Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Banking on Downtown Norwich

After much hemming and hawing and calculating and recalculating and convincing myself that it would be a good investment, I finally made the plunge and bought myself a new camera. Now I just need to put in even more extra hours to finish paying for it as the only way I could afford a new camera at this time was to succumb to the lure of Easy-Pay on QVC but I figured if I was going to be practically tied to a dispatch console anyway, I should reap some of the benefits.

My NikonThis is my new baby, a Nikon D-60 with an 18-55 mm lens. It's a major step up from my Kodak Z712 which is a simple point and shoot camera that takes most excellent pictures with basically just the touch of a button. This camera has a lot more buttons to touch and even though I've read through the owner's manual, I have a sneaky feeling this is going to be a learning process for quite some time to come but one that I'm hoping will be well worth it.

Unfortunately, since I've taken ownership and become a Nikonian, the weather has been absolute crap so I haven't had the chance to go out and take too many pictures (well, that and I've been at work an awful lot, too). I did get the chance to take some pictures after visiting the library in downtown Norwich this past Saturday even though the skies were pretty gray - at least the rain was willing to hold off for a little while so I could try out my new camera a bit.

Downtown Norwich, even though it's nothing to brag about at this point in time, has some very interesting old buildings and those were the object of my photographic hunt. I just wish there had been a little sun to light them up a bit but last week the sun was definitely someplace else!

The pictures in this post are of the building that houses the Chelsea Savings Bank which was established in 1858 and sits solidly at the corners of Main and Cliff Street at One Franklin Square.

The Chelsea Groton Bank

I just love this building as it looks exactly as a bank should look - solid and strong and a safe place to put one's money. It reminds me a bit of the bank that George worked at in Mary Poppins. You almost expect to see stern men in dark suits inside hunched over ledgers as they perform the day's accounting!

The Chelsea Groton Savings Bank

This particular building was constructed following the 1909 fire that destroyed the original Chelsea Savings Bank building that was located in Bankers Row on Shetucket Street. It last underwent renovation and expansion in 1980.

Side of the Chelsea Groton Savings Bank

In 1982, the Chelsea Savings Bank merged with the Groton Savings Bank, which was established in 1854, to become the Chelsea Groton Savings Bank which currently has 14 branches though I still think that this is the finest looking of them all!

Lamppost in front of the Bank

As I said to Rick Kramer, Director of Rose City Renaissance, a few weeks back when he and I met to discuss a possible upcoming photography contest and project (I'll write more on that another day), Norwich used to be a big deal and it's buildings like this that prove that statement out.

Unfortunately, not all of the buildings in Norwich's downtown area have the architecture and stateliness of this particular building but a lot of them have character of their own and I plan on bringing you pictures of them in future posts - once I figure out how to use my new-fangled camera that is and have the time to do a little more exploring with maybe some slightly better lighting to boot!


  1. the Teamster is reading over my shoulder and ohhhing and ahhhing

    (he said to tell you hello...and that he has the D-70...whatever that means)

    I am ENVIOUS of your new baby!!

  2. I am looking at simple digitals. I'm sure I will need help with that. Fortunately I have a daughter who is an amateur photographer. I knew I had kids for some reason!

  3. cool shots!

    I'm inviting anyone with a camera they either liked or didn't like to come by and give me camera advice.


  4. I am still jealous...Dang

  5. Very nice purchase Linda!! Can't wait to see the new works of art!!

  6. Anonymous2:14 AM EST

    Wow I'm so surprised about your new camera ;) You took some lovely photos even with the bad weather. I'm sure you'll have mastered all of the gadgets in no time.

  7. Anonymous7:17 AM EST

    Enjoy the new camera! Hopefully the weather turns soon and you'll be able to go take lots of new pictures!


  8. Wow! kewl new camera.

    When Sean's dad and I broke up we had a big fancy camera like that and a Cannon Sure Shot. I had the baby so I took the easy one. Now I have a Cannon Power shot, but most of the photos on my blog are from my camera phone.
    They look it too.

  9. nice camera and great history lesson linda

  10. happy veterans day linda and thank you for your service! i am glad you got the camera, you certainly deserve it. i hope you take such wonderful photos with it that you get discovered for the artist that i know you are and get rich beyond words. then you discover that you like to cruise. then we can go and eat cake! see?

    smiles, bee

  11. Good for you, Lin. Nikon rocks! I almost got this one, too. But then went just for the P80. I don't have much time to shoot :o)

  12. Congratulations! It's a very pretty camera and I have no doubt that you will master it in no time. And that we'll be marveling over your pretty pictures.

  13. Congratulations on your new camera!! It certainly does take beautiful clear pictures going by the ones you've posted today! I love those old buildings as well...built to last, not like the buildings they build today. xoxo

  14. Anonymous1:59 PM EST

    Beautiful camera! I envy you, I like your blog Linda.

  15. Anonymous5:11 PM EST

    YAY!!! Congrats on your new cam - I bet she'll be one of your best friends pretty soon. Frank loves his Nikon - and I love my Canon Rebel... but ssssssh, don't tell :-)

    I've been allowed to touch the Nikon a few times and it ROCKS!

    I can't wait to see more photos. You know how much I love your pics, don't you???

  16. Congratulations on the new Nikon baby you have there, Duchess Linda.
    You deserve it. You work so hard.

    Your photos are stunning with the simple point and shoot ~ what pray tell are they going to be like now??

    Have fun, I know you will.

  17. Woweee... so excited for you. I never had a choice when I rec'd my first DSLR. And as such all of my lens were for the Canon. But had I had a choice I think I would have chosen Nikon. Better color!!! for starters.

    You are going to love this camera. There are great books at the library to help you and a lot of resources on the web.

    Good luck!

  18. Congrats on the new camera. Have fun learning about it and I'm looking forward to seeing how your photography continues to evolve.

  19. You'll love that camera! I had a D-70 and now a D-300. Nikon is great. All you need is a good eye, and it looks like you have that.


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