Friday, December 26, 2008

Looking at the Sky on Friday


November Cloudz

More November Cloudz

Didn't want to miss participating in CrAzY Working Mom's new Friday sky meme just because it's the day after Christmas!

These pictures were taken this past November once again from the window in dispatch as night crept in over Norwich.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and is looking forward to a lovely and relaxing weekend. As for me, it's back to work ... sigh ...


  1. I have a photo I took yesterday when I went out for a breath of fresh air!

    Must post it soon.

    Have a good day, Duchess Linda.

  2. I forgot to say these sky shots are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. bee-u-tee-full!!!

    smiles, bee

  4. I'm planning to redpo my blog's header for after the New Year. These photos would be perfect! (I'm not asking anything here. I just love your photography!) Happy Friday, my friend...

  5. The colors are so deep and vivid.

  6. I LOVE the colors... I love the mood... OK, OK - I just love these pics!!!

    Hey Linda, sorry I haven't been around. Life got very hectic, with my working four jobs, and I just couldn't find enough hours in a day. I'm here now though... forgive me?

  7. I'm sitting out this week, just too exhausted to look up lol

    love the blue skies and the dark clouds, beautiful

    don't work too hard!!

  8. Oooh, love the cobalt blue! I'm glad you posted this one, even though you're plumb-tuckered. I hope you can rest soon and catch up on your zzzzzzzz's.

  9. Anonymous3:51 PM EST

    Thanks so much for posting, Linda! I almost forgot myself!!! I can't believe the week has been so crazy. I didn't even realize it was Friday 'till after noon! *sigh* Your support is much appreciated, my friend!!

  10. lovely....i should check out her meme...

    (I am in major catch up mode tonight!)


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