Friday, December 12, 2008

Looking at the Sky on Friday with Tisha


Last week my friend Tisha at CrAzY Working Mom ran into a bit of a roadblock with the folks at Skywatch Friday (they didn't like her writing posts about things like diet supplements and the like) and hence "Looking at the Sky on Friday" was born. If you want to join in there are no restrictions that I am aware of unless you post pictures of naked people looking at the sky on Friday - I think that might be pushing the envelope just a little!

Sunrise over Norwich, CTMy picture for this week is one of the sun rising over Norwich as seen from the parking lot where I work which I obviously took a little while ago as the sun hasn't risen over Norwich much at all this week and it certainly didn't rise this morning either! Come to think of it, I wasn't in the parking lot at work this morning either and, unless I want a face full of rain, the only looking at the sky I'm going to be doing at all this Friday is via pictures!

Speaking of looking, I attempted to give my blog a more Christmasy look by drawing Santa hats and passing out candy canes to the residents on top of my header. You'll notice that even the squid got one! As you can tell, I'm definitely NOT the artiste in the family but considering I did the drawing with Paint and the thumb-mouse on my laptop I don't think it came out too bad. Of course, now you can see why I never participate in Doodle Week when it rolls around! Hey, Claire, you paying attention here?!?

Oh ... and while I'm on the topic of Christmas ... I had a little fun over at Elf Yourself and thought I'd post the results of that here so you folks could enjoy a chuckle or two and maybe be inspired to go on over and create your own Elfin' fun!

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Whew! All that dancing has worn me out! I'm darned lucky I didn't throw my back out! Ah well, may beautiful Friday skies be above you wherever you may be!


  1. ok, I don't know which is more odd.

    a squid with a candycane, an elf dancing with a pitch fork....or a yankee doing the Cotton Eye'd Joe!!

    But thanks for the laughs all the same, and that's a beautiful sunrise you got there too!

  2. Your artwork is great, Duchess Linda.

    No restrictions on the sky photo meme? I may just play along with some sunset photos I took Saturday.

    Now I go watch the video..

  3. LOL :-D

    That was really funny. Thanks for the early morning smiles.

  4. I okay I won't play. No naked people? What is sanity now ruling the blogosphere? LOVED the dance!

  5. Anonymous9:01 AM EST

    It ain't right seeing Mo shimmy!


    Love the holiday decorations!

  6. Ooooh...little competition to Skywatch here :o) I always wanted to but never participated. Maybe I shall get some sky pics ans play with Trish now ;o)
    And look at those three barn elves. That was funny, Lin!

  7. Or you could make your own Xmas page called Ef Yourself :)

  8. Mo should'a been smilin' while he danced! hehe

  9. Anonymous10:37 AM EST

    First of all I want to say a HUGE thanks to you for your support in the meme!!! Secondly, I think that the Christmas decorating you did is fabulous. The sky photo is amazing (as always). You and that Nikon are working quite well together!!! Thirdly, thank you for the laughs. That video cracked me up SO much. I can see you, Callie, and Mo having that much fun. YEHAW!!!!

    Happy Friday, my friend.

  10. well if i can't post my nekkid photos of sarge looking at the sky then i'm just not going to play.

    the end.

    smiles, bee

  11. Drat. The video not there. I'll have to come back later. The idea of a Mo shimmy is a must see

    Love the photograph and you did well with the candy canes.

  12. Elf Comment, take two:
    That cracked me up! Thanks!
    Callie and you are the perfect elves, and while I look a tad grumpy (which I think is appropriate, I must be Grimblelf) I had fun dancing with y'all!

    ps: the squid with the candy cane is a hoot!

    Grimblelf Mo

  13. The Jib Jab was adorable. I was laughing out loud. How fun.

    I didn't know Tisha had problems with Sky Watch Friday. Well, she doesn't anymore thanks to you. Good job.

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug. :)

  14. Again... awesome awesome pictures!! And your holiday decorating is just perfect... even squid.

    I am so excited that Elf Yourself is back. We did it last year and it was so great!!

  15. Fab pictures Linda and I love the festive hats and candy canes on your header.

  16. Love the elf dance, Linda! You must have been practicing that for hours.

    Good 'elf to you!

  17. Stopped by to see the candy canes and hats. I like 'em!

  18. Shake your groove go MO!

  19. Again, you have a view of Norwich that makes one want to visit. It offers a sweeping vista to your burg. Nice, as always (and it's not just the D60 - you have a sense of style in your choices).

    You are not greedy - all you asked Santa for was a hat!

  20. Beautiful sky! Hey to answer your question I bought a Nikon D40 book for dummies, to find out all my settings it's been very helpful and is always in my camera bag, get one to go with your camera type there a great help!

  21. I must say that is the skinniest I have been in years.. That was fun.. I had a blast really I did. I have watched it several times.. you cracking me up... :)

  22. Love it, love it! These are so much fun to play with. You guys make a great team.

  23. Who knew Mo could dance like that! I post nekked pictures of my cats everyday! hahaha!


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