Monday, December 15, 2008

Creative Photography

Full Moon This past Friday a lot of people got to see the biggest full moon that was going to appear in the sky until 2018 ... I didn't. Well, I mean, I did but not until I got out of work at 11:00 and by that time it was so high in the sky that trying to take a picture of it would have been totally futile unless I had some amazingly huge telephoto lens ... which I don't.

I hear it was quite the sight to see and I'm really sorry that I missed it though I've seen some very nice pictures on other people's blogs who were not only fortunate enough to see the moon but also to take some pictures of it.

Moon photography - as I'm learning - is really quite tricky, though and even if I had been able to try to capture some pictures, I have a sneaky feeling that they wouldn't have come out right. Or at least not as "right" as I would have liked them to.

The picture that I've chosen for Roger's Creative Photography Meme this week is one that I took on Sunday morning whilst on my way into work. It was about 6:30 in the morning but the moon was still very bright in the sky and I decided to at least try to take a quick picture of it from the driver's seat of the car (I was pulled over at the time!).

The tree branches aren't exactly what you would call sharp but I kind of like the fuzzy look, it makes it look more three-dimensional to me - well, either that or my aging eyes just make everything look that way!

Don't forget to check out the Creative Photography blog if you'd like to see some more great pictures or if you've got one you'd like to enter yourself!


  1. I love the fuzzy tree branches

    I've never taken a good moon shot

    I laughed when you clarified that you pulled over first to take the shot

  2. I like that one very much. Soothing....

  3. Anonymous9:09 PM EST

    No days better to capture the moon than on Full moon :)

  4. Anonymous10:14 PM EST

    Your attempt at taking a picture of the moon turned out much better than any of mine ever have. You're right about it being tricky to get a picture of the moon. Another blogging photographer told me he used a tripod, remote shutter release, locked the mirror up, etc., etc. I didn't even try it and I didn't have the excuse of being at work. I like the creative touch of this picture.

  5. We didn't get to see it either because of overcast skies.

  6. On one of the few nights I actually was out of the house - we had a beautiful, clear view of the majestic moon! I told hubman it reminded me of the moon I remember as a kid. It just seemed bigger then.
    Moon shots are difficult. This is really very good.

  7. nice shot!

    I didn't get to see it least not till after the sun was up. I left work at 8am. :-(

  8. You got a much, much better photo than I did, Linda! My moon was barely distinguishable because my camera is a point and shoot and I SO need a DSLR! Oh, sorry, was I whining again?

    The best Moon shot I've seen yet was taken by Klaus at Virtua-Gallery. OK... so Klaus happens to be a Team Member of SWF... don't let that stop you. His photography blows me away every day!

    Here's the link to his Moon Over Florida shot -

  9. Anonymous7:14 AM EST

    I saw the moon the other night. It was really cloudy and rainy that night, but I remember it peeking out through the clouds at one point during my drive home and I was just amazed by it. I had no idea it was the "biggest" moon until later on after I got home. I wish I had my camera with me but I didn't.

  10. Anonymous7:19 AM EST

    I'm bummed. I totally missed the moon!


  11. I missed the moon too that night. Was too tired to trek out in the cold to set up and try for it. Yours is a great shot.

  12. Loved your "moon shot"! The fuzzy branches really does add something! "Mrs. Bulldog" has been trying for a couple of years to get a good shot of the moon, but only succeeded last Sept. on the outskirts of Jackson Hole, WY. Check it out on my Facebook page. Meanwhile, kudos to you for getting a great photo in.

  13. I think you got a fantastic photo of old Mr. Moon with the silhouetted "fuzzy" branches.

    Great job, Duchess Linda. You are way too hard on yourself!

  14. Awesome capture I love the shot!

  15. ohhh preeettttty! i like that you say things like 'whilst'!

  16. Bessie took a picture of this full moon - over a Taco Bell sign.

    Yours is MUCH prettier!

    The full moon itself was lovely here - we'd had snow that day but it cleared up at night, so everything had a blue glow to it that night.


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