Saturday, January 3, 2009

Friday at the Falls

As I mentioned in last night's post, Jamie and I took some time out of our pretty boring day Friday afternoon to head over to the falls of the Yantic River and hike around a bit and take some pictures. Normally I'm not real keen on tromping around out in the cold and snow but I thought it might be a good chance to go take some pictures of the falls in winter as well as the area surrounding them. No doubt I'll be back out there again before the winter is through as the falls are just as beautiful frozen as they are in the summer.

DSC_0023 It wasn't as cold as I thought it would be but that's probably because the nasty winds that we've been having lately had finally blown themselves out and there was nary a breeze. Well, either that or the four layers of clothing I had on was sufficient! Jamie was colder than I was but that's probably got something to do with that thin Florida blood of hers. Ironic that she was the only one of my three kids that was actually born in Connecticut (the other two were born in Southern California) and she's the one that gets the coldest!

She really was a good sport about it, though, and seemed to enjoy our time walking around on the railroad bridge and tracks as we made our way between the upper and lower falls. I wish the light had been a bit better but considering it was after 4:00 and cloudy to boot I guess I'm lucky there was any light at all. I guess I should have gotten inspired to leave the house earlier than we did but whatchagonnado??

While we were walking back across the footbridge that spans the river next to the railroad trestle we met up with a couple of guys who were taking their three dogs out for a little exercise. We ended up chatting with them for a bit about how beautiful the area was and how few people probably even now that this part of Norwich exists. One of the guys said that he comes out to the falls every single day and never ever gets tired of the view. I don't blame him, if I lived in the area I'm sure I'd be out doing the same thing!

townhomes As a matter of fact, one of the old historic townhomes across from the falls has been for rent for awhile now and if I thought I could swing the increase in rent, I'd be calling the guy who has the listing in a New York minute. If you look closely, the one for rent is the third one down in this row and I'd love, love, love to live there. Maybe I should give the guy a call ...

Anyhow ... I put together a video with the pictures I took while on our walk today and put them to music with a song that Amanda really likes. Don't panic! It's a very calm song actually and I think you might end up liking it, too! The only thing I don't like about putting the pictures in video format is that I lose a little bit of the quality but it still gives you a good look at the winter scenes that we saw. At least I hope so!

Everyone have a great Saturday and I'll see what Jamie and I can get up to today that might make for a good post tomorrow. After all, she goes back to Florida on Monday so we have to take advantage of the time we have together while she's here. Who knows? Maybe another snowy walk will be in order but I bet she wears warmer socks this time!


  1. what I don't like about putting pics in video format is that I can't see them from work. dammtheluck

  2. Anonymous7:50 AM EST

    It looks lovely, and just as I remember New England in winter. I'm so glad I can't feel the cold!

    Love Jaime's eating a snowball. I don't know why we feel compelled to do that with freshly fallen snow!

  3. That was awesome and beautiful. I love looking at your pics but I really don't miss the weather. Time well spent even if y'all s feet got wet and cold.

  4. I'll share the rent, let's move into that old historic townhome!! hehe As you say, what a beautiful place to live. Train tracks and a waterfall, how more perfect can it be...I would so love to have been able to walk there with you and Jamie. Loved seeing all the pictures, such a gorgeous area!! xoxo

  5. Anonymous9:40 AM EST

    Enjoy the last weekend with Jamie. Hopefully you guys will take another trip over there to take more pics.

  6. What a great film awesome photos! Enjoy the weekend!!

  7. i think you should call and make an offer that you can comfortable afford. if it's empty it's getting them nothing. sell yourself to them and why they should want you as a tenant. bet it works!!!

    smiles, bee

  8. It looks like everyone needs to be well wrapped up.

  9. I totally enjoyed the video. The Song was perfect. I am so glad you two girls are out making memories. Life is fun when you do that.

    Love Ya

    P.S. Can't wait to see what you girls do today...

  10. I'm with Bee...give it a shot...give the realtor a call.

    the picture video is cool...tell amanda I like the song

  11. Love the video and please call the guy. That looks like an awesome place to live. Just saying.

    Have a terrific weekend. Big hug. :)

  12. have such a wonderful eye for framing. It didn't matter that the light may have been gloomy. Your shots captured what light there was, and made use of it in such a beautiful way.

  13. I love that song

    and your photos are awesome

  14. Call! You've been talking about living in those townhouses for the better part of the decade! Perhaps a bit of serendipity might be at work here. Hope so!

  15. The song is perfect, the rhythm, the timing, the framing (as Travis said)...well done.
    This song makes me sad though.

  16. Totally awesome. I sat here thinking of the perfect relationship of the song and photos.
    Please drop me a line with the name of the song...I know I've got it somewhere because it was in a movie we watched. I fell in love with it but darned if I can remember who or what. Took my ginko but forgot the biloba!!!
    You live in such a marvelous area. That trestle really reminds me of "Stand By Me." Thanks for the great journey...

  17. I loved them all!!!
    Great set of pics!
    That place is gorgeous!

  18. I love snow and am only a teeny weeny bit envious :).
    The house looks gorgeous too. I can quite see the attraction. :)

  19. Beautiful photos, Duchess Linda of Norwich near the Falls.
    Maybe I can come to visit there in the summertime. I'm afraid I might slip on the ice at this time of year, ya know?

    This is a sad but pretty song. You're right, it is quiet. It goes well with your video.

    Let's get together here in the Nutmeg State soon.

    Happy Sunday!

  20. That's Jamie in the photo right? She looks so much like you Linda!

    I love the photos - like something off a Christmas card! :)


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