Monday, December 15, 2008

Tea and Crackers

Death eating a cracker by Art-MunkeyEver have one of those days when your head feels like it's about the size of a Buick or at least a small Chevy? Yep ... it's been one of those for me though certainly not as bad as last night when I finally got home from my longer than usual 16-hour shift at work yesterday. I had that all-over tired achy feeling, a bit of a fever, and a head that felt like it was at least three times it's normal size and stuffed with cotton.

When I updated my status on Twitter last night with "Feeling like I am coming down with a cold and as my grandmother would say "not feeling a bit good"", Amanda immediately direct messaged me back with "Feeling like Death eating a cracker?". Oh heck yeah! A couple of crackers actually! Maybe even an entire box of saltines!

Thankfully I felt a bit more normal today as I had a day off and a few plans, one of which included my monthly get-together with my friend Rhonda at a local eatery for lunch. Granted, I didn't really feel like eating much of anything (which is probably a good thing considering I could do with eating a lot less!) but we were planning on exchanging Christmas gifts today as well as doing the monthly catch-up on our lives. Besides, I hate to mess up other people's plans so I was glad when I woke up feeling marginally better this morning. Granted, I still seem to have the "big head" and when I cough I sound like second cousin to a seal but the overall aches and pains have subsided and I can function - sort of!

All in all, this probably would have been a good day to sit around and drink a lot of tea ... lots and lots of tea!


  1. If you can take Aspirin, BC Powder is the way to go!

    Tim Meredith turned me on to it, and it takes care of aches and pain, especially of the head region, faster than any NSAID that I've ever taken.

    That being said, you could imagine my surprise when Tim walked up to me in the crew lounge and handed me a packet of white powder....

  2. Feel better, lots of fluids, drown those germs.

  3. ummm well, your official diagnosis is overwork, which has created an immunity deficit from the resulting deficient amount of rest which means, your illness is approved for coverage under WORKER'S COMP.

    Oh and did you get your flu shot? Cuz that sounds an awful lot like influenza there awful lot.

  4. Anonymous7:18 AM EST

    Take care of yourself, hon... Tons of fluids to drown the snot and keep it moving, something gentle for the head and body aches, and a treat for the tummy.


  5. "Dr." Bulldog's recommendation: One down comforter, one couch, one cup of steaming hot tea, OR a heated-up wine/honey/schnapps mix, and one REALLY good book to read; subtract TV, radio, loud teenager, then be prepared for some AMAZING results! One or more of three things will happen: you'll either lose yourself in the story & feel better, you'll fall asleep & feel better, or you'll be too drunk to care...and you'll feel better! Hope you ARE feeling better soon!

  6. Boy, do I ever know that feeling -big time! Not so much with the head but rather my back and legs were aching like a damned toothache all day yesterday. Weather must be making a big change cause that's usually how my body reacts to big humidity changes. That, plus for some reason or other, I was also really getting hit hard yesterday with a lot of the depression-type feelings. Got the meds out and applying them so for the most part, things are more in line today though. Thankfully!
    Hope you get your stuff well under control too. Can't be sick over the holidays ya know -specially with Jamie due to arrive soon.

  7. Duchess, I hope you took the sage advice of your blog friends here and are feeling better today.

    It did sound like flu symptoms. Take care!


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