Sunday, November 2, 2008

Comments on Comments

With an extra hour to spare this weekend thanks to the clocks going back for Daylight Savings Time, it's once again time for me to take a look back through my posts of the past week and pick out the best comments ... did you make the post this week? Read on to find out!

For my Manic Monday post on the topic of ghost, I decided to take a slightly less conventional ghost route and post a video from one of Amanda's favorite bands, My Chemical Romance. The Ghost of You is a song about loss and, in my own humble opinion, one of my MCR's best. I lamented that there were a good number of former MCR fans who didn't feel the same way, though, and instead felt that somehow the band had "sold out" by having the nerve to record a commercially successful song. As an explanation for that ...
Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I have to admit I knew nothing of this band. I loved the song and video! You've got great taste in music. As far as the sell out thing goes, it happens to almost every band. I think a lot of people think they sound hip when they say, "I loved them till they got commercial..." In other words, no one wants to share their band...

Good point, Bud, but when I hear good music I'm all for sharing it with anyone else who wants to give a listen. Oh, and thank you for saying I have great taste in music! At least I've got great taste in something!

Monday evening I did a second post - you can usually tell the days I don't have to work by the number of posts I put up! I've Been Awarded and Tagged! gave me the chance to share more useless facts about myself that I know you've all been chomping at the bit to learn - like the fact that my middle name is Jean and I'm not real keen on it.
Marilyn said...

My middle name is Hazel... Jean sounds pretty good.
But I've never broken a bone either and I have terrible handwriting.

Okay, Marilyn, you're right - maybe Jean isn't so bad after all! And like I said to another commenter, it could be worse, I could have one of my grandmother's names for a middle name and I like Fanny and Hilda even less than Jean! I'm definitely counting my blessings on that one!
Tuesday gave me the chance for another two'fer; Post #1 for the day was a photo entry for Creative Photography, Contest Week #14-4. I decided to use a picture that I had taken at the old Norwich State Hospital grounds and had attempted to make look aged. I don't know exactly how good the effect was or wasn't as it turns out that everyone who entered the contest in October got a special award from Roger who runs the Creative Photography Contest (thank you, Roger!); however, one of the judges who also writes the blog Forks Off the Moment left this comment ...
Dianne said...

you did a great job!!
looks like the photo was taken when the building was in its prime
love the effect

I'm going to take that to mean I accomplished what I was hoping with the aging effect! Thanks, Dianne! I think I also managed to get the 'creepy' factor across as almost all comments agreed with that aspect of the picture!
Post #2 for the day Well shut my mouth and call me honored ... was about an award that I had just been given by one of the latest entries (re-entries?) to the Blogosphere, Rob of In Times and Out Goals, who thinks of me as a Blogging Benefactor of sorts. One of my newest visitors (and additions to my Google Reader!) left the following comment that I agree wholeheartedly with ...
PEA said...

Congratulation on the award:-) Isn't it wonderful knowing that you are so loved? hehe Blogging has become such a huge part of my life and the friendships I've made are amazing...don't know what I'd do without all of you:-) xoxo

By the by, PEA throws some fantastic parties over on her blog and I was honored to be included in her recent Halloween Bash! I don't know what was better - the band or the snacks! Thanks again, PEA - I'm available for Christmas parties, too!
In keeping with the spirit of Halloween, Wednesday's post took us on A Walk Through the Old Burying Grounds in Norwichtown, the second oldest cemetery here in Norwich that has some very interesting gravestones as well as some orbs floating around at night (that is if you're nuts enough to be out there taking pictures at night which obviously I am!). Perhaps I've inspired one of my California readers to take a walk through her own cemetery with her camera, too? ...
Amazing Gracie said...

Awesome! I love your history field trips. We get excited out here if we spot a tombstone over 100 years old.
Funny, I live right across the street from a cemetery. Now I'm hankering to go at dusk at take some photos. I know so many of those in residence that it will feel very strange......

If you do get out there, Gracie, then I expect to see some pictures over on your blog whether they're residents you know or not! If you do know them, that might make it even more interesting!
In Thursday's I've Got a Question - You've Got an Answer post I asked "What are your plans for Halloween?" and got responses ranging from "Alas, working ..." to "a quiet evening at home ... with dinner and blog reading". In Texas though, there were other plans for the holiday ...
MightyMom said...

