Saturday, October 4, 2008

Comments on Comments

What's the one thing that we bloggers absolutely love but never seem to get enough of? No, no - get your mind out of the gutter! I was referring to comments - lots and lots of comments! Most of my posts seem to average between 10-15 comments, which is less than 10% of my readers if my stat counters are working correctly, though occasionally I will write something that generates a lot more than that.

Still, the comments that I do get I really appreciate and some of them are downright great or ask questions that I really should address so I came up with this idea for a new weekly post where I pick out some of my comments from the week and comment on them!

Let's start with Sunday's post Ah, Bliss ... and the return of one of my favorite commentors who had disappeared on me for awhile but who has happily returned! Since I began my blog back in July of 2006, Bulldog has been a regular reader and his comments were always funny, insightful, and sweet but he stopped commenting back when Blogger changed over to the whole Open ID thing. Recently he got that sorted out and is back to commenting and I just love the one that he left for me on my post with a picture of a couple walking hand-in-hand along the beach while I lamented that I had no one to do such a thing with ...
bulldog said...
If I could "invent" a guy for you, I would! He'd be part Mo (seems like a really nice guy from all your posts), part Andrew (for obvious reasons), part Dennis C. (for artistic ability), Part JM/Seth (because you need eye-candy), and part me (just for something different). I'd package him up in jeans, leather, and a bandanna & send him to your house on a Harley built for two!!

Now what can I say there but aaawwwwww ... that's so sweet and that would certainly be the perfect guy! Thank you, Bucky, that one really made me smile - not to mention sigh wistfully!
On Monday's post Waving At You While I'm Working (Again), my friend Mighty Mom from It's a Wonderful Life left the following comment and questions ...
MightyMom said...
well, the paycheck will look least that's what I say to myself as I head out for my 50+ hour weeks.
Are you on your feet the whole time too? cuz then we could REALLY commiserate and you'd take the cake! (I stick to 4 12's-ish...comes out to just about 50/week) :-)
and how's that SECOND job coming along mywork-a-holic-nap-on-the-run-friend.
Thankfully, no, I am not on my feet though I really should be on them more often as sitting on my butt for most of those long 16-hour days is not a good thing! As for the second job, the dispatcher who has been training me has been on vacation but now that she's back, I need to figure out when to fit that in, too - somewhere! There are just not enough hours in the week!

When I wrote the post Our Vacation Takes Us to Cape Cod, I left out a few minor details but I was reminded of one in this comment ...
Mo said...
You forgot to mention my blood sugar crash, turning me into a surly zombie. Great post!
Ah yes, I neglected to mention the completely non-talkative, definitely not himself, look-at-me-the-wrong-way-and-I'll-bite-your-head-off Mo that I sat across from at the lunch table! At first I wasn't sure why Mo wasn't Mo but then it dawned on me that he hadn't had anything to eat all day except a couple small pieces of the sweet bread I had picked up during our stop at the Italian bakery and by the time we got to lunch, it was after 1:00. That would certainly explain the vacant stare whenever I asked him something and the bear-like growling that seemed to be coming from his side of the table! Once he'd had something to eat our Mo was back to his usual happy self so that's probably why I forgot to mention it! Now I bet you're wondering what else I left out about our vacation, aren't you??

Oh, and for those of you who asked about the lobster, despite the fact that we were at The Lobster Pot I ended up having fish and chips as lobster just seemed too much like work at that point! So, if there's anyone who wants to take me out for my very first lobster dinner I am definitely available! Email me - the address is on my sidebar!

'A' is for Apple - 'F' is for Frank, my post about baking an apple pie for a co-worker's birthday, apparently made a lot of mouths water (well, except for Jean-Luc who apparently is very weird and doesn't like apple pie but I love him anyway!). Claire's comment really took the cakem though, and would no doubt put a smile on Frank's face as he was quite smitten by our cheeky little Brit himself! ...
Claire said ...
I have had the pleasure of meeting Frank, I would definitely make him a pie. He is just so cute and lovable!
Also having sampled your apple crispy yummyness, I would of quite happily stuck my face in that pie!
Perhaps I can entice Claire to come back over the pond again sometime soon by promising her an apple crisp of her own to stick her face in? I bet if I served it up with a side of JM she'd be on the next plane she could catch! Right, Claire??

Finally, in yesterday's post A Few of My Favorite Things - The Autumn Version! I posted some fall-like pictures and asked everyone what some of their favorite autumn things were. In his inimitable and typical fashion, tape-radio host and fellow Nutmegger Bud had the following to say ...
Bud Weiser, WTIT said...
Awesome photos. My favorite things about autumn? Ladies and Smirnoff. Oh wait. That's all year. Great post!
At least the man knows what he likes even if it has absolutely nothing to do with autumn!

A big thank you to everyone who left comments this week and who knows, if you leave one next week perhaps you'll show up in next Saturday's version of Comments on Comments!


  1. Anonymous6:58 AM EDT

    I live for comments, too!

  2. Getting comments makes it all worthwhile dontcha think?

  3. Super post about Comments. It will be cool to see what you can come up with every week. Looking forward to many more..

  4. An excellent plan indeed. I have no idea why comments are so addictive, probably something to do with affirmation! There again I also don't know why blogging itself is so addictive either.
    Best wishes

  5. I agree, Linda. I love comments as well, but get about 10% of my viewers doing it as well.

  6. Hahahaha - yes, have the hypoglycemic skip breakfast (the most important meal of the day, kids!) then feed him sweet carbs and then take him for a walk! Great way to zombify the mo!

    Next time there's a road trip, we need to make sure mo gets some protein earlier!

    Oh no! I have Suede Syndrome, talking about myself in the third person!
    Time for a ham sammich!

    love ya, you big ole comment ho!
    (takes one to know one, ya know!)

  7. You are correct that we all live for comments. I really like this post. But it makes WAY too much sense... ;)

  8. Comments are great because they allow us to interact with each other on so many different blogs! I've met many new blogging pals by reading some comment they made and following them back to their place.

    Wait...not the stalker kind of following!

  9. How can I answer your apple crisp+ JM offer?

    Erm? I think I will go with Hell Yeah :)

  10. what a great idea. like a real conversation.

  11. Awesome idea, Linda! Hope you are emjoying your weekend :o)

  12. this is a great idea!!

  13. Anonymous10:52 PM EDT

    Very cool idea, Linda! You had some great comments. :)

    I look forward to this feature.

  14. cool idea Linda....glad you're not on your feet...but it means I get that cake babe :-)

    ummm, by the way....I'VE been missing YOUR comments lately........

    ;-) love ya.

  15. Anonymous4:23 PM EDT

    The idea that someone has taken the time to read what I have written is a great motivation to keep doing it. So, I agree with you. I've made it a practice, since I started blogging, of replying to almost every comment left on my blog. Sometimes, it has resulted in a short conversation around the topic of the day.

  16. Well, crap. You mean we have to be clever? Lets me out!

  17. Anonymous6:32 PM EDT

    Thank you very, very much!!! I must say I'm suprised and flattered to even get a positive mention on YOUR blog. The apple pie was awesome and a great surprise. Claire--- I'm speechless, that's diffcult to do, Thank you! :)

  18. i love this post! i have seen a blog with a comment of the week and that is also a great idea. you are very creative here!

    smiles, bee

  19. I'll join the others and say this is a great idea.

    Now to come up with clevertudinosity so I get a mention!



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