Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Creative Photography, Contest Week #14-4

3D Vintage NSH Admin Bldg

I went on vacation back in September and haven't entered Roger's Creative Photography Contest since then but thought I'd give it a go again this week with a picture that I took this past Saturday at the old Norwich State Hospital grounds (formerly the Norwich Insane Asylum). I know I've posted pictures from here before but the place is quite creepy and even more so around this time of year when the leaves are down and bare branches abound. I attempted to make this picture look closer to 1904 when the facility was first built rather than how it looks now in 2008 but I'm unsure if I succeeded or not.

I'd love to be able to explore the grounds a little more in-depth but it's posted all over the place with "State Property No Trespassing" signs and even if that wasn't enough of a deterrent to a normally law-abiding person like myself, there are security officers in little white SUVs that drive all over the place ready to pounce on anyone who steps a toe over the line. Unfortunately they are quite enthusiastic in their job performance.

NSH Grounds

It's aggravating because I'm sure there are some great photo opportunities if one could just sneak onto the property get a little bit closer to the buildings. Add on the fact that there's no way on God's Green Earth that I'd go exploring over there by myself due to the major league "creep factor" and for now I'm stuck just taking pictures from the side of the road. Let me find a big, brave accomplice partner in crime person willing to break the law with me adventurer, though, and maybe someday that will change!

In the meantime, be sure to check out the other entries at the Creative Photography blog where you can see some truly creative pictures from some truly creative people! While you do that, I'll try to think of some way to thwart divert sneak past persuade the security guards so that I can get some closer pictures of the State Hospital grounds! I wonder if chocolate chip cookies are good bribe??


  1. To me it doesn't look so "creepy", lol we have a lot of such buildings here in Europe. I find it rather beautiful !

  2. ok, stupid question time

    why not just go up to a guard and ask permission to take a few shots? they might even let you ride in the SUV....

  3. I think you did a great job making it look like a vintage photo. That place sure does look spooky!!!

  4. I drove by that place with you in September and it is creepy and it does scare the shit out of you. When you think about the lobotomy's and other horrid things that were done in that building back in the day. Which ain't so long ago... Creepy. I would love to help you sneak in this place. Easy for me to say since I am all the way in Oregon... HA! cool picture Linda.

  5. I wonder if you could like schedule a tour or something like that. That is if you would know who to call...
    Creepy it is, you did a wonderful job on it :o)

  6. I think you made it look like it's a photo from 100 years ago.

    Creepy place there. And like Callie said, I would hate to know all that went on inside those walls. Horrible stuff.

  7. Anonymous10:25 AM EDT

    I like your first shot with the greenish sepia overlay... lends to the creep factor.

  8. Anonymous12:19 PM EDT

    Definitely feeling the creeps from looking at it. The effects are done with just the right touch.
    Good luck in the contest!

  9. If the walls could talk I'll bet it would be even creepier. Great shot. Good luck Linda. Have a spectacular day. Big hug. :)

  10. Anonymous2:23 PM EDT

    Linda, this photo is amazing and I could definitely be bribed with some chocolate chip cookies! :)

  11. well it does look a LITTLE creepy. just sayin'...

    smiles, bee

  12. Ohhh! I love your creative picture! It is crazy creepy! Is it still in use??? I am guessing yes. We have a State hospial in my home town and it was pretty freaky as well. We went sledding there in the winters (maybe we were crazy?). We didn't have to deal with security or white SUV's! Great pic!

  13. It is creepy, especially with the effect you used on the photo.

  14. Yep, a big ten on the creepy factor.
    I think you captured the creepiness of the place. I bet you'd find some orbs floating around it!

  15. That looks like a creepy place for sure. If you get a chance to "sneak" on the groudns come get me I will go with you ha ha.

  16. you did a great job!!

    looks like the photo was taken when the building was in its prime

    love the effect

  17. Anonymous11:22 PM EDT

    The minute I saw the picture, I KNEW it was of an old psychiatric hospital! It looks eerily similar to one nearby where I grew up.

    You definitely captured the creepy factor in your picture.

  18. I'd never seen the Norwich hospital. It looks creepy in green, but the architectural style is stunning. Like Gattina said, it looks as if it is ie Europe. I should travel east again someime...


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