Friday, January 2, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday and More!


It's the first Friday of the New Year which makes this my first sky picture of the New Year - woohoo! Thanks, Tisha, for this cool new meme, I'm loving looking at all the great sky pictures that people post and there will be 51 more of them to look at it in the coming weeks!

My picture for this week is one from last Saturday's quick trip to Misquamicut Beach in Rhode Island. It was kind of bleak and yet pretty at the same time ... not to mention COLD but you can't really see that here. You might also have a little trouble separating the sky from the ocean but I guess that's what happens when you have an endless horizon and no clouds!

December beach sky

In other blogging news, Lee at Tarheel Ramblings passed along an award to me that he got from Jaffer over at Mania Ravings who in turn got it from Awake in Rochester who received it from Lady Banana who was awarded it from Karen & Gerard Zemeks who got the nod from Mother Nos Best. Mother got it from Felicia at Go Graham Go! who was awarded it by Susan from Life in a House of Blue! who had received the award from Bridgette at The Not-So-Blog Blog. I could fabulousblogbq6probably go on forever before I found out where the award originated but I think that's a good enough trail for now. After all, I'm a dispatcher - not a detective and I was wading in the waters of the Mommy Blogs which are very deep!

The rules of this award are simple - list five addictions and then pass this fabulous award on to five fabulous other bloggers. I think I can handle that though it's going to be hard to pick just five fabulous friends from the many I've made since starting this blog! Okay, first things first though ... addictions ...

  1. It appears that blogging is definitely number one!
  2. Photography is fast becoming number two!
  3. Good music is definitely on the list!
  4. Mashed potatoes are more of a weakness than an addiction but perhaps close enough?
  5. As Robert Palmer used to sing "Going to have to face it, you're addicted to love ..." even though love is apparently not addicted to me (thank goodness for mushy romances in both print and movie version or I'd be up the creek sans paddle!).

Now, whom to pick for this Fabulous award that might have some addictions of their own?

  1. Definitely Lois who, with or without addictions, has a Fabulous Blog!
  2. I'm pretty sure Jen has some addictions - some that I may already know about!
  3. Oh, I bet Gandalf and Grayson might have an addiction or two!
  4. Tisha, creator of the above sky meme, could have some secret addictions she might want to share!
  5. Last, but not least, Ms. Maggie Moo may have an addiction or two that she would fess up to!

Thank you, Lee, for this fun and fabulous award. Hope everyone is having a fun and fabulous Friday!


  1. Anonymous8:06 AM EST

    If you are like Mom, and we believe you are, photography may work it's way up to number one!

    Hey, we might have some additions, and maybe even some subractions. We'll have to check!

  2. Anonymous8:53 AM EST

    Congrats, Linda, and you're welcome. Good choices for passing along the award as well.

    I like your sky photo for today. The rich blue sky is awesome.

  3. Anonymous9:30 AM EST

    Thanks for the compliment and for picking me. Addictions? you trying to tell me soemthin'???? LOL!


  4. OH How I love the Ocean. Thanks for the sky picture. Very Nice. :)

  5. Anonymous11:00 AM EST

    Addictions, who me?! *LOL*

    Thanks for playin' along, Linda. I love this blue sky. It's beautiful. I'd love to be hangin' out there about right now.

    Thanks for all of your support!
    Happy Friday.

  6. I love mashed potatoes too. I've not had any in a very long time either. Sigh.

    Love your submission for Tisha's new meme. It's beautiful, but you can't feel the cold at all. Goody.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  7. Anonymous12:40 PM EST

    Did you see any Polar Bears swimming at Misquamicut Beach? ;)

    Best wishes to you and your family for a Happy Healthy Wealthy Year!

  8. Congrats on the award Linda and you should be getting awards for you photography too! :)

  9. Great shot. Congrats on your award! Happy Friday...

  10. Gee, Linda, that's a gorgeous shot! I love it! The blue is so...BLUE! Congrats to you on your "fabulous" award! :)

  11. Gorgeous photo Linda! What a beautiful view.

    I'm with ya the addictions! Each one of them! Even the mashed potatoes (but I HAVE to have corn with them hehe).

  12. I could count blogging and Facebook as mutual feeds the other!

  13. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmashed potatoes. I love them and haven't had any since Sunday. Must have more..

    Congratulations on the award. Fabuloso and much deserved.

    Blogging is definitely addictive. And that Facebooking stuff - yikes!
    I have to stay away because I'd never get anything done.

    Have a great weekend, Duchess Linda.

  14. woops, I forgot to tell you the beach photo is lovely. The sky is so blue!

  15. That is beautiful!!!
    Gorgeous pic!
    Happy New Year!

  16. I am now craving potatoes with cheese. This award came to me via Lee and it's just beautiful. You deserve it, my friend.

  17. Beautiful Sky! I am going to have to get into Sky watch Friday.

    Lend me your ear I have a award for you (Click Here)

  18. congrats on your award :)

    love your blue blue sky

  19. Linda, I love mashed spuds, but in your case - photography is, to me, your most excellent addiction! The RI beach in this week's installment is beautiful, the ocean looks bluer when under that BLUE sky. Also, this part of the beach is simple beauty as there is nobody occupying the sand. Your shot therefore stands as a great view without any distractions. Congrats as always!

  20. Your pics are amazing! You should make post cards or something. I look at them, want to relax and take a nap! Thanks!!!!

  21. You told me about this award and I came by, but didn't comment for some reason. Sorry about that! I'll post something up this week. Thanks!

  22. great to see more people are playing tisha's meme instead of theyou know who lol! you prob read tishas post about it. i was one of those unlucky ones too!

    anyways love the shot. the scenic views are always my faves.

    thanks for stopping by my LSF :)


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