Sunday, November 9, 2008

Comments on Comments

The reviews are in and it seems I've got a hit with my weekly Comments on Comments feature ...
Travis said...
Comments rock!

Patti said...
Comments do rock. And I love this comments on comments feature, Linda.

Jamie said...
I love your Comment on the Comments feature. Your readers are a creative and funny bunch.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...
i love it when you do this!

And PEA said it best when she said...
Woohoo, I made your list!! lol You know, I hear a lot of bloggers say that comments don't mean everything but I do think they are a huge part of blogging. I mean, how boring would it be to make post after post and not get any comments?? To me it's like friends coming over to share my day:-)
PEA couldn't have hit the nail on the head any better than she did; comments are a huge part of blogging. Without them it's like having company over and doing all of the talking over the coffee and cookies without the company uttering a single word! So stop in, leave a comment, and maybe you'll find yourself featured prominently in next Sunday's wrap-up.

Speaking of having company over ... Hmm, maybe I could even dig up some virtual snacks to serve ... Let me rummage through my virtual cupboards and see what we have ... Ah-ha! This should do just fine ...

... There, that should do it! Comfy? Can I get you anything else? No? Alright then, let's take a look and see what people had to say about my posts last week, shall we? And if you need a refill, just let me know ...

I began the week with Mo's Manic Monday - Colorful that featured a collage of some of the foliage shots I had taken around Norwich this autumn including this rock which I particularly liked:

Now looking at that picture alone probably wouldn't make you think that I took the pictures in New England but the rest of them were Connecticut along the Thames River at its best. Well, at least that's what some thought ...
WillThink4Wine said...
Glorious!! You even got some purples in there. I miss New England most in the fall! ::sigh::

Tink *~*~* said...
Ah, the water looks wonderful! And if there is one thing I miss about living up north, it's the colors of fall. Maybe I will visit in the fall next year.
I'd also like to say a very big thank you to everyone who left compliments on my pictures; it's too bad it's not something I could ever make a living doing but it's a hobby I definitely enjoy! Maybe when I finally win that elusive lottery I can just take off and be a photography-bum! Don't I just wish!

On Monday I wrote a second post, My Lone Political Rant for the Year, as I guess I felt like I'd kept my mouth shut long enough about the longest, nastiest, most contentious political election I have ever seen. Now that we have a new President-Elect it is my fervent hope that we can start acting like mature Americans and not like the guttersnipes a lot of us seemed to turn into. No matter who is leading this Nation of ours, unless we all get along and work together it's not going to matter one iota. I had comments from both sides of the aisle but I'm glad to say that they were all well witten and thoughtful with not a bit of nastiness involved ...
Ruth D~ said...
Well said! And courageous. I agree, but I'd be slaughtered in Massachusetts for saying so. There is a lot of mindbending that has gone on, and . . . well, we'll see tomorrow, won't we?

Bud Weiser, WTIT said ...
This is an intelligent and thoughtful view. While I agree and disagree with you, I appreciate the thought and courage it takes to make a point. And I am sure President-Elect Obama will, too. ;)
Well Ruth, Bud sells alcohol in Massachusetts so if things get worse maybe he can start selling more?!? Seriously, though, I certainly hope that things get better and maybe now the media can find another story or two to talk about? Please?

For Tuesday I posted my entry for the Creative Photography Contest Post #15-1, a photograph that I took on a bright and sunny Friday at the Norwich waterfront where people were enjoying a beautiful day of fishing. The picture prompted this comment from April, a very talented photographer from British Columbia ...
April said...
What a pretty place! Your photo for the Creative Photograph contest is so beautiful! I love the little stars of twinkling sunlight on the water as well as the shadows of the people.
I got another fantastic comment from a lady who has an amazing eye and takes some absolutely marvelous pictures ... and no, I'm not trying to butter her up because she also happens to be one of the Creative Photography Contest judges ...
Star8278 said...
I am simply amazed at your photographic skills, better and better each day. I can't wait to see what you post next. Truly awed by your eye for detail.
Keep up the great work...
Dave at The Life of a Father of Five had called for fellow bloggers to post pictures of their 'cribs' so that's exactly what I did for Wednesday's post; Be It Ever So Humble ... gave readers a glimpse of my rather colorful humble abode (I have a bright yellow front door) and inspired the following comments ...
bulldog said...
Nice pics of the 'ol homestead! Having visited your abode in person, I agree w/Callie Ann...your house IS a home - chock full of character & warmth! Even a non-sociable person wouldn't be able to help but feel invited, welcomed, and comfy sitting in your home w/you drinking a warm beverage & enjoying a fanciful conversation!

