Friday, December 5, 2008

I've Got a Question - You've Got an Answer

Before I get to today's question, just a couple of little side notes that I wanted to pass on ...

First off, today is the birthday of one of the most patriotic guys in the Blogosphere - Sarge Charlie! Obviously you can't have a birthday without cake, especially if you're married to the Empress Bee who lives and breathes for cakes and cruising!, so for the Sarge, I found a nice patriotic piece of pastry to help him celebrate his day! Best wishes for a fantastic birthday and a terrific year to follow, Sarge!

Next, today wraps up the annual Christmas party over onboard the U.S.S. Enterprise that Captain Jean-Luc Picard is hosting and I actually managed to make it to the party this year. If you'd like to read my guest entry (along with my sorry attempts at writing dialogue!), please click on over to the Enterprise Christmas Party (Part 5) - my entry is the one in the middle - obviously! While you're there, please wish my good friend Jean-Luc a very happy Christmas!

And finally - the question for today's post. I got to thinking about this one the other day when I was thinking about getting my little three-foot pre-lit fiber optic Christmas tree out of its box so that I could at least make some attempt to decorate for Christmas -

When it comes to a Christmas tree, do you have an artificial tree or a real one?

Growing up we always had a real tree and I swore up and down that I would never ever in a million years have an artificial tree. Yeah ... well ... if there's one thing I've learned in life it's that you should never ever say never because once you say you're never going to do something, guess what you end up doing? Exactly!

Due to the small living room and overcrowding of furniture, not only do I not have a real tree anymore but I've even given up the full-size artificial tree for a very small one that I just pop out of the box and plug in for instant Christmas decorating. It's actually kind of sad and I miss having a full-size live tree that fills the house with the wonderful scent of pine but until I get a bigger place, I guess a small tree is better than no tree, right??

Now - over to you!


  1. Merry morning to you, oh decorated already for Christmas person!

    For obvious reasons we have always had an artificial tree. We've got a pretty good sized one as you can see in Ralph's recent "tilted Tannenbaum" photo he posted.

    When I was really little we had real trees and my father planted some of them. They grew tall. Then we switched to artificial. But always green, none of that white or blue stuff.

    I love the little pre-lit trees. They make a room feel cozy.

    I really need to start decorating.

  2. sadly neither. we don't decorate but will soon be on a cruise ship that is decked out pretty good.

    and thanks for sarge's cake. wow, it's a doozy!!!

    smiles, bee

  3. For most of the years it was artificial. A few years we braved getting a fresh tree, but they didn't last very long with our coal fireplace drying them out. One year we were in bed and started to hear the ornaments hitting the floor. By morning they all were on the floor along with every pine needle. After that its been artificial at Dad's house.

    When I moved into my first apartment I bought a skinny 6' tree because of space constraints. But have always loved that tree and its the one we use at our house now. But I think at the end of the season this year we will get a wider 7' tree, which of course means I need to start buying more ornaments. I love a FULL of ornaments tree.

  4. Anonymous8:43 AM EST

    We had both real and artificial trees growing up.

    Christmas used to be a big production in my single days. I'd have a huge tree decorated to the nines...and a kitchen tree. I'd do lights outside and would decorate anything that was sitting still. I'd also use christmas china from thanskgiving until Christmas.

    Now I have a small tree for the condo and a tabletop tree for the airstream. Last year I put up the officially licensed Charlie Brown tree w/a single ornament (the hallmark airstream ornament, of course).

    Since we're not at home, we're keeping it simple. Just a tooky tabletop tree for the airstream.

  5. Growing up we always had live since we lived in the mountains. We seem to never have Christmas at our house we always go to my parents now. In the last few years I had a small artificial tree which has been passed on to Jessica.. easier with a busy toddler. On year we had no tree no money or an artificial So We drew a Christmas tree and posted it on the wall and put the presents under it.. Crazy times

  6. Growing up it was the real McCoy. However, waaaaaaaaaay back then, the phrase 'artificial tree' was just a twinkle in someone's eye.

    Now we have a full-size (7 foot) artificial tree that came with the lights already strung on it... how I HATED to string the lights on the tree every year!!

  7. Always had the real thing when growing up. Nowadays it's the pre-lit fake tree... I'm not decorating this year though, too scared that the dog will take it all down :o)

  8. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday Dear Sarge,
    Happy Birthday to you.

    Love the cake Linda. Now that's spot-on for Sarge.

    To the question. Artificial for me. I'm scared of the real ones that are pretty dry in the first place, and those horrid stories about tree fires.

    Have a great day and weekend Linda. Big hug. :)

  9. Anonymous1:08 PM EST

    Mine's artificial. We had real trees growing up. I wouldn't have one now. 2 reasons mainly, too messy and they dry out so easily...too much work keeping it pretty.

    I have a pre-lit artificial. It's so easy! :) I ♥ it!!!

  10. I have a small tree like yours, that my daughter Jules gave me after my last divorce (10 years ago) She bought lights with it. And for the next few years she bought orniments and a skirt, etc. She is still very sick and off in California. I don't hear much from her as I do with my other three. I always smile think of the happy (and well)13 year-old who gave me a perfect lil' tree a decade ago...

  11. Growing up, we always had a real tree that my dad would cut down himself. When I moved away, I had the same "space" problem as you, Linda, and had to settle for a table-top artificial tree. When "Mrs. Bulldog" & I got married, we started out w/a real tree, went artificial for a couple of years, but that turned out to be a bigger hassle than a real tree, so we went back to the real deal! We go to a farm & cut it down - just like dear 'ol dad...the circle of life is complete! LOL!

  12. Anonymous12:22 AM EST

    Since getting married, we now have a real tree. I'll never forget my husband's face when he saw the box of my artificial tree - priceless. It was as if he just found out there was no ummm, real Rudolph (gotta be careful this time of year).

  13. Anonymous9:25 AM EST

    artificial. when I was growing up, my family would go every single year to buy a real christmas tree...but it just got to the point where all my younger siblings just became "too old" to enjoy the process of searching for the "best" tree and my parents decided to go for an artificial. It cuts down on the mess as well so that's a plus.

  14. Real...

    Blue Spruce!

  15. Anonymous9:36 AM EST

    Real tree is more genuine in nature as it goes with the moods of the Christmas. But nowadays every one is purchasing artificial ones as its less expensive, easy to find and also less time consuming. But in my view I like the real trees and not the artificial ones.


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