Saturday, October 11, 2008

Comments on Comments

Wow! It’s Saturday already which means it’s time for this week’s installment of “Comments on Comments” which gives me the chance to not have to be creative while I let you folks more or less write today’s post for me! Woohoo! I knew this was a great idea when I thought of it!

Now before I get into this week’s comments, I wanted to comment on a comment to a comment (lost yet?). The post I did last week – 'A' is for Apple – 'F' is for Frank generated a lovely comment from Claire in which she said,
“... I have had the pleasure of meeting Frank, I would definitely make him a pie. He is just so cute and lovable!”
This was apparently such a nice comment that Frank, who has never ever posted a comment on my blog before, was compelled to leave the following …
Frank said...
Thank you very, very much!!! I must say I'm surprised and flattered to even get a positive mention on YOUR blog. The apple pie was awesome and a great surprise. Claire--- I'm speechless, that's difficult to do, Thank you! :)
So it just goes to show that my comments on your comments may cause someone else to comment on your comment and all comments are great! Whew! And now I’m lost even if you aren’t! Wandering on out of the woods now …

On Sunday I posted four pictures of pumpkins that I had taken and simply titled it Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere and Not a Pie in Sight! Comments ranged from people never having had pumpkin before to compliments on my photographs. Others had a question such as this one from one of the sweetest West Coast gals ever …
Callie Ann said...
Hell I never knew there was different kinds of pumpkins ... hey - how did you put frames on the pumpkins … please email me the answer ... Happy Pumpkin day to you!!!!!
For anyone else wondering how I did the Polaroid style frames on the pictures, it’s an application done through Windows Live Writer, a free program that I downloaded onto my computer and that I occasionally use to do my posts. In addition to its regular features, there are all sorts of cool add-ons that you can use to make blogging even that much more easy and creative. Hope that helps!

Monday found me writing about a book I had borrowed from one of Amanda’s friends that I had just finished reading. In “Twilight” Calling I wrote about one of the most popular books for teenage girls these days and the movie that is based on it which is coming out November 21st. The movie trailer that I posted said December 12th but the release date of the film was moved up after the trailer was made, sorry for any confusion that may have caused! The book and movie are about vampires which caused Queen Mimi a slight touch of confusion as reflected in her comment …
Mimi Lenox said...
Hmm....well I can't say that I think vampires are sexy but I do like that little neck nibble thing they do ... as long as it doesn't hurt ... or … maybe just a little ...
Oh hush Mimi just hush.
Makes you kind of wonder what else our Queen of Memes might have had to say had she not hushed herself, doesn’t it? Perhaps she needs to sit down for her own personal “Interview With a Vampire” and let us know!

Monday night I was feeling a bit disgruntled and frustrated which produced my second post of the day entitled Caution! Grumblings Ahead! wherein I wanted to know where my economic bailout is and lamented about eventually living under the bridge with the local homeless. Obviously I’m not alone in this one …
Rob said...
You and me both ... Viaduct here we come. It seems that sometimes my check doesn't even stop by to say hi.
Oh well, at least I'll be in good company. I'll bring the Fish Surprise and you bring the Chicken Medley.
Let me guess, Rob, the surprise will be “look there’s no fish!” because neither one of us are going to even be able to afford a can of cheap tuna! Oh well, like you said, at least we’ll be in good company and I saw on a recent edition of CBS This Morning that hobos are alive, well, and jumping trains just like they did back in the days of the Great Depression. They even crown a King and Queen so maybe we’ll have something to look forward to!

Still feeling somewhat blah on Tuesday I took advantage of the easy-peasy method of post-writing and simply put up a couple of weather related photos that seemed to reflect my changing moods in My Personal Weather Report. Thankfully people were able to see the dark clouds moving in as beautiful rather than ominous and I guess that’s a good way to try to look at them on a regular basis. After all, they were beautiful and they prompted this response from one of my very favorite West Coasters …
Jamie said...
Those are magnificent. You have really developed into an extremely talented photographer. Think you might start entering some contests?
First off, thank you very much, Jamie – I am flattered that you think my pictures are good enough to enter into a contest. Second, I guess maybe I should start looking for a contest or two to enter just to see how well my pictures might actually do. After all, nothing ventured – nothing gained, right??

