Sunday, November 30, 2008

Comments on Comments

Sunday again and even though I am spending almost the entire weekend at work, I had to make time for Comments on Comments! Luckily for you, though, because I'm spending almost the entire weekend at work - my comments to your comments will be short or at least that's my intention as I sit down to write this when I really ought to be trying to get some sleep in between shifts.
Okay, enough whining - moving on ...!

Monday found me being a lot more prolific than I meant to be with three posts (though to be honest, one was a paid post but it generated a lot of comments which means I must be doing a pretty good job making my paid posts readable!).

The first post of the day was Caption That Photo! featuring the following picture of a squirrel that I took while at Mohegan Park a couple of weeks ago.

A Squirrel

You guys went totally nuts with your comments and there were a lot that really made me laugh right out loud! Amanda enjoyed them, too, and asked if she could pick out her favorite caption to which I said sure so she choose this one from my two favorite feline visitors -

Gandalf and Grayson said ...
I can haz pecans?
I loved all of the comments that people left; it's so much fun to read them and see what people come up with. My very favorite was this one from the Queen of Memes herself because it's so true for people as well as squirrels -

Mimi Lenox said ...
Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don't.
My paid post for the day had to do with different types of bathtubs which was nice because I was able to use an honest-to-goodness story of when a friend and his family came over to dinner last winter and his daughter was enchanted with my claw-footed tub. My favorite comment from My Bathtub Has Feet!, came from a fellow Nutmegger -

Queen-Size funny bone said ...
Oh I love those old tubs. They are so nice and deep. You can't soak in these new tubs. If you're fat by time you get in there's no room for the water!
Boy has she ever got a point there! There may be a lot of things that I'm not enchanted about with the house I rent but the bathtub is definitely not one of them. It's actually one of the greatest things about living in an old Victorian style house - that and the front porch!

Finally, I wrapped up the day with my post Rambling aWAY ... in which I attempted to be clever by using the word WAY an awful lot! In the post I mentioned my upcoming work schedule and the WAY too many hours involved; the fact that I had to get Amanda to the airport for her Thanksgiving trip to New Jersey WAY too early the next morning; and that my youngest daughter, Jamie, would be coming home for Christmas after all which was WAY cool -
Dianne said ...
wow you are working a lot of hours!! enjoy the day - go back to sleep after the airport run :-)

Mags said...
Yay for Jamie being able to come for Christmas!! I know you were worried about not getting to see her. This is great news! I'm even more psyched that she gets to be an "only child" for a little bit too-alone time with Mom will be great for her...and you!!
My original plan was to go back to sleep after the airport run but unfortunately that didn't happen as I had lots to do on my one day off before Thanksgiving. I did, however, go to bed early that night for a change! Does that count? And Mags, you're absolutely right in that I think that being able to spend some one-on-one time with Jamie will be good for both of us. While Amanda is lounging on the beach in Puerto Rico, we can get in lots of Rock Band and Guitar Hero time!

For Tuesday I posted my entry for Roger's Creative Photography Contest, #15-4. For this week's entry I used a shot of a railroad bridge that I edited a tiny little bit just for effect. The entry prompted my friend from Germany, who is a totally awesome photographer herself, to leave the following comment -
Sanni @ Life... said ...
You outdid yourself, Linda! (Do you say so, too? I know it's a typical saying in Germany , but I'm not sure about the US ). Glad to see you're having so much fun with the D60 - and I'm glad there's water to jump into just in case the train comes along :-)
Thank you so very much, Sanni, and I believe we do say that here in the states! As for that water to jump into ... not a good idea as the railroad bridge is very close to the lower falls of the Yantic River that tumble into a very rocky gorge (a picture of which I posted on Saturday!). I'm not sure which would be worse - being flattened by a train or swept over the falls so I will try to avoid both!

On Wednesday I presented The Bookworm Award that I had received from Akelamalu to five other bloggers whom I thought were quite qualified as true bookworms. One of my choices was excited to do the award meme while the other ... not so much! Can you tell which one is which??
Jamie said ...
absolute proof I'm an unrepentant bookworm. The instant I saw sexy in the bad reading position, I mentally started chanting me me me waving hand pick me me me. So you did and I will. Thank you.

said ...
Okay, mine is up. And I don't get it up for just anyone, you know. Erk, I have a headache. And I am grumpified.
Good thing there's not a turkey around, I think I might rip its gizzard out. Gobbledy go!
Thank you to both Jamie and Mo and to the others whom I also gave the award tag to that played along - Rob, Lois, and Erik. Now there are several books I need to add to my "must read" list! Erik did his tag a little differently as there were no books readily available but if you get a chance, go check out Erik's post and you'll learn some fascinating firefighting information that was developed as a result of a fatal fire in Worcester, Massachusetts that claimed the lives of six firefighters in December of 1999. Sometimes good does come from bad - sometimes.

Naturally on Thursday I was experiencing some Thanksgiving Thoughts and mentioned that it was also the birthday of my best friend who likes to call me at odd hours of the night on occasion and throw questions at me when I'm sometimes half asleep! The post was about the things I was thankful for at Thanksgiving including that friend MizCyn! -
tegbird92 said ...
well said--and yes, there is a lot to be thankful for when having a great friend like Cyndi also. Happy Thanksgiving, Linda.

MightyMom said ...
I need your phone number so I can call you at all hours of the night and ask you off the wall questions!! no??
Bridget, you are absolutely right and ... uhm .. Sarah? No! I think having one friend calling me at odd hours with odd questions is enough for now; I will let you know should I ever be in need of another! In the meantime, feel free to email me with those questions!

