Sunday, November 16, 2008

Comments on Comments

Before I start commenting on this week's comments let me just make one quick comment on the weather here in New England ...
It stinks!
Miracle of miracles, I have had the past two Saturdays off of work and what has it done on both of them? Rained! Somehow, it just doesn't seem fair especially when I go back to work for 16 hours on Sundays and it's beautiful outside!! ... Now, on to other people's comments!

On Monday I once again participated in the Manic Monday Meme were the word of the day was Bounty. Even though I could have done a post on the history of paper towels, I chose instead to write about Stephanie Plum, a fictional bounty hunter brought to life by Janet Evanovich in her fantastic books. Perhaps my post may have inspired one of my Manic Monday readers to check the books out ...
Desert Songbird said... I've heard lots of great things about this author. I guess I'm long overdue to check her out. Thanks for the tip!
I'm always glad to be of assistance when it come to a good book or two and I'm always glad to hear about a good book or two that I could read myself so feel free to make a suggestion or two!

On Tuesday, in addition to my Veteran's Day tribute post, I took my new Nikon camera out and did some Banking on Downtown Norwich. Translated - I posted some pictures of the Chelsea Savings Bank building! The post even inspired Sanni, who takes some totally amazing pictures, to pop in from Germany and leave a comment ...
Sanni said... YAY!!! Congrats on your new cam - I bet she'll be one of your best friends pretty soon. Frank loves his Nikon - and I love my Canon Rebel... but ssssssh, don't tell :-)
I've been allowed to touch the Nikon a few times and it ROCKS!
I can't wait to see more photos. You know how much I love your pics, don't you???
Aw shucks, thanks Sanni! And thank you to everyone else who left encouraging comments about my photography attempts!

Speaking of photography attempts, that brings us to Wednesday's post which was my entry to Roger's Creative Photography Contest for the week. With Amanda's help, I took one of the pictures that I had taken at the Chelsea Savings Bank and did a little bit of editing with it to come up with this week's photo. The comment that I got from Bulldog (aka one of my favorite EMTs as well as one of my best commenters ever since I started this blog!) made me laugh a bit as I think he has guessed what part of my plan is with some of my photography ...
bulldog said... Y'know, keep showing these wonderful pictures of Norwich, and we might actually start seeing the better side of the "Rose City" - as opposed to the "dark" side we see @ work all the time! Great job, and keep up the positive work!
Maybe if I keep showing parts of Norwich in a good light, I can get a part-time job working for the Norwich Tourism Department or something ... if Norwich has one that is!

Thursday's post had a two-fold purpose: I needed a quick and easy post as my work hours were starting to wear at me and it seemed like fun! Caption That Photo! gave you, my readers, the chance to have some fun and make me laugh with some very funny captions! The picture I used was of Andrew and was taken this past May when he worked a dispatch shift with me. Andrew is a paramedic at both American and Backus Hospital as well as a great friend who didn't yell at me too much for using his picture (he did tell me that it was a terrible shot but I don't think so - I think it's all Andrew!). To read all of the funny comments that were left, be sure to go over and check it out but for my personal favorites and the one that Andrew chose as the winner read on ...

Sandee (Comedy +) said ... Okay Linda, what did you post on your blog this time? :)

Mary said ... Do I look amused? Now please put your clothes back on ...

Lee said ..."I'm telling you, that Nair bottle looked just like the Head & Shoulders bottle."

Travis said ... "I'm very disappointed. You said there would be CAKE."
And the winner and Andrew's personal favorite is ...
Callie Ann said ... What Now????
Thank you to everyone for playing along - even Claire came out of hiding for this one! - and a big thank you to Andrew for being such a good sport about it! It's so much fun to read what people came up with for captions - I'm going to have to do caption posts more often!

My post for Friday post revealed Amanda's latest hairstyle (she kept asking me if I was going to do a post about it so I couldn't very well disappoint her, could I?!?) and the kid has once again boldly gone ahead (no pun intended) where I have never gone before or would even consider going! Don't tell her I said this but I give her a lot of credit for being brave enough to be who she is and going against convention on occasion; I doubt she got that bravery from myself or her father so it's got to be all her!

