Thursday, January 15, 2009

I've Got a Question - You've Got an Answer

Lately I've been thinking a lot about moving to a different humble abode other than the one that I've been living in for nine years come April. The reasons are many and varied but one of the main reasons is the fact that I live on the side of two rather large hills and getting up and down the roads to my house during the winter months is sometimes downright impossible. Last winter there was a time when I couldn't stop on the snow-covered road and slid out into the main roadway (luckily no one was coming down the road and hit me) and then this winter I did that whole 180 degree turn in the middle of the road while taking Amanda to the train station. Neither time was cool and both times got me to thinking that it was perhaps time to seek housing on slightly more level ground.

In addition to that there are beginning to be problems with the house and, with a landlord who is more concerned with other areas of his life, I don't see any fixes on the horizon anytime soon. I can live with a roof that leaks a bit, a front door lock that sticks, and a dishwasher that is busted among other things but not having hot water since the weather turned cold is pretty much the straw that broke the camel's back so I am looking elsewhere in Norwich and have my fingers crossed that something suitable will turn up soon.

Moving, though, gives me mixed emotions as I've never ever in my entire life lived anywhere longer than I have lived in this house. Anything over two-and-a-half years is a record for me as I grew up a military brat, joined the military myself, and then continued to move every so often right up until I settled into this house in April of 2002. Moving was a way of life and I never minded it as my roots were shallow and it was easy to pull them up. This time the roots run a bit deeper and I'm going to have to dig a bit to get them out but get them out I will.

By now you're probably wondering what on earth all this has to do with any sort of a question but trust me - there's one here and I'm getting to it right now! While I was thinking about the fact that I finally managed to stay in one place for a good chunk of years before I got a major itch to move, I got to wondering how long most people live in one spot and so that's my question for this post -

What's the longest you have ever lived in one place and where was/is it?
I know that there are some people out there who spend almost the entirety of their lives in the same place, a concept that is very foreign to me!, but I'm sure there are others who have moved almost as much as I have. So, it's your turn - let's hear it from you while I peruse Craig'sList and see what's available in the Norwich area for a single mom, her teenage daughter, and a couple of well-behaved reptiles. Wherever it is, hot water is a must and no hills would be a major bonus!


  1. Anonymous7:01 AM EST

    I grew up in Sprague and lived there for the first 18 years of my life. I moved to Franklin for 2 years, then to Norwich for a year while building our house in Sprague. I lived there for 10 more years until I divorced. I then moved to Norwich and stayed there for 9 years before moving to NC where I have now lived for a little over 2 years.
    The move to NC was a really big move for me, it took me a while to adjust until I began to make friends. I like the area I am in, but I am currently renting until I found the house that I want to live in for the rest of my life.

  2. How can a landlord get away without fixing the hot water? That's just crazy!

    I hardly ever move! I lived in my house in Tampa, FL for 21 years until my divorce. My business was in Lakeland. I had been commuting 50 miles one way for 6 years, so when I decided to get a divorce I moved there. I stayed for 15 years until I sold that business. I bought my house in south Georgia 3 years ago. I do plan to move one day to somewhere 'hillier' as I'm tired of 'flat land'! I also want a basement and big wrap-around porch! But I won't move as long as my parents are alive. I don't want to put them through another move.

    Good luck finding just the right place, Linda!

  3. I guess the longest I lived anywhere was with the unfortunate mirage number 1. I lived in his house for 8 years.
    We are never moving again so I guess we will just have to buy this house from Wade

  4. Here, in the house I share now with my daughter, her husband and their two little ones! I was born in this house and with the exception of about 1 1/2 years when I was in elementary school and lived with an aunt and uncle in Jamestown, NY, then the 8 years I worked in Washington, D.C., the 8 years I was married and the year after I graduated from college and worked in Baltimore, MD during the week and commuted back home every weekend to work in State College, PA, I have lived in this old house, built in 1903 by my maternal grandparents. So, doing the math, how many years does that make that I lived here? I'm 64 years old now, and the time spent elsewhere comes to about 18 1/2 years so guess that gives me about 45 1/2 years in this place! And I love this old house -mice, drafts, needed remodeling and repairs and all! I wouldn't want to live any where else ever again.

  5. I lived at home with my dad and brother until I was 23. After that I lived in my own apartment for 5 years. Than 6 months in my trailer, and now over a year with my husand.

    All locations were within 15 minutes of each other in Northeast Pennsylvania.

  6. I've been in this house since 1966!

  7. no hot water??? that is inhumane! yikes! report him if he doesn't fix that! yikes honey!

    in sarge and my first nine years of marriage we lived in 11 different houses!

    smiles, bee

  8. No hot water is totally unacceptable. Like Bee said, he should be reported.

    Good luck finding something soon. I've got my fingers and toes crossed for you.

    We've been in our house for almost 18 years, since Cameron was an infant.

    Before that we were in Derby for a little over 4 years, and in West Haven for 6 months.

    Before that I lived in Orange, except for college in Massachusetts.

    Thanks for asking!

  9. P.S. I love the slideshow under your profile photo. How does one get that?

    I'm a novice at this stuff. A late bloomer, I daresay.

