Friday, November 28, 2008

No Black Friday for Me!

Black Friday - the day when merchants all across the country are holding their breath in anticipation of getting the accounts on their ledgers to finally be in the black rather than the red; the day when shoppers all across the country beat feet to the merchants in the wee hours of the morning to try to find the best values possible; the day when I don't even think about going anywhere close to a store because a) I hate crowds, b) I hate getting up early, and c) I'd don't even have any money to go shopping with!

I know that retailers across the country are holding their collective breaths today hoping that all of the predictions that have been made about the horrible economic season aren't as bad as they've heard but I don't know. It really has been a tough year for a lot of people and money is extremely tight.

Right now I'm holding my breath until next Thursday when my next paycheck comes in and not buying anything I don't positively need no matter how great those Black Friday sales might be! Happy shopping to everyone else!


  1. Anonymous11:33 AM EST

    We've been doing our shopping throughout the year. Just little stuff...

    I gave up Black Friday years ago. Don't like crowds; don't need anything.

  2. I'm not out there this morning either. What madness. Well, I don't like shopping anyway, so staying home works out very well for me. I do understand about not spending money no matter how good the deals are. Times are indeed tougher. Our whole family agreed to slim down Christmas this year. Have a great day. Big hug. :)

  3. I went to the grocery store with my mother. No crowds! I don't like to shop either. I have little patience for it most of the time.

  4. I don't care what color Friday it is, if you don't have the money , you don't have it.

  5. Anonymous10:08 AM EST

    I wish "Black Friday" sales would become extinct and a thing or(fad) of the not so recent past. Especially with the numerable tramplings and deaths caused by greedy unruly crowds hell bent on showing the world and society how callous and slothy they really are...animals. When people die because of shootings at Toys'R us and trampled (along with EMS and employees trying to help) to death to save $50. on a piece of plastic's time for us as society to say NO MORE.
    NO MORE consumerism...
    NO MORE greed....
    NO MORE unkindness...

    But sadly even in Eastern Connecticut a part of society( ones who camped out at the Box Stores) that bragged they got the one gift their "baby" wanted sadly missed the whole part of life that's free.
    God's (or whomever) love, along with your friends, family and yes, even bloggers like Linda.

    There's truly no price on that.

    Sorry about the long rant, the past 2 days stories about Black Fridays...really ticked me off.

    Let's all end the race to the malls, huh?

    thanks Linda.

  6. I pass on this shopping day too. I went out once...just to say I did it. It's pretty intimidating.


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