Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Creative Photography

Roger has changed things up a bit over at the Creative Photography blog and done away with the weekly contest replacing it with a weekly photo meme instead. I guess it was just too hard to pick a winner from the great submissions plus creativity is probably a very hard thing to judge as it's all pretty subjective - just like art and photography in general.

So, instead of vying for a badge to put on one's sidebar, the idea now is for people to post a photograph, put a link up at the Creative Photography blog, and then go check out the other entries. Sounds good to me as it gives me a chance to share some of my pictures and not worry about whether they are worthy of winning an award or not. Cool, right?

This week's Creative Photography Meme submission is a picture that I took last week while out fooling around with some night shots. I converted it to black & white as I think it just looks better that way and gives it more "pop" ...

Courthouse Clock & Bank Building

This is the clock that stands in front of the courthouse in downtown Norwich and the chauteau-esque looking building behind it is one of the downtown banks. If I had to give it a title, I might consider calling this picture "Time Standing Still". What do you think?


  1. Can I steal it for the 7 things I didn't know Last Sunday? I always have a clock for the main photo.
    Can I, huh?
    Can I?

  2. Anonymous7:52 PM EST

    This is a beautiful shot, Linda. I love the crispness and cleanliness of the photo. Great job.

  3. "Time Standing Still" is a great title for it,
    "This is a spooky clock, where time freezes and monster leap out from another dimension to suck out your brains"

    I think mine is rather catchy....

  4. What a great picture and perfect title. Brings back a scene from Back to the Future, too.

    PS I have changed the settings on my blog. sorry about the problems you have had.

  5. Anonymous9:17 PM EST

    Linda, a creative shot indeed. The entire framing is very nicely taken with a added sense of spook to this picture in the night :)

  6. I LOVE this photo! The dept is excellent. The clock looks like it is floating on it's post in front of the building.


  7. I love this! You did a great job capturing the face of the clock

  8. this has to be one of my favorites! and you've taken a LOT of pics so that's saying something!

  9. Beautyful picture ! your could frame it and hang it on a wall !

  10. just wanted to thank you for your "angel" comment.

    it really warmed my heart.


  11. Anonymous6:48 AM EST

    Now, I haven't seen every picture you have put up on this blog, but I'm gonna say out of the one's I have seen-that one is the best!

  12. Beautiful nighttime photo, Duchess Linda.(wink)

    You captured a spooky atmosphere.

    Actually it looks like it could have been taken in Paris.

  13. A chateau fit for the Duchess of Norwich!

  14. You have some great night shots! Thank you for sharing "Time Stands Still" (very catchy) I love photos of old things and what they are, and this is awesome!

  15. wow Linda - that is an awesome picture.
    I stand (okay, I sit) humbled at your photographic prowess, and think you should have won that contest a dozen times over!


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