Friday, October 3, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things - The Autumn Version!

There is nothing like October in New England which is absolutely, positively my most favorite month of the year as it heralds in autumn which is absolutely, positively my most favorite season of the year!

I love everything about autumn - the scent, the foliage, the way the sky looks, the pumpkins, the apples, the flowers ... the only thing I don't like about it is that it always seems to be way too short and before you know it, winter has pushed it out of the way!

Before that happens, though, I took a few pictures of some of my favorite autumn things to share with you ...

Autumn Leaves
Leaves beginning to turn

Pick a pile of pumpkins
A pile of pumpkins!

Yellow mums
Beautiful yellow mums

Indian corn
Colorful Indian corn

Those are a few of my favorite things but how about you folks? What do you like about autumn?


  1. Anonymous7:48 AM EDT

    ::Sigh:: I really wish I were there! This is the weekend I was supposed to fly up to spend with my sisters in Boston.


  2. Anonymous8:15 AM EDT

    My brother Anthony is cup in Cape Cod for a school trip. he'll get to see Autumn twice this year.. up in New England and then back home in Kentucky! Lucky guy!

    We have teh same favorite things!

  3. Gorgeous photos, Linda. They look like they should be submitted to a competition at a country fair.

    I love the dream-like quality of the picture of the leaves just starting to change color.

    I love October as well! Must get out and shoot pictures.

    Have a nice Friday, Duchess Linda.

  4. Absolutely beautiful photos Linda. I've never seen Indian Corn before it's just lovely! :)

  5. These are wonderful, Linda. They about sum it up for me. I like autumn, too. I just wish it was little warmer here :o)
    Oh and another thing about autumn I love - the pumkin pie.

  6. You've really become a very talented photographer Linda. These are beautiful. If you were closer, I'd ask you to photograph my food for me because I suck at that! (I'd let you eat the subject.) :)

  7. Beautiful photos, I love autumn also!

  8. Awesome photos. My favorite things about autumn? Ladies and Smirnoff. Oh wait. That's all year. Great post!

  9. Your photos are amazing and remind me why autumn is my favorite season filled with warm, cozy colors.

  10. I'm with you, all the way, here on the favorite things. I also happen to like something else in the autumn-time -Penn State Football! Yeah, I'm a true-blue, dyed-in-the-wool, Penn State Nittany Lions fan!

  11. Wonderful photos. They bring autumn to life.

  12. linda you are seriously great at this!!! no kidding...

    smiles, bee

  13. Nothing better than Autumn in New England..Beautiful photos.

  14. It's been a bit gray and overcast for a few days, and today it rained. So I haven't really noticed too much out my office windows. Today I looked out and was greeted by the brilliant shade of red on one of the trees.

    The color had deepened seemingly overnight. I slipped my camera into my briefcase tonight, so Monday I can run outside for a bit and take some pictures. The colors are really stunning.

  15. Is it Corny to say that these are wonderful photographs, that epitomise all things autumnal?

    (Corny, get it? get it?)


  16. Unfortunately, the only thing I like about autumn is the cooler weather.
    It's like life. Everything dies.
    Maybe I have SAD. Perhaps if I lived back east where you have all of the tremendous colors happening it wouldn't make me so blue.

  17. Anonymous4:50 PM EDT

    Sweet apple cider and fresh macoun apples. Autumn in New England is wonderful enough to keep me here despite the winters. But I make no promises after my baby graduates from high school in 2012. Maybe I will move and just come back for visits in October

  18. Anonymous11:40 PM EDT

    Beautiful, Linda! Pumpkins do it for me. It has made so many happy moments for me and my children. Going to the pumpkin patch and choosing just the right one and the fun (and mess) of carving it up! :)

  19. Anonymous11:24 PM EDT

    That's one of the things I miss living here in Florida. We actually do get cold weather where I live (sometimes below freezing) but the leaves just turn brown, no colors. As for the Indian corn, you may see some in the grocery stores. I miss the real Fall festivals.

    Again, your photos are wonderful!

  20. I LOVE the ones of the mums and the indian corn....

    Just be careful you don't get TOO good at photography....we can't afford to lose another dispatcher!!


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