 PM EDT

    Linda, I couldn't take that hateful post those idiots wrote about you. I just had to comment:

    "In my opinion-YOU ALL are the heartless ones. To have no compassion at all for the little boy, and all the sympathy for the parents who SHOULD have known better…wow, that is extremely low. Even for so called “conservatives”.

    The parents were abusive. They allowed their children to live in a home with loaded guns that were very accessible. That’s the same as beating their children, bring illegal drugs into the home, starving their children, etc. They were warned by concerned family members about the threat the guns posed to their children-warnings they took no heed to.

    Now a little boy is dead-a little boy who never even got a chance to live his life…and you are spending your time attempting to burn a “witch” on the stake for actually speaking the truth.

    Linda Orlomoski has more heart and courage than anyone of you here on this blog. She has the courage to actually speak the truth, to fight for the rights of children-rather than turn a blind eye to the reasons this country is going to shit thanks to all of you.

    Today, after reading your spew-I am PROUD to be a card carrying Liberal. And I applaud Linda for her decision to allow her voice to be heard."


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