Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hit Me With Your Best Shot (or Caption!)

I thought it might be fun to make you guys do the work on a post - especially considering I only have 8 hours in between shifts today - so give it your best shot and caption this picture for me ...

What's for lunch

Winner gets a big shout-out as well as the chance to show off their sense of humor.

You do have a sense of humor, right?!?


  1. Anonymous7:35 AM EDT

    I'm not eating that! You eat it.

  2. You are grounded young lady. And you look at me when I'm cawing to you.

  3. I can't eat that I'm on a low sodium diet,
    well I can't eat it either i'm on a low carb.
    don't look at me im a diabetic.
    I'd eat it but im obese.
    okay lets just digest it from here.

  4. Well I was going to comment on this earlier but it mysteriously disappeared!

    Okay here is mine whirl:

    Crow 1: Why is Linda lying nekkid in a dumpster?

    Crow 2: I think she had more than one beer.

    Crow 3: Is that a pork loin?

    Crow 4: I wants it!


  5. I told you Fred would eat it, but he don't look soooo good, do he?

  6. 1. What the hell is that in there?
    2. I don't know....
    3. Ethel go down in there and see if it's dead...
    4. NO WAY
    5. What the hell is that?

    So the caption should be...
    What the hell is that?

    that was what I thought as soon as I seen them damned crows... Ha Ha Ha

  7. "Hey! Is this the audition queue for 'The Birds' remake?"

  8. Poor Fred. What a way to go.

  9. Bird 1: You go first
    Bird 2: No after you
    Bird 3: Just get in there
    Bird 4: I'm not going in, bring me something back!

  10. Uh, if we're supposed to be eating worms this sure isn't grass...
    (I like Jean Luc's!)

  11. I can't believe they expect us to go in there...what if the door shuts on us?

    "EEEEEK I'm scared"

  12. i can't eat that! i'm back on my low carb diet. i already told you that once!

    smiles, bee

  13. "Just double the sales tax and round up for the tip so we can get out of here. I got an afternoon thing on Hwy 17."

  14. "I'm not sure if it's dead yet. What do you think?"

  15. This goes back a ways, but how bout "Where's the beef??!!" LOL

  16. I just came over to see what people have said... BWahahahahahaha they are all hilarious!!!!!

  17. I REALLY think that we should call Grissom on this one.

  18. That's enough regurgitation to last all Winter.

  19. Anonymous7:36 AM EST

    But he SWORE he could fly.

  20. "Is that thing even spoiled??"


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