Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Visit to Mohegan Park

Spaudling Pond at Mohegan Park

For the first time in a long time on my day off I woke up to the sun shining brightly in the sky yesterday so I took full advantage of the gorgeous weather by grabbing my new toy (aka my Nikon D60) and heading out to Mohegan Park, a wooded recreation area that sits pretty much smack in the middle of Norwich. I knew that the foliage was long since gone but I thought there still might be the chance to get a few nice shots of the area as well as see what I could do with this new camera of mine.

It was a bit chilly when I left the house - a whooping 39 degrees as a matter of fact - but the sky couldn't have been bluer and I was just so happy that it wasn't raining for a change that I didn't mind the cooler weather at all! As you can see, when I got to the park the water looked like glass and even though there were definitely no leaves left on the trees, it was still very pretty.

In Memoriam

lovely body of water that you see in the first picture is Spaulding Pond - the centerpiece of Mohegan Park. As innocent as this pond looks in that picture at the top of this post, in 1963 six people died and more than $6 million in property damage resulted after the earthen dam that holds it back collapsed. The break caused the Great Flood of Norwich that sent a wall of water and debris hurtling through downtown swamping houses, streets, and cars and even collapsing a mill. The dam still runs along the southern end of Spaulding Pond and across the earthworks is a path bordered by pergulas and flowering plants. Though there obviously wasn't anything flowering on Monday it was still very pretty.

Pergula pathway

Mohegan Park is one of those places that I think those of us who live in Norwich tend to forget about for the most part and that's a shame as it really is a lovely area complete with hiking and biking trails, several nice playgrounds, a swimming area in the summer, grills and picnic tables, and other nice features. Granted, it's certainly not the Mohegan Park that I remember as a child when there was a zoo and skating rink and other things but it's still very nice and a lovely place to show off to visitors from California and England - when I have them!

Tree & Lamp

Should you happen to be in the area, we'll be celebrating Norwich's Semiseptcentennial in 2009 - that would be birthday number 350 - and if you want to come by, I'll be happy to give you a tour of Mohegan Park. I think you'd definitely like it! Just remember to pack some popcorn for the critters!


  1. I love Semiseptcentennial celebrations. There just like

  2. Beautiful captures. I love the vivid colors you get with a Nikon. Canon doesn't do that.

    Almost missed the geese, darn Google Reader!!

  3. Those are beautiful pictures. What fun you finally got to have. I am happy for you. Did you use the tripod or just free bird it?

  4. I'm also happy that you have that new toy to play with, Linda ;-)

    Ralph and I will definitely plan on coming to that Septisemithingy next summer.

  5. I didn't even know this park existed I am going to seek it out.

  6. well that was certainly interesting and fun... thanks!

    smiles, bee

  7. Anonymous10:02 AM EST

    I *HEART* the first shot. the intense blue of the water (reflecting the sky) is so perfectly captured!

  8. I am impressed with the quality of the photos.

  9. I usually feed duck old bread. Now I have to try the popcorn :o)
    Beautiful blues in your pics.

  10. Wow! Mohegan Park is a really pretty place, even post-foliage. LOVED the geese pics! Those archways, were they part of the Rose Garden? Definately sign me up for a tour in the spring. You can ride on the back (wearing a helmet of course), and you'll have to speak up over the pipes...LOL!

  11. Love the slide show. Okay all of the shots are awesome. Especially the first one. What a cool place with a dark history. Thanks for another history lesson. Have a great day. :)

  12. Mohegan Park looks absolutely perfect in your photos Linda. I hope I get to see it for real some day. :)

  13. Interesting place I've heard about on occasion. Thanks for sharing..

  14. Anonymous10:46 PM EST

    I need to come visit you, Linda. There are so many beautiful places to see!!! Great shots. : )

  15. Great pics Linda!! Having been born and raised in Norwich till I was 12, I've seen how much Mohegan Park has changed over the years. Some of the roads have been moved around, facilities were improved, but one thing I miss from when I was a kid, is the zoo!! I have many memories of hearing the coos and caws of the birds, seeing the other animals, including the monkey hut, and the old firetruck that they had at the playground.

    If I remember correctly, the firetruck was still there a few years ago when I took Hayleigh there.

  16. Anonymous7:20 AM EST

    Wonderful photos!


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