I particularly took Halloween off so that I could sit on the front porch with my 3 peas in a pod and give candy to the kids. I'm looking forward to it.
Today the high is 77, low 59 so I'm hopeful it'll be just right for some family fun......and a little teaching that tis better to give than to receive!

What a great idea and the two little hooligans and lone hooliganette were all dressed in matching pea costumes that were just adorable - if you don't believe me, head off to My Wonderful Life and see for yourself! I guarantee you'll see cute - lots and lots of cute!
Even though I had to work on Friday, I managed to put up two posts for the day again ... the first A Few Halloween HaHas was simply a series of Halloween cartoons that had made me laugh so I thought I'd share them along with a craving or two ...
Mo said...

Mmmm.... I could go for a Baby Ruth about now...

I could, too, Mo but no Baby Ruths for me this year ... sigh ... one sounds good right now, come to think of it!
Zombie Amanda 3My second post, It's 6:oo a.m., Do You Know Where Your Zombie Is?, was a bit more frightening as I posted pictures of Amanda in the full Halloween regalia that she dragged herself off to school in, and I do mean dragged as zombies tend to do that! Scarily, she makes a pretty good zombie and I'm not the only one who thought so as evidenced by several of the many of comments ...

silverneurotic said...

I think that is the BEST home made costume I have EVER seen, hands down.

Maddy said...

Thoroughly expressive and creative, but of course we expect nothing less from Amanda!
Happy Halloween

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I do not want to run into her in the dark. EEEK!

And one very good point ...

Sarge Charlie said... do you clean that off?

With a lot of hot and soapy water, Sarge, that's how! As for the clothes, though, I think they're a total loss but that's why they came from the local Goodwill store!
Finally, on Saturday, I decided to be a bit on the lazy side and posted the following photo and asked readers to Hit Me With Your Best Shot (or Caption!). Some of my favorites, and the winner, follow ...

What's for lunch
Dean aka SGT DUB said...

"I told you Fred would eat it, but he don't look soooo good, do he?"

Jean-Luc Picard said...

"Hey! Is this the audition queue for 'The Birds' remake?"

And the hands-down winner that had me laughing so hard I was crying ...

Travis said...

"Just double the sales tax and round up for the tip so we can get out of here. I got an afternoon thing on Hwy 17."

A big thank you to everyone for playing along with the captions (I'll have to do that again sometime!) as well as being kind enough to visit this week and leave me a comment or two! It goes without saying that all comments are appreciated but I don't mind saying it again - thank you!! Now go enjoy that extra hour if you happen to live in an area that got it!


  1. Having been away all week I have so many posts/blogs to catch up - this post was a great way of catching up with what you've been up to Linda, thanks. x

  2. i love it when you do this!

    smiles, bee

  3. This is only the second time I've caught your roundup post. I will make sure to make it a Sunday ritual - it's so good :)

    I did mean you acheived the aging effect!! The best photo editing is when it looks like there was no editing :) and that's what you did!!

    Happy Sunday

  4. I agree with Dianne. A caption competition ought to be a weekly event.

  5. I loved the caption thang as well. You are correct, Travis' caption was laugh out loud funny...

  6. I love your Comment on the Comments feature. Your readers are a creative and funny bunch.

  7. Woohoo, I made your list!! lol You know, I hear a lot of bloggers say that comments don't mean everything but I do think they are a huge part of blogging. I mean, how boring would it be to make post after post and not get any comments?? To me it's like friends coming over to share my day:-)

    Hmmmm...I guess I have a Christmas Blog Party to plan now eh? lol xoxo

  8. Comments rock!

    I'm glad you liked my caption too!

  9. gee thanks! I'm honored to have made your comments on comments post!

    it was 80 degrees and fabulous!

    There was one little guy we totally confused though! Sonshine and Gator each put candy in his bag...then he came up to me holding the bowl, took a piece out and gave it to Sonshine!!


    He got back in the car and yelled down the street to his mom what'd happened "And I gave HIM ONE TOOO MOM!!!!"

    aaaahhhhh, just makes you smile to the core.

  10. Comments do rock. And I love this comments on comments feature Linda.

  11. Great comments on comments, Linda! And funny captions! :)


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