Friday, December 19, 2008

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men are Sometimes Snowed Away ...

Well, okay, so that's not the way the quote goes but that's the way that today went what with all of that cold white stuff coming down from the sky and coating the roads. Tonight was the party that I mentioned earlier this week - the one that we have around Christmastime so that those of us who work in the stress-filled environment of dispatch can kick back and relax a little ... that one. Yeah, well, it's going on without me while I get to sit here and try not to feel too sorry for myself and failing miserably if I have to be honest.

I don't exactly live in the best place when it comes to snow-covered roads - the top of two hills can be tricky - but even if I could have gotten down off "the mountain" as my Dad used to call it, I'm not a big fan of driving in snow either. When the Governor and the State Police Spokesman say to stay off the roads, I'm one of those people who stays off the roads if I possibly can because I figure they know what they're talking about and there are enough other arrogant drivers out there who think they know better that don't stay home and end up keeping the state and local police busy as well as those great men and women whom I dispatch for a living.

As a matter of fact, while I was watching the news tonight one of the reporters was talking about one of the bigger malls up near Hartford staying open late tonight so that last-minute shoppers could get those much-needed gifts. This story came right after the one where they spoke to Governor Rell on the phone and she appealed to everyone to stay home and off the roads! Nothing for nothing but as far as I'm concerned if getting that much-needed gift could possibly result in an accident where I bang up my car at best or hurt myself or someone else at worst then it can be a late last-minute gift. I mean, come on people - it's December 19th - there is still plenty of time to go out and buy gifts if you feel so inspired.

Add on the fact that the retailers who are opting to not only stay open but stay open late are risking injury to their employees and it just makes me think that people are morons sometimes. It's more important to make a buck then let someone be safely at home while the roads turn into potential minefields. Again, nothing for nothing, folks, but a cashier at WalMart is not supposed to be considered essential personnel. I'd like to think that title is reserved for police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel as well as those of us who have foolishly signed up to answer the 911 lines that send those brave souls out into inclement weather to render aid.

Ah well, what do I know? I'm sitting home missing a really good time and really good food with a voice that makes Kermit the Frog sound like silk (if I had gone to the party, lively conversation would have been totally out of the question!) and I'm probably just being a bit of a grumble bunny. At least it looks nice outside ...

Oh, and I figured that if I couldn't get to the party, I'd at least make a cake for the girls and I that we could have here at home ... festive, ain't it?



  1. Hi I was wondering how the rest of the state was faring through all this. THe snow stopped around 8 pm here in Milford.

    There is about 2 or three inches out there now. I can hardly wait until tomorrow.

    My friend and I are going to Newport...(personally I think we are crazy for doing so but what the hey.

  2. Anonymous9:57 PM EST

    I'm proud of you for staying off the roads. This is one of those cases of "if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem."

    This reminds me of the storm we had here in North Carolina in 2001. We received 23" of snow overnight. One of the news channels was called by a woman stranded on I85 about 30 miles north of Raleigh, and she was screaming about being stranded for over 12 hours.

    When they asked her where she had come from she informed them she flew into the airport in Raleigh at 11:30 PM the night before...after being delayed six hours! She said she had to beg the rental car company to give her a car. She had a voucher for a hotel from the airline, but she wanted to get home.

    This woman ignored all warnings and headed out into a snowstorm that would be challenging in Maine...she was in North Carolina...the state with no equipment to move snow. And then she had the nerve to criticize the state for not responding fast enough to people stranded on the interstate.

  3. You made the right decision, no doubt; but I feel so terrible that you're having to sit out on the party. The cake looks terrific (just like cake is supposed to look!) and I know you guys enjoyed it.

  4. Sorry to hear that the weather (and your vocal chords too) interrupted your party plans for tonight. I remember last year you made my mouth water when you posted about all the different really yummy foods you and your co-workers had for last year's event. If it were me sitting there missing something like that, I'd be grumping and grumbling away too!
    Merry Christmas Linda and here's hoping 2009 is much, much better to you -and all of us -than 2008 was!
    Peace, my friend!

  5. I was just saying to MWM last night that I can't wait to retire so that when the weather is bad I can stay in and not have to attempt to get to work!

    Shame you missed the party but I hope you enjoyed your own at home. x

  6. Duchess Linda, I'm also sorry you missed the party!

    The weather really did a number on Connecticut yesterday.

    The snow photos are lovely. It does look pretty when it's fresh and new, before the plows and dogs get to it!

    Well, Schnitzy, have a good Saturday and enjoy the cake!

  7. Wow too bad you had to miss the party but it sure looks pretty.

  8. Yeah it was a lot of fun.

  9. Anonymous12:21 PM EST

    Grimbleschnitz to you, too! hahaha! I stay home when they advise it, too. I'm no fool! Love your collage, especially the top right photo. I saved it, for when I am feeling a bit melancholy for snow! It happens...

  10. I know those feelings of "poor me" all too well and I empathize... Grimbleschnitz !! On the other hand, you KNOW (oh so well) what could have happened. You are a wise, wise woman, Linda. And besides, Empress Bee would be so very proud of you... YOU MADE A CAKE!!!

  11. We actually got in the car this morning, started it up, got the heat going, and backed up about 4 feet before we decided that the stuff we felt we needed to get wasn't worth going for.

    It isn't snowing at the moment, but it's bitterly cold and very little of the snow we've gotten has melted. It's not going to get warm enough today for it to melt either. And we're supposed to get more on Sunday.

    I've been able to work from home, but I'm not used to being cooped up like this. Maybe we'll try again later to go out.

    It sucks not to be able to go to a party and enjoy your friends. We had two parties cancelled due to weather. So we've been making our own fun here at home.

    Take care and be safe.

  12. First, I want a piece of cake!
    Second, I love how "grimbleschnitz" has been adopted! (I just hope I get credit when Websters adds it to the dictionary!)

    Third... wait, I'm still distracted by that cake...

    Fourth, I almost (almost!) feel guilty about that storm we had Thursday night into Friday. South of here got pelted with INCHES of ice. Thousands of people without power, and hundreds of trees down on powerlines.
    North and East of here got massive amounts of snow.
    We got some sleet and only about 2" of snow (out of the 10 to 12" predicted!!!) and we didn't lose power!
    Ho Ho HO!!!

  13. I use to live in the snow...but ice and sliding mud...and lots of tree debris.

    good idea to sit at home

    the cake makes me hungry too!


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