Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Be It Ever So Humble ...

WindchimeA fellow dispatcher from the great state of Minnesota, Dave at The Life of a Father of Five, recently did a post on his "crib" aka house and asked his readers to follow suit and post pictures of their own humble abodes. Dave's abode is a lot less humble than mine as his comes complete with a three-car garage and nice driveway, a lovely deck in the back, and a yard free of leaves but I figured what the heck? Why not! However, after culling through my collection of photos, I couldn't really find one that I liked so I went out into the dark of night and snapped a couple of pictures. I threw the one of my favorite wind chime in because I like it plus it does a nice job of showing off the woodwork on the porch posts!

Front door This other picture shows off my front door and no, the color isn't out of whack - my front door is a nice bright yellow. "Why?", you may ask. It's a feng-shui thing to be perfectly honest and it was the color that was recommended after I figured out the direction of my door and a whole bunch of other stuff that I can't remember right at the moment! The rest of the house is white on the bottom with red on the top so the front door really stands out but I like the bright and cheery color and even painted my mailbox to match!

Also, if you noticed that the ceiling of the porch is painted blue that's in keeping with the age of the house and the tradition back then of painting the ceiling of the porch to match the sky. In the lowlands of South Carolina ceilings are painted blue for a different reason which is to ward off evil spirits but I think here in New England it's really meant to mimic the sky. Either way, it goes nicely with my bright yellow door!

As for the rest of the house itself, it's hard to get a really good picture unless I were to drag a ladder across the street or a chair to stand on as my house is elevated from the road with a walk-out basement down below. Every time I take a picture I'm shooting up so it makes the house look a little bit distorted but I think you can get the general idea!

My Crib

As you can tell, I need to get outside with a rake - or better yet send Amanda out with one! - but for the most part, that's it - the place we call home (be it ever so humble). Oh, and just as a bonus picture, I took this next picture around midnight or so a couple of nights ago when it was really way too cold to be outside taking night shots but I kind of like it anyway because you can see the stars in the sky above the house. You'll notice there are no orbs hanging around so apparently that blue ceiling on the porch is working!

My House at Night

So how about you guys, you want to show me what your "crib" looks like? I'd love to see it!


  1. Anonymous6:29 AM EST

    LOVE your home... the porch and the colors make it so welcoming!

  2. You really like color, Linda! Red, white, blue, yellow, and is the basement black?

    Love your night time twinkling stars shot!

  3. Your house is adorable and yes I have been there. It has lots of character which makes a house a home. It's sweet. I love what you just taught me about the blue on the porch roof.I love the wind chime.

  4. it is an adorable victorian and i LOVE it linda!!! especially the yellow door.

    smiles, bee

  5. I've been to your house twice now and never noticed that the top was red - I would have sworn it was all white!
    But you're so relieved to have survived the ascent of that hill to your place that I never looked up!
    Yellow is such a cheery color as an accent for a house - but to be honest I wish I hadn't let Lee talk me into it for the primary color of my store. Yes, it's bright, but to me after a while it has a sickly greenish cast and I wish I had something more to MY liking!
    Oh well...
    Great pics of your place - no orbs I see!

  6. Nice pics of the 'ol homestead! Having visited your abode in person, I agree w/Callie Ann...your house IS a home - chock full of character & warmth! Even a non-sociable person wouldn't be able to help but feel invited, welcomed, and comfy sitting in your home w/you drinking a warm beverage & enjoying a fanciful conversation!

  7. OK-I don't feel so bad that Mo didn't notice an important color on your house-b/c I'VE never noticed the color of your door. You know, the bright yellow one?!?!

    It's such a cute house. Inside and out, and I'm still jealous of your red dining room!!

  8. I love it Linda. I've got pictures somewhere of our crib. Let me see if I can find them. I might have to take new ones. Have a great day. Big hug. :)

  9. Very cozy, Lin :o) Love all the colors as well. I'll see what I can do about your crib request ;o)

  10. Anonymous2:46 PM EST

    Can I come over and sip some sweet tea on your front porch? It looks so inviting! :)

  11. How unusual. So colourful.

  12. Glad to see I'm not the only one who goes out in the dark to take pictures! lol I love your has so much character to it and that yellow door is just perfect:-) You have the kind of porch I've always wanted and that woodwork is just beautiful!! xoxo

  13. You could have used your house for the word "colorful" on Manic Monday. I love it. It just looks like a place that welcomes you inside. Almost as nice as the lady who owns it.

  14. I love your house - way cute!

    (now I understand the gig with amanda and her hair colors....)

  15. I love your door...Nice crib!

  16. my, you're quite colorful!

  17. oh and don't be upset, but for safety reasons I don't show the outside of my house.

  18. I love your house, Linda! It's so welcoming and, well, homey.

    Ralph and I will have to drive to Norwich some weekend. He wouldn't be able to get in the front door though.

    I like the bright colors. Our humble little abode is white, with a red door.

  19. Your home is very quaint! I know about blue ceilings = sky but I didn't know about evil spirits. See, I learn something all the time here.
    I love your front porch. I remember you posted a pic here some time ago - last spring? - with some potted plants. So lovely...


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