Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Organized Randomness

Why is that if I take one single Tylenol PM tablet I can't seem to get out of my own way the next day? I thought the stuff was supposed to help you wake up refreshed, not feeling like you just stumbled out of an opium den. Not that I'd know what stumbling out of an opium den was like, mind you!

While picking Jamie up at my son's house in Bradford, Rhode Island yesterday I stopped to take some pictures at a small pond across the street from where he lives because there was just something about the two ropes that are there for summer fun just hanging forlornly in the cold that appealed to me ...


I took Jamie to see Twilight at the movies last night and liked it a little bit better the second time around as I tried not to view it with such a critical eye as when I went the first time. I still thought that Jasper looked like Edward Scissorhand's cousin or something and that Bella needed to have a stick surgically removed from her nether regions but other than that, it was okay and in certain scenes Edward looked quite hot for an ice cold undead guy!

I was quite surprised by the number of women my age at the theater who didn't seem to have a teenage girl along with them and also with the amount of guys that were there. The first time I saw the movie, I think there was maybe one guy in the theater and no doubt he had been dragged there kicking and screaming!

My good friend MizCyn reminded me that her husband is quite the railroad aficionado in a comment on my latest Creative Photography Meme entry so I promised her another picture for him. I thought perhaps he might like this one even though it's just a railroad bridge ...


My son got me a digital picture frame for Christmas that I'm really looking forward to using once I figure it out. It's got an 11-inch viewing area so even my old eyes should be able to see it quite well from across the room plus it takes MP3 music downloads. How cool is that?

All of the snow that we got a week and a half ago has melted because of the unseasonably warm temperatures we were having but it looks like more is on its way and right on time for me to have to try to drive to work in it on Wednesday morning. Figures!

I know that winter hasn't even officially been here for ten days yet but I am ready to bid it a fond farewell. There are days when I feel like I am never going to be warm again and can fully understand why so many people flock to Florida, a state I've never been all that enchanted with (an apology to all those who live there and love it).

Just for hee-yuks I looked at the Norwegian Cruise Line website the other day and saw the perfect cruise for next Christmas-time. It leaves out of New York City on the 26th of December, visits warm locales for 5 days, and then returns to New York on the 2nd of January. Unfortunately the price itself isn't perfect on a single-parent income but should I win that elusive Powerball sometime between now and then I can tell you exactly where I'll be next New Year's Eve! At least it doesn't cost anything to dream, right?

Jamie and I are going to do some after-Christmas shopping today with my mom. Even though I'm not keen on shopping my mom likes to go and supposedly there are bargains to be had out there. Plus Jamie still has a little Christmas cash burning a hole in her pocket!

Lastly, just one more picture of the pond in Rhode Island before I go just because I like it! ...

RI Pond

May your day be filled with random good stuff!


  1. Dear Duchess,
    I love your randomness. I should try it some time! I didn't blog last evening, we had cake and then I took my mom home...I just saw your comment and rushed on over.

    I seeere a post down there with my name in the title.
    Going to read it now ;-)

  2. that should say "I see" - woops

  3. I love the old bridge, that is so cool compaired to the flat cememnt we have today

  4. Same feelings on FL here - no offense to FL residents :o)
    I'll be dreaming about next year's cruise as well ;o)

  5. Anonymous10:19 AM EST

    Nice job on all your pictures for today, Linda. I especially like the railroad trestle, but would like to see it without Mother Nature throwing all those obstacles in your way. Unfortunately, there are some things we just can't control when we're trying to get the perfect photograph.

  6. Your scenic photos just get better and better! Loved these you put up here today -very, very pretty and dare I say "Frameable" too? There's a thought for you of a little side money-making venture perhaps -photography!
    Happy New Year and may it NOT be filled with gobs and gobs of snow and ice! (That's the last thing I want anyway!)

  7. if everyone loved florida like i do there wouldn't be enough room for me so it's fine that they don't. i just don't know why! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

    ps: you might want to check with me before you book that cruise. i can help with that for sure!

  8. Hey Linda! Liked your pics of the pond...very peaceful! I can't help but wonder if I've actually seen this pond myself, as I've ridden through Bradford a number of times last summer. Back roads & country settings are the best, and photographers like you only seem to bring out even more of the goodness & purity that these quiet scenes represent! Good job!

  9. Beautiful pictures, the ropes are definitely worthy of the attention.

    I love the title of organized randomness. Its just funny for some reason.

  10. Your photography is really very, very good Linda. You are a natural.

    I hope your day is filled with wonderful things and that you do win the Powerball so you can take that cruise next year.

    Big hug. :)

  11. Anonymous1:47 PM EST

    I sure hope you win the Powerball! And I sure would love to be on that cruise! Actually, I would love to be only any cruise! I haven't been on a cruise in about 10 years and it is long overdue!

    Speaking as someone who grew up in Massachusetts and New Hampshire for the first 20 years of my life (with a lot of Maine vacations thrown in) who then moved to Florida for the next 31 years, I was very tired of the flat, the oppressive heat and humidity, and don't even get me started on the hurricanes! I moved to south Georgia, but now realize I should have moved further north, say the mountains like Podunk where Miss Bee is! I need some hills, cooler temperatures and a basement!

    Love your photos today!!

  12. Your photos are getting better by the minute Linda! I got a digital photo frame for Christmas too - they're fab!

  13. I love the first photo too, for the very same reason! Great catch.

    As for the shopping-there ARE major bargains after Christmas-I'm wondering what Jamie ended up getting...seeing as your FB status says it can't be trendy/ :)

  14. You're thinking ahead with that cruise, Linda.

  15. You are right. It does cost nothing to dream...

  16. Anonymous5:44 PM EST

    I'm feeling the same exact way about winter! I'm so ready for it to be over, even though there's still quite a few weeks left.

  17. you're a great landscape, scenic photographer!

    that last shot is stunning

    I hope this oncoming storm isn't too awful!

  18. Y'all may not like Florida much but, I rode my bike(no hills) to the bank in shorts and a tank top. I enjoyed every second of it too.
    Besides its hard to find Cuban coffee and Flan up there.
    As always your pics are pretty.
    John was down here visiting from Maine today and he wasn't complaining about the heat..hehehe

  19. Those are awesome photos Linda! I like the train tresses very cool!

  20. That last pond picture..
    It's waving at me!
    Do you see it?
    It's a Michigan-shaped pond.. just backwards. :)
    I like it!

  21. my fav is the bridge...too cool.

  22. Your photos are wonderful as always, but I'm very glad you decided to throw in that last one. Great shot there!

    Happy 2009!

  23. the last one is my fave...

    I've been thinking about an Alaskan cruise leaving out of san francisco...but..pricey....sigh...


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