Monday, November 10, 2008

Dealing With a Craving!

I don't know why but I've had a craving for something sweet ever since I got home from job #2 at the Tribe where I have been dubbed a 'black cloud' due to the fact that things will be going along at a nice boring pace until I walk in the door. Last Tuesday it was a crane that fell over that tied up all sorts of resources and closed down the Mohegan-Pequot Bridge in one direction for hours on end; today it was the near-drowning of a 5-year old in the hotel swimming pool (apparently the adults that were supposed to be watching her weren't) followed by an assault on a gas station attendant by a patron. My next shift is supposed to be Friday morning from 6 a.m. to noon but Lisa, the Lead Dispatcher, told me that if it's busy because I'm there that she's throwing me out the door so that she and her partner Andy can enjoy their shift in peace! Oh dear ...

So, anyhow, all that being said, back to craving something sweet ... I rummaged through the cupboards in an attempt to see if there was something that I could possibly make to assuage this desire for a sugary snack and came across a bag of corn meal and a few other things that could probably be tossed away they'd been there so long. None of those things had any appeal but then I found a box mix for lemon poppy seed muffins hiding on the top shelf and decided that those would definitely do the trick! Add some milk, eggs, and a little bit of vegetable oil, stir a bit with a spoon, and the next thing I knew I had a dozen lemon poppy seed muffins baking happily away in the oven!

Now to go try one out and see if they really do hit the spot ... at 9:00 at night ... after being called a 'crap magnet' just like Stephanie Plum whom I wrote about below! I guess what goes around definitely does come around sometimes!


  1. First, Stephanie Plum is a 'crap magnet'. That's why the stories are so entertaining.

    Okay, did the lemon poppy seed muffins do the trick? I hope so.

    Get some rest Linda. Big hug. :)

  2. I love that saying. Haven't heard it in years, but I will say I have days where that would fit well in my day. "Hey ya, Crap Magnet.."

    Those sound like freak accident things... namely the crane!!!

    Bwhahahahahahaahah off to find me some cookies.. emmmm relaxation....

  3. Lemon Poppy Seed (hee hee hee I wrote Poopy Seed by accident!) is one of my favorites! Especially warm right out of the oven.

    YUM! My little sister Lauren made them for me on my first visit back home from college. She was still in elementary school. So cute.

    Hope it hit the spot!

  4. I bet they love it when you have a day off. It means calm...

  5. First -congrats on the new camera acquisition - I'm quite sure you'll put it to very good use -and will figure out what everything is for, does, etc in short order.
    Now, this post -cravings huh? How ironic is it that just before reading your posts today, I had just polished off a couple generic-type Oreos! How's that for satisfying a "sweet craving?"
    And finally -tried to respond last night via e-mail to you about your comments yesterday but the darned thing came drifting back to me. I don't know why it is but frequently, I have issues between my provider and yahoo subscribers with e-mails. Frustrating!
    Anyway -just wanted to tell you not to worry about ranting -do it on your blog, do it in comments on mine too -whenever, whatever hits your fancy. Doesn't upset me in the least, kiddo!

  6. I hope those muffins did the trick for you and your sweet tooth last night, Linda.


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