Speaking of nothing ventured, nothing gained … the tongue-in-cheek post I did on Wednesday, Running Into a Dead End, was not supposed to invoke lectures from everyone telling me to avoid Craigslist like the proverbial plague when it came to online dating but it did just that with comments like this one from another of my favorite West Coasters …
katherine said...
I didn't read the other comments yet ... but CRAIGSLIST???? Are you out of your mind???? Do I need to come out there and smack some sense into you?
I am a reluctant proponent of online dating... (you've met the teamster...) but you have to go to a real site.
even Yahoo is better than Craigslist .... geez ....
Katherine, as much as I would love to see you on the East Coast, I would hate to think that it was just to come out and smack some sense into me! Honestly, the only reason I was even reading the Personals on Craigslist was because I was there looking for something else and a brief bout of curiosity had me peek at the men who were ‘available’. Trust me, I would no sooner contact someone off of Craigslist then I would shave my head (and observant folks might notice that I’ve actually been growing my hair out lately!). I just thought some of it was kind of funny in a sad, pathetic, you-gotta-be-kidding-me, no-wonder-you’re-alone kinda way! Should I ever decide that I seriously want to try online dating, I promise to go to a reputable site so that I can get shot down by reputable guys, okay?

On Thursday I actually took a day off from work (gasp!) and decided to take a road trip with Amanda and her friend Darci who is up visiting from New Jersey . I could have just told you where we were going but decided to make it A Mystery Road Trip and have you guess based on only three hints. Quite a few of you guessed Salem, Massachusetts and you were right but this comment from one of my former dispatch partners really had me laughing because its’ so true!
Erik said...
Apparently I'm slow with the draw, cause that was my guess, Salem !! Although Worcester could also pass for "north of CT, historical, and scary" too! LOL
The thing that scares me the most about Worcester is the traffic and even Amanda had mentioned that yesterday on our way back from Salem when we passed a road sign for Worcester as I guess I mention it every time we drive through there. I’m sure there’s definitely some history in Worcester but I’d be too afraid to get lost trying to find it! Considering that Erik lives fairly close to Worcester , though, he may find it scary for other reasons but traffic is definitely number one on the list for me!

On Friday I briefly touched on our road trip to Salem with the post Scaring Up a Good Time in Salem as I just didn’t have time to write a post about the whole trip because I took way too many pictures – what a surprise! – and had slept in way too late to sort through them all before going to work. I did post a few, though, including a shot taken during our Haunted Footsteps tour that captured a lot of “orbs” as the group listened to our tour guide at a stop by the Witch Memorial. Ever the comedienne, Lois cracked me up with her comment
Lois Grebowski said...
Ok, those are orbs in the photo ... I was going to clean my monitor... I sneezed on it the other day... LOL! Sounds like a fun trip!
I have to confess to having sneezed on my monitor in the past, too, but I cleaned it up right away and never mistook the residue for orbs! Well, at least I sure hope not!

Thanks everyone for some great comments this week and for helping me to write this post! Who knows? You may show up here next week!


  1. Bwahahahahah!!!!! :) I can't believe I made the comment on Comments post... I just love this new feature of yours... Mimi has had a vampire suck on her neck... sure sounds like it... Wow.. Mimi.. the nibble thing... Bwahahahahahaha... All this vampire talk is bringing out the Oh la la in peeps...

  2. Anonymous7:54 AM EDT

    I think I missed the Salem post. Did you guys go to the Salem Witch Museum? It's pretty cool.

  3. Anonymous9:53 AM EDT

    OMG, I'm a such a goof!

    Loving the Cs on Cs...Fun!

    FYI, my monitor is clean now

  4. Love ya, Duchess Linda, but I haven't been visiting lately so haven't been leaving any scintillating comments that could be highlighted in this very creative post.

    Let the comments begin!

    Have a great weekend.

  5. OK, I just counted. I missed eight of your posts. You're so prolific. I'm so bad.

    Those pumpkin photos are awesome.

  6. Just caught up with ya.

    Awaiting the Salem post ...

  7. Great idea this comments on comments, though you lost me a little bit at the beginning! :(

  8. Craig's List has a dating section?
    Now I really AM confused.
    I can find a used toaster while looking for a date. That just burns...

    Lame. I know.

  9. hi honey, catching up, or trying to stay awake long enough to read. you took a day off? way cool!

    smiles, bee

  10. Have a great weekend Linda. :)

  11. I enjoy this feature just like I enjoy reading through comments on certain blogs. Sometimes the discussion after the post is as entertaining or informative as the post is.

  12. Thought you might like to check out this site They have photographs you can download and photographers can submit their work and get paid if someone downloads your work

  13. Yeah, I'd say Worcester is scarey! My very first night at my dorm at Becker College, we were sitting on the front steps and heard a driveby shooting two blocks over!! "Hmmmm...sounds like firecrackers??" says a very nieve Bouki. RA answers "That wasn't firecrackers, get inside!!" as the sirens come a-whaling...LOL

    Boy did I learn a lot there! HAHA

  14. whew!

    not so sure reputable guys would be shooting you down...

    now I need another reason to come


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