After seeing Amanda's new Mohawk hairstyle in What's a Girl to "Do"? this is what some people had to say ...
Patty said ... A lot of teenagers go through this stage and survive. Believe it or not the parents survive too. I know I did. My daughter had her wild days and grew into a lovely young woman. I think it is normal for your daughter to want to be her own person. The only problem I see with this hair cut is some people may ridicule her for it. Tell her to hold her head up high and be proud that she has a mind of her own and is seeking to be who she is and not who everyone thinks she should be. I think she looks great!

Joan said ... I have to admit that Amanda's "do" is pretty darn cool looking...not too drastic yet very unique and flattering. As an admittedly obsessed "hair" person, I bow to her flair!

Jamie said ... Amanda is an absolute treasure with her adventurous spirit and artistry. Of course you are spoiling half the fun of being a rebellious teenager. How can you rebel when your mother takes a look and says, "That looks nice". :-)
When Amanda first suggested this style of haircut I definitely wasn't saying "that's nice" but afterward, even I had to agree that it looked pretty darned good on her and she's happy with it, which I think is what really matters.

Finally on Saturday, after working both a 6-hour shift at the Tribe and an 8-hour shift at American on Friday and not having a lot of energy left to write much of anything, I put a spin on an email I had gotten and asked people to describe themselves using one word in The Game - With a Twist! So, how did some people describe themselves?
Lois Grebowski said ... Hank says Sexy; I say goofy

Bud Weiser, WTIT said ... Jaded

Rob said ... Haggard

Jean-Luc Picard said ... Bookish

Akelamalu said ... Gobby - that's according to a neighbour!

Blogger Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said ... empress-y!
So ... anyone want to tell me what "Gobby" really means?? The definitions I found when I Googled the word were none too flattering and I would hope that Akelamalu's neighbour wasn't being rude! Any of my British friends care to chime in here? If you've yet to do so - stop by and tell me what one word describes you best!

As suspected, I did manage to hit 100,000 visitors to my blog fairly early this week but alas, it was someone I didn't know who had popped in via a Google Search from New Jersey. I didn't even know who the 5 people were on either side of it so I guess I'm going to have to give some thought to some sort of contest that I can bribe talk people into playing. After all, Ms Maggie Moo is having one heck of a sweet contest over on her blog that people are flocking over to play so even though I have no great talent as a dessert maker (though I do make a pretty good apple crisp and New York style cheesecake) perhaps I can find something to entice people with here? Hmmm ... I shall have to think on that! In the meantime, if you haven't entered, go pop by Mags blog and be sure to tell her that I sent you so that I can get an extra entry or two. After all, I've eaten some of her great desserts so I know what I'd be winning and trust me, it'll be good!

In the meantime, everyone have a great Sunday and be sure to come back and leave me a comment or two this week - it's always great to hear from you!


  1. Linda, I'm sorry I didn't make a recent comment. But I saw your comment at Jamie's about the cleaning products going to your head... Now I want to say STOP CLEANING and do the Birthday meme!! :)

  2. My neighbour WAS being rude Linda you can see why here

  3. Ah you have some great commenter s here Linda! :D

  4. Andrew is hilarious. I can't believe I won.. but that is exactly what I thought when I looked at that picture... Ha ha ha... Thanks for picking me... this is fun.

    The sun came out in Oregon Linda,Woo Hoo... but I have to wait for the fog to lift before it totally peaks out..Have a great Sunday!!!!

  5. As one of your British friends, 'gobby' means talk a lot, as in use your mouth, which is also known as a 'gob'.

  6. This is a fun weekly feature, Linda!

    Anxiously awaiting next week's entry.

    get it?

  7. At least Saturday was warm. You don't miss anything with today's weather. Happy Sunday! Great [pst, btw...

  8. Your comments on comments feature is always a nice touch since I love reading what other people say and have a real tender spot for people who take the time to at least say hello in passing.

  9. you learn a great deal from people's comments...

    and the caption responses were funny!

  10. Comments are one of the reasons it takes me so darned long to make my rounds! If you don't read all of the comments you might repeat what someone else has posted...and I just feel obligated; after all, they've spent time to leave a comment. I also like to see what other things people have to say about what you write...
    Your comments are always good, btw.

  11. Anonymous10:17 PM EST

    Claire came out of hiding and left you a comment?! WOW, you really are amazing. :)

    And since you've had Mags' desserts before, you should be disqualified from winning. Your entries should have my name instead. Mwaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa!!! :)


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