  10. Let's see.. probably the house I grew up in, I lived there from about age 1 or 2 until I was 18. Then my parents built a house, and moved in there, but I only lived with them for three or four years before getting my own apartment.

    I miss that house sometimes, if I'm ever in the neighborhood I drive by it and see how it looks. Last time there were a bunch of kids playing in the driveway, and it made me smile to remember all the times I did that myself.

  11. I hate to move, but have moved many times. I would guess it would be a double wide mobile home that I lived in for 20 years before having our present home built. I was so in debt that the mobile home fit in my budget. That's a whole different story altogether.

    Great question Linda. I can't imagine not having hot water though. Your landlord should be addressing that.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  12. I have moved a lot as well...but not as a child. IBM transfered us to California in 1965...and I lived in the same house until I went to college in 1977. Twelve years.

  13. I've been moving quite a lot myself ever since I got in U.S. (almost 12 years ago). Probably every year or two. Until we got our present house, almost 3 years ago.

  14. I lived in the same apartment in Brooklyn for 17 years! It was the top floor of a 2 family house, the landlords were like family.

    Before that I lived in a series of apartments - all but one in Brooklyn, the other in Manhattan - where I was just staying with a friend for a bit.

    The past 5 years have been the house - first one I owned - here in NJ.

    good luck with the search.

  15. Good luck with the search! During my first marriage I owned deveral homes, but one gome in West Hartford we lived for eight years. Since then,some almost 20 years later, my present apartment I've been in for going on five years. A record! Have a sparking day...

  16. We have lived in our present home for 30 years! Before that we had two flats - the first one for 2years and the second one for 3 years. I think we'll be staying here now - we decided we like it! ;)

  17. Good luck finding new digs! The lack of hot water is huge and I'm pretty sure cannot not go unaddressed by a landlord. Anyway, I grew up and lived in the same home for 18 years and since then I have been an itchy little bug and moved all over the place! In the past 2 years have lived in 4 homes and I despise moving!!!

  18. Anonymous6:10 PM EST

    Funny you should ask, because I just talked about this in a post earlier this week. I have lived in my current home for twelve and a half years, which is the longest I have lived anywhere. It's also the length of time I've lived in North Carolina.

  19. Never ever lived anywhere longer than 3 years the shortest time is living in a Fiat Car for one week. The house I am currently in with #2 husband 9 years come Feb 1st... how funny is that?

  20. If he don't fix the hot water, maybe I should "fix" him - I know! Seriously, he should be reported at least!

    As for living qtrs, the place where "Mrs. Bulldog" & I now reside holds the record for place I've lived in the longest. Going on 7yrs now. Closest second to that is the apt. I had in MA for 6yrs.

  21. From the time I was born to the time I was 20, we moved 5 times. I then moved in this house and have been here for almost 31 years:-) I sometimes think I'd like to move but after this many years, I know it would be hard.

    How unlucky that you have a landlord that won't fix anything...yet they sure want their rent money! Ugh! Good luck with the house hunting:-) xoxo

  22. The house my brother and his wife live in was designed by my dad and built in '50. My brother has never lived anywhere else and he's 54! I lived there until I was 17 - got married. When we moved up here, our first house we lived in for 7 years, then my husband died. Hubman and I moved in '79, stayed until '99. Then we moved here 2 years ago. I hate moving and definitely not a nomad.
    My brother will freak when they move!!!

  23. And - have Mo move in with you! You guys would make great roomies!!!
    (Report your crappy landlord, too!!!)

  24. Well...I lived in Chester with my parents from kindergarten to college. So I'd say it was 15/16 years though some of those years were spent in a dorm. They still live there, so it's still "home".

  25. If were talking towns. I have lived in the area I am in now all but 6 years since I moved here when I was 12..I am now 55..If we are talking houses after I moved out as an adult Probably about 7 years. As a young bride my ex and I would keep a house about that long and then move up as we could afford. In the last ten years I have lived in 7 different apartments. The one I am now I have been in the longest and that is 3 years. I am ready to move. What is holding me here is lack of funds. I plan on moving out of here in the next 18 months.

  26. the 6 years we've lived in this house. and I'd really like to move one last a house we all fit in with some land.............................

    you know...winters are nicer in Texas...................................................

  27. since I left him a comment with your mouseski page, I'll leave you a comment with his picture page.

    you'll really like it

  28. I can't remember the name of them, but what about those apartments up the hill by work? Remember that ex I had from chaircar used to live up there, and it was a gorgeous, spacious 2BR apartment. Hell, that would cut your commute time to what, 30 seconds?

    Granted it's not your own house, but they are very nice apartments, and I don't expect there would be any houses for rent in Norwich that are cheap...

  29. Surely no hot water is illegal.

  30. Anonymous12:32 AM EST

    Prior to moving up here this summer, the biggest move I ever made was going from a bedroom on the first floor to one of the bedrooms on the second floor.

  31. As you know, I have trouble staying put after a childhood of constant change. Longest period was while married after we bought the home in Campbell from 1964 to 1972.

    Now I've lived at my son's house since 2005 and the other day was moaning, "I want to drive somewhere" ... the word somewhere meaning any distance over 500 miles. The feet are definitely itching.


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