Queen-Size funny bone said...
I love your door ... Nice crib!
Ah, fanciful conversations and warm beverages ... some of the best things in life! If you're ever in the area, stop in and we'll share some of each! Oh, and perhaps next Spring I'll finally get that darned basement door painted, too!

I've Got a Question - You've Got an Answer was my post on Thursday with the query of -

If you were going to be a professional writer, what genre would you choose?

Leave it to my good buddy Callie Ann to crack me up with her answer to this one ...
Callie Ann said...
SEX SEX SEX what else could there be ... Just write about real love stories with tons of anticipation and lot's of good pure wholesome ... SEX ... Oh the pleasure of it all ...
Or I could write about what an asshole the X is ... or I could right about little Hitler, my boss. Or I could just shut up ... Now there is a good subject ... How long could I possibly shut up for ... Not long ...
Happy day to you!!!
Once I could stop laughing and continue reading, on a more serious note ...
SheSue said...
I tried fiction for teens, children's books, romance and screenplay. Fun for a while, but got boring. That's why I like blogging. I can write about all sorts of things in nice short pieces. Keeps it fun.

Akelamalu said...
I've never even considered being a professional writer! I love writing my blog though and people come to me if they want official letters writing they say I have a knack for that.
I've just recently started reading SheSue's blog and she's got some great posts over there, I'm sure I'll be reading her blog regularly. As for Akelamalu, if you haven't had the chance to check out the Word Wuzzles and other writing challenges at her blog then you don't know what you're missing - that lady can write and she provides a twist you're never expecting at the end of every story! As Empress Bee would say, her writing is tits!

Friday had me finally catching up on an award/meme that my friend Connie from Brain Foggles had given me awhile back. Six Things That Make Me Happy helped to get me out of the funk I had fallen into mid-week that I'm sure was inspired by the completely and totally lousy weather we've had all week. I'm afraid my Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder is kicking in early this year!

One of my very favorite comments came from a gal who doesn't post in her blog often enough as far as I'm concerned but when this young lady from Norwich does, I love reading about The World According to Ms. Danger ...
StephieDanger said...
I call this list the "things that make my heart smile" list. I love reading other people's happy lists. It just spreads positive energy thinking about those lovely things!
Stephie's absolutely right, it's hard not to read about things that make other people happy without thinking about things that make you happy, too. If you don't believe me, feel free to steal the meme and if you do so, I'll be happy to pass the award on to you, too! Happy people all around - isn't that the change we want?!?

Finally, on Saturday I decided to venture no further than downtown Norwich for the post Civil War History in My Own "Backyard". Even though the furthest North the Civil War was fought was Gettysburg, Pennsylvania that doesn't mean that reminders of it aren't here in New England as evidenced by the Buckingham Memorial which is housed in the building for Post #1 of the Grand Army of the Republic, the former home of Connecticut's Governor William A. Buckingham. It seems, though, that not a lot of people are aware of this bit of history that perhaps they drive by every day ...
Rob said...
always wondered why there was a cannon in downtown...

bulldog said...
Wow! Who knew?? Well, YOU did! That cannon is one of those things that one goes past many, many times, but never fully appreciates until someone (like you) speaks up & tells "the rest of the story". Very impressive - especially the part about the GAR & Confederates planning/holding reunions right up through the 40's and 50's. Oh, to be a fly on the wall at those gatherings!
Perhaps next time you boys are driving an ambulance past that memorial you'll think of this story and remember that it's best to stay far away from Confederate sharpshooters!

And, of course, there's the comment that made me laugh from one of my favorite Southern Belles whom I knew would take great delight in this bit of history ...
Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said ...
extremely interesting! i love the story about the union dude getting shot under the eye after belittling his troops! what a war that one was, huh? that war of northern aggression. (sorry, couldn't help myself!)
truly a great post though!
smiles, bee
Glad you liked it, Bee. Seems that Major Sedgwick didn't even get a chance to eat his words before he died but I bet it gave his troops some food for thought! And on that groaner, once again I want to say thank you to everyone who comes by and not only visits but leaves a comment. I truly do appreciate every one of you.

