Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Creative Photography Contest #15-2

Time once again for an entry into Roger's Creative Photography Contest and, as I did last week, I chose a picture taken here in Norwich. Last week's picture was taken at the Howard T. Brown Park on the Thames River while this picture comes from a little further up the road in the downtown area.

Yesterday I posted pictures of the Chelsea Savings Bank building that I had taken with my new Nikon D60 and my entry into this week's contest is taken from that series of pictures.

A lamp in front of the Chelsea Savings Bank in downtown Norwich, CT

This lamp is one of two that flanks the front entrance to the bank and definitely adds to the character and solidity of the building as well as the overall feeling of security for one's money in an institution that has withstood 150 years of time.

I'd like to thank Amanda for lending me her eyes and helping me with the 'tweaking' of this picture!


  1. Anonymous6:45 AM EST

    Oh, Linda this is beautiful! That is an amazing structure. :)
    Kudos to you (and Amanda)!

  2. Anonymous8:00 AM EST

    Lovely effect, Linda!

  3. the high and low lights are grate miss linda

  4. Y'know, keep showing these wonderful pictures of Norwich, and we might actually start seeing the better side of the "Rose City" - as opposed to the "dark" side we see @ work all the time! Great job, and keep up the positive work!

  5. ok, the Nikon D60 is WWWWAAAAAYYYYY out of my price range...but I always liked your shots with your other camera...what was IT??? details please.

  6. It really is a beautiful photo-but adding (or taking away) the color makes it striking.

    Great job!!

  7. Awesome Linda. You are really getting very good at photography. A big thanks to Amanda too. I so understand about lending someone a good set of eyes. Have a great day. Big hug. :)

  8. You make the structure look so good!

  9. The light fixture looks akin to a lamp, an ornate lamp stand with an orb shaped flame flickering.

    The lamp goes perfectly with the ornate Greco-Roman columns. Like what a classic bank building should look like. Classic and imposing. I like the views you present of Norwich...

  10. Nice detail in this photo, Duchess Linda.
    I always enjoy the tours you lead of Norwich, its architecture, foliage, cemeteries..all interesting.

    Good luck in Roger's contest.

  11. That is awesome, I really dig that angle and the color on the lamp make the whole photo pop!

    Pssst.. that link you left went to your manic Monday post sorry I didn't catch that before I posted the new list.


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