After a nice Thanksgiving Day at my Mom's and getting to bed at a reasonable hour, Friday found me writing two posts before heading out to work for the evening. The first was my thoughts on the biggest retail day of the year; No Black Friday for Me inspired the following comment that I thought was very well written but unfortunately, I have no idea who actually wrote it! -
Anonymous said ...
I wish "Black Friday" sales would become extinct and a thing or(fad) of the not so recent past. Especially with the numerable tramplings and deaths caused by greedy unruly crowds hell bent on showing the world and society how callous and slothy they really are...animals. When people die because of shootings at Toys'R us and trampled (along with EMS and employees trying to help) to death to save $50. on a piece of plastic's time for us as society to say NO MORE.
NO MORE consumerism...
NO MORE greed....
NO MORE unkindness...
But sadly even in Eastern Connecticut a part of society (ones who camped out at the Box Stores) that bragged they got the one gift their "baby" wanted sadly missed the whole part of life that's free - God's (or whomever) love, along with your friends, family and yes, even bloggers like Linda.
There's truly no price on that.
Sorry about the long rant, the past 2 days stories about Black Fridays...really ticked me off.
Let's all end the race to the malls, huh?
thanks Linda
Anyone want to lay claim to that very true comment? If not, thank you whoever you are! I thought it was a great comment and long rants are always welcome!

My second post of the day was I've Got a Question - You've Got an Answer in which I asked readers - "What's your favorite thing about the holidays?" There were some really great answers and I'd love to repost all of them here but settled instead for just a few. If you'd like to read the rest, head on down to the original post as there really are lots of fantastic answers!
MizCyn said ...
Either an overstuffed house full of the faces I love best or thinking hilarious Holiday thoughts of you trying to play Scrabble (or maybe it was Trivial Pursuit?) after you'd had a tad too much Yuletide cheer. No, I'm certain of it--it's the latter!
Yeah, yeah - it was Trivial Pursuit and leave it to you, my dear friend, to remember one of the few times I had a little extra to drink! In spite of that, I think I played pretty well, though!

Star8278 said ...
Giving gifts and taking pictures. I also like that it seems people are a bit nicer this time of year. I wish it was like that all the time.
Star - I almost said the same thing about people being nicer this time of year and, like yourself, I wish it wasn't just at Christmastime that people were that way.
Sandee (Comedy +) said ...
Family is the best. The getting together in good times and bad times, but being together and loving each other. Can't beat that in my book.
You can't beat that in my book either, Sandee!
Katherine said ...
I like the music, and the lights, and the smells. I like wrapping paper and bows.
But my favorite part comes about the 23rd/24th ....when I take the time to remember "the reason for the season" and all that it means to me and how I choose to live my life.
Katherine, this is so "spot on" as our British friends would say. Very well written and something we should all try to remember during this not only festive but very hectic and sometimes stressful holiday season.

Finally on Saturday I posted pictures of The Falls on the Yantic River - a rather scenic area here in Norwich that has a very interesting history that I have been trying to piece together for a future post. I guess you could call it a visual preview of coming attractions until I get all that research done! In the meantime,
crazy working mom said ...
is that what's behind you in your profile pic? It is beautiful!
Yes, Tisha - the lower falls are what I'm standing in front of in my new profile pic but I'm doing a darned good job of blocking them just as I hope the camera I'm holding is doing a darned good job of blocking me!
Jamie said...
Absolutely beautiful and so wild looking that you might almost have gone back a couple of hundred years.
Actually, Jamie, once I get that other post done I'm working on then I'll definitely be going back a couple of hundred years - back to about 1643 if I remember correctly!

Ah well, speaking of going back, it's time for me to go back to work again! I hope the rest of you have a fantastic Sunday no matter what you're doing and don't forget to come back and leave a comment or two during the week!


  1. sorry i missed out last week. well, actually i'm not really THAT sorry all things considered! ha ha

    and i LOVED mo's comment. the grumpster. his new name!

    smiles bee

  2. Of all the comments I left on blogs this past week (okay, admittedly, there weren't THAT many!) you chose my grumpified one!

    I loves ya, Miss Linda!
    Hope you and Jamie get to spend some great one on one time this holiday season... while I still try to wrap my head around Amanda on a beach in Puerto Rico!

    love ya,

  3. Anonymous12:43 PM EST

    We hope Mo doesn't stay grumpified for too long! hahaha!

  4. Just for your info, Linda, you'll be on the fifth day of the Party (Friday)

  5. Great comments this week! I loved Mimi's "Sometimes you feel like a nut!" Have a great Sunday...

  6. This takes you some considerable work Linda, but I look forward to it each week. Often I don't return to find out what others have said. Excellent. Try not to work too hard. Big hug. :)

  7. There's a lot of work goes into this comments on comments post Linda I can tell. It makes great reading. :)

  8. I can also see the amount of time this must take. This comments on comments feature is great, Duchess Linda, so much fun to read.

    I still love Mags' caption for that squirrel photo.
    She made me laugh.

  9. Linda - Glad to be of humorous assistance....

  10. yayaya, you're just afraid I actually WOULD call you at 2am with some question or other huh??!!


    well, I might.

    email. got it babe.

    hey, take a day off why don't ya??

  11. Anonymous9:32 PM EST

    Have I told you how much I love this feature?! Such a great idea.


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