Speaking of every one of you, if my stat counters are correct, I'll be coming up on Visitor #100,000 really quick (very possibly this week) so I'm planning on a special prize for whoever that lucky visitor may be. If it's a visitor who leaves a comment it will be an even bigger prize so be sure to at least say 'hi' because you never know if it might be you!


  1. Great Re-cap of the week Girl Friend.. I am loving the coffee and oatmeal really is good on the Sunday morning with all this rain. Yummy!!!

    I actually get excited about waking up and seeing what your blog has to say everyday. Thanks so much for adding to so many people's lives with your Wonderful Posts.

    Have a good week girlfriend!!!!

  2. wonderful post! my favorite of the week i think!

    do you think next week you could serve cake though?

    smiles, bee

  3. Anonymous10:10 AM EST

    Thanks for the virtual refreshments! Great post, Linda. I agree with Star that your photographic skills are getting better and better. Although, they started out pretty darned amazing anyhow. :)

  4. Bea has her moments! Happy Sunday, Linda...

  5. I'm one of your guilty silent readers. I have no excuse but I continue to do it consistently. Sometimes someone else said what I want to sometimes I just don't know what to say. Sometimes I'm half asleep and can't type worth shit.

  6. Callie Ann's answer about sex was a real winner. I wonder how many of us would secretly like to do that?

  7. I've told you before how good you are getting with your photography. And the most important thing about any hobby is that you enjoy it and have fun with it.

    But I'll always encourage you not to sell yourself short with it. People who enjoy cooking often enter cooking contests. Sometimes they win; most of the time they don't. But it's part of the hobby and a natural extension of it.

    So there's no reason you can't enter contests or submit your photos to magazines and other periodicals. You might win and you might not, but I suspect you'll have fun.

  8. Linda thank you muchly for your kind comments about my writing. Now if I could write half as good as you I would consider become an author! xx

  9. humm can't stop thinking about cake
    cake would be wonderful with good hot coffee...dunkin donuts coffee and what were we talking about?

  10. Hi Linda,
    You know what the most fun part of this weekly feature is? Remembering every single one of the comments you just re-posted here.
    And I did. ;-)

    I guess it was a stellar week for comments.

    The refreshments were yummy!

  11. An early congrats on 100,000 hits!
    Comments On Comments is a hit.
    You're hitting it outta the ballpark this week!

  12. I think you're onto something here. A lively way to blog and get to share. Love the virtual snack, BTW.

  13. I've been to your blog once before and didn't bookmark it. Now that I've found you again, I'm adding you to my Friends page so I don't lose you.

  14. so I need to just spend the next day or two coming back and leaving silly comments so I"ll be the big winner huh??

    you mind if I take my shoes off while I"m here?? How bout if I get in my jammies........wait, I'm already in my jammies! How do you like them? Tigger's always cool right??

    Comments are great and Pea was right. What I get from blogging is the ability to have social interaction at times that fit MY schedule...(which is odd at best). Before blogging I was one lonely gal. Now I have friends literally all over the world. From Rome to Paraguay to Canada. And when I get little love notes from them disguised as comments I just love it.

    By the way I'll get to that meme...right now both boys have managed to puke enough to make Sara Blair look like an amature so I'm a bit "otherwise occupied" DON'T want to know. ;-)

  15. back again... let's try Linda Blair..not Sara Blair....I think the Pine Sol/Folex fumes are affecting my brain.

    wanna start on the 10 things that make me smile??

    1) knowing that after that third mopping my kitchen floor will actually be CLEAN and no longer covered in puke.

    2) going over an hour now WITHOUT hearing the sound of retching...followed my "MOMMA! I'M SICK!!"

    3)....getting ready to finally sit down to my lunch.

    ok, I'm a nurse and no one else would find these happy thoughts but me...but the DO make me smile.

    how about I wait a day or two to actually post this huh?

  16. And let's not forget that all those virtual treats we eat while visiting are CALORIE FREE!!!! hehe

    I love the way you recapped your week. I wish I could visit everyone's blogs every day so that I wouldn't miss any posts at all but then I'd have to be at the computer 24 hours a day and have no outside life! lol xoxo


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