Friday, January 9, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday - The Pink Version!


We haven't had too many clear skies this week but that doesn't mean that I wasn't able to find some sort of sky picture for Tisha's new Friday Sky Meme that seems to be quite successful throughout the Blogosphere. Go, Tish!

For this week, I chose a picture of the sky that I took last week while Jamie and I were out slogging through the snow by Yantic Falls. There hadn't been much sun that day but it came out just in time for sunset and to tint the skies a lovely shade of pink.

Friday Sky

Be sure to swing by CrAzY Working Mom's so that you can find links to more great sky shots (pretty enough to be seen framed and placed on tv stands everywhere!) and also don't forget to scroll down and check out the contest that I'm having that closes on January 19th!


  1. The sky sure is pretty in pink! I don't often see pink at sunset, more often at sunrise! Maybe we aren't c-c-cold enough here for pink sunsets?

  2. Gorgeous sky, fit for a Duchess to gaze upon.

    I'm ready to post my sky pix too...

  3. Cool pic, Linda! "Mrs. Bulldog" would drool over a photo like this! The coloring seems so vivid & crisp. Very nicely done.

  4. This is another fantastic sky in eastern Connecticut. There was just enough sunlight to brighten up th droplets of moisture in the clouds.

    When is there going to be an exhibit of your works in the library or City Hall?

  5. Linda - it's SO pretty!!! I love when you don't think the sunset will be very eventful, yet it surprises you and becomes beautiful!

    My sunrise was so beautiful this morning, and as I was driving to work, I kept thinking "this would be perfect for Looking at the Sky on Friday!" Or should we call it 'LSF'? Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera and couldn't have pulled over even if I did. *sigh*

    This is a great meme - and I look forward to it and have even been taking photos specifically for it. Tish ROCKS!

    P.S. Why do I have the horrible habit of hijacking your comments and leaving you these massive comments? Sorry bout that.

  6. That's beautiful Linda. You are getting so very good at photography.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

  7. Those pinkish hues are just amazing.
    Seems like we have sun out today (after like weeks of no sun :o), but no reason to get excited, another blizzard is coming from the west. Should hit us tonight :o(

  8. Those colors are soooo awesome!! And you capture them beautifully in your photography.

  9. We don't often see the real sky...just grey cloud.

  10. I love the word "slogging" :)

    beautiful color

  11. That's a awesome shot Linda great hues!!

  12. Gorgeous mix of colors here.

  13. Anonymous12:28 AM EST

    Well, I do love pink! This is my kind of sky! :)

    Thanks, Linda for all of your support in this meme. It means a lot to me, really!!!

    I hope you've had a great weekend.


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