Monday, November 24, 2008

My Bathtub Has Feet!

Right around Christmas a couple of years ago, I invited my favorite paramedic/dispatcher and his family over for dinner. Andrew had done a few things around the house for me that I wasn't able to do with my tricky back that has a tendency to go out at the worst possible time and I wanted to be able to express my thanks to not just Andrew and his strong back but also to Bethany, his fantastic wife who was kind enough to let me "borrow" her husband on several occasions. To that end, I invited over Andrew and Bethany and their two great kids - AJ and Lea.

We enjoyed a very nice dinner and then retired to the living room for the kids to watch a little TV while we adults visited. At the time, I believe that Lea was four years old or so and cute as a button. At one point, she told her parents that she needed to use the bathroom so Andrew accompanied her upstairs and when they came back downstairs Andrew was laughing as he told me that Lea was totally fascinated by my bathroom because "Miss Linda's bathtub has feet!"

Lea is quite right in that the bathtub that I have here in the house that I rent is one of those great old clawfoot bathtubs that Victorian houses sported back in the day. It's very deep and very high and most definitely has feet - rather big feet actually!

It's the type of bathtub that you could sink down into and have a good soak in except for the fact that it's so deep that I can't get a full tub of hot water due to a deficient hot water heater! Which is too bad as it would be great to be able to light a few candles, throw in some scented oil, and just lean back and relax after a stressful day at work. Perhaps it's not as great as some of the whirlpool tubs I've seen out there but it's a close second and definitely one of the best features of this house I've lived in for 8-1/2 years now.

The only other problem with this bathtub is that occasional bad back that I mentioned above. As great as a long, hot soak in this tub would be when my back hurts, there's that whole problem of getting in and out of it when I can barely walk to begin with! I think in cases like that, I would be much better off with one of those cool walk-in bathtubs that I've seen commercials for.

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who wouldn't mind having one of these great tubs in their home - I can readily think of several other people like my former grandmother-in-law out in California who, bless her 85-year old heart, has some trouble getting around these days due to painful arthritis and even one of my brothers who has his own share of back troubles that are even worse than mine.

I tell ya, if I ever win that elusive lottery that we've got a pool for at work and can finally build a house of my own then I'm going to have all three kinds of the bathtubs I've mentioned above - claw-foot, whirlpool, and walk-in. That way, I'll be prepared for all occasions!

While I'm at it, I'm going to get one of those really nice multi-head showers that look like you'd walk into and never want to get out of! Ah ... bliss!


  1. Oh I love those old tubs. they are so nice and deep. you can't soak in these new tubs. If your fat by time you get in theres no room for the water.

  2. Anonymous8:33 PM EST

    The market is really booming with those walk in tubs. Since I used to sell plumbing fixtures, I know all too well how the baby boomers are needing them now. We got a lot of calls for them.

    Of course we sold claw foot tubs as well. Plumbers hate those things! *LOL* They do look beautiful in the right setting, though.

    I have a whirlpool and I wouldn't trade it for a 10 ft walk in shower with body jets, rain heads, and the most powerful shower head in the world. I LOVE to soak in the tub. Hubby says he doesn't like to wash his face in the same water that he sits his...(well, ummm you can figure that out) in.

  3. I like both, shower and tub. My tub doesn't have claws, but it would be cool if it did. Love those old tubs.

    I do hope you win the big one one of these days and get to build/buy that dream home of yours. That would be awesome.

    Have a great day. Big hug. :)

  4. My grandmother had one of those old claw tubs in her house when I was growing up. I loved it and even now when I see one it makes me think of her. We have a small tub because we live in an apartment and I hate it. It is hard to get in and out of and I have bad knees. I am always afraid that I am not going to be able to stand up. I didn't know they made walk in bath tubs (see that is what happens when you live in apts.)
    Thanks for the link, they were fun to look at and dream of,

  5. I love claw foot tubs... I think it fit you though...

    Plus, it could be really good for drowning us pesky medics that sit around and do nothing all day. :)

  6. and THEN you're gonna invite me over...right?

  7. For many, many years, the bathtub in this house was located in the basement, in the "laundry" room. When my son moved back home close to five years ago now, we made that room into a bedroom for him so he and my son-in-law took the old tubs (bath and laundry) out. The old bathtub had the claw feet -which my son loves -so when he bought his own house here, he took the old tub up there. Right now, it sits in an unused bedroom, just waiting for the day he has enough money to install a bathroom upstairs in his house -currently he has a very small bathroom on the first floor. He has all kinds of ideas for putting that old tub back in use sometime in the distant future.
    I'm like you though -too many joints that don't like to function the way they once did -so I rarely take a sit-down bath. Always afraid I'll have to have someone come in and help me out of the tub which would NOT be a pleasant thing for whoever might be available to assist me there!


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