Thursday, November 6, 2008

I've Got a Question - You've Got an Answer

While chatting with my friend MizCyn the other night (once I could get her to stop talking politics) we got to talking about writing and the types of writing that people might want to do. I've known a few people over the years who have said they'd like to make a living as a writer (my first ex-husband and a former roommate are two that come to mind) but it's a lot easier said than done as I'm sure a lot of us know!

Even though I used to write for my high school and college newspapers, I gave up the idea of wanting to be a journalist long ago - though that former roommate is actually doing quite well as a sports writer for The Stockton Record. I'm not sure why I threw in the towel typewriter - maybe I just didn't have the discipline or enough drive to pursue it but I'm happy writing a blog and having a small audience rather than being well-known and incredibly rich because all of the books I subsequently wrote after tiring of being a professional journalist have been turned into movies ... well, maybe happy is stretching it a bit but I'm content!

At any rate, I told Cyndi that it would be a good question to ask of people -

If you were going to be a professional writer, what genre would you choose?

Fantasy? ... Science fiction? ... Western? ... Mystery? ... Romance? ... There are as many styles of books out there as there are types of people but most people tend to pick one style of writing and then stick with it.

Me, I'd probably want to be the next Erma Bombeck (ah, sarcasm!) or someone who wrote non-fiction historical books that required a lot of research and storing up of useless facts! Neither of those two genres requires dialog to any extent and that would be great because I totally stink when it comes to dialog and I figured a body needs to know its weakness!

So how about it, what's your choice? Pick your poison and let me know!


  1. Anonymous8:06 AM EST

    I wrote professionally (albeit for a short time) as a magazine feature writer and advice columnist (oh and copywriter, too!). I've also written how -to manuals. They're kinda cut and dry and really no fun.

    My style is very conversational.

    I'd love to write a good smutty romance...or a good gut-wrenching fiction piece. Have had a character talking to me in my head for quite some time, but I just can't seem to get her out on paper just right. I need to work on her voice.

    Growing up I never pegged myself for a "writer"... always wanted to be an actress or singer. Bwahahahahahaahhaa!

  2. I think I'd do porn. Only kidding! Sci-fi would suitme...

  3. I'd do either WWII or Civil War fiction. My characters would be folks I know in real life like my wife & family because it would be interesting to see how they would fare in history w/their present personalities.

  4. humor columnist....wait, that would be the same as what I do now! haha

  5. i'd like to write a cake cookbook and have to try out all the recipes!

    smiles, bee

  6. When I can find the discipline, I write three different ways.

    My first choice is fantasy fiction. My second is poetry. And my third is social commentary.

    You write so very well, and with such passion. I'm sure you would have done very well if that had been the path you chose.

  7. You totally need to do fun tour guides.
    Moueski's guide to Haunted Salem and Mouseki Takes You Inside The Norwich Asylum would be great sellers!

  8. at the risk of plagiarizing Travis...

    When I can find the discipline (which describes my gig) I will lean toward the espionage thriller.

    I will also write a book about raising children you did not give birth to...

  9. Crime novels. That's it. Okay, I don't want to write at all, but I wanted to play along. Have a great day Linda. :)

  10. I'm not a good writer at all. But if I was, I would choose crime novels (just as Sandee) with forensics thrown into it :o)

  11. Historical fiction might be what I'd go for.

  12. I've never even considered being a professional writer! I love writing my blog though and people come to me if they want official letters writing they say I have a knack for that.

  13. Hi!
    I've been a writer for over twenty years, and over this period I've done everything from business, grants, newsletters, press releases --the gamut of being a writer. I've also done travel writing and a few years ago took the leap into creative writing through a program at UCLA. I've expanded to poetry, blogging (a form of talking, really) and finished the manuscript for a novel! Now I'll start editing it, then polishing it again and sending it out to query.

    All in all, each type of writing requires different skills. Blogging is fun because it's so extemporaneous. Crafting prose is fun in novel writing or poetry because it requires intense concentration.

  14. I think you'd be a great Erma!! and you could also do a book of your travels to find photos

    I'd like to write short stories for all sorts of magazines or put together a collection

    and I'd love to write essays for Huffington

  15. Dear Erma,
    You stole my idea.

    I used to write a column in the Bombeckian style... it was fun.

    I'll have to show you sometime.

  16. SEX SEX SEX what else could there be.. Just write about real love stories with tons of anticipation and lot's of good pure wholesome... SEX...Oh the pleasure of it all...

    Or I could write about what an asshole the X is... or I could right about little Hitler, my boss. Or I could just shutup.. Now there is a good subject.. How long could I possibly shut up for.. Not long..

    Happy day to you!!!

  17. History - the research would be the best, but the art of writing is tougher. We tend to think that history is dry, because history as we were taught was dry. Boring.

    But the historical events were far from boring! A good writer would be able to put you there, and compel you to read and enjoy in its entirety.

    There could be difficulties in writing it well. But rewarding!

  18. Go TEAM Edward!!!!!!!!! :)

  19. I tried fiction for teens, children's books, romance and screenplay. Fun for a while, but got boring. That's why I like blogging. I can write about all sorts of things in nice short pieces. Keeps it fun.

  20. It definitely wouldn't be the "Huffandpuffington Post," that's for sure!
    I alway did very well with essay questions: The Who, What, Where, Why and How...I probably would have done best as a news writer. But, if I had the knack, I'd go for true crime or murder mysteries...
    Ann Rule Rules!


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