Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Midweek Musings

So ... just an update as to what's happening with the move and the painting and the rest of my life (do I have a "rest of my life??). First and foremost, I am bummed as the photography class that I was really looking forward to taking got canceled because the instructor is apparently "laid up". Not exactly sure what that means - bum knee? bum back? bum other body parts? - but what it does mean is that the 8-week class is now the O-week class. Rats! Guess I'm just going to have to continue to struggle along on my own until something else makes itself available. I just wish I had known this earlier in the day as I could have gotten more painting done.

Speaking of painting, I had forgotten how long it takes to get a room ready for painting and how much I hate going up and down a ladder! After getting most of the bedroom taped off (I still have a small bit to do on the ceiling), I did the cut-in painting on the walls where I am using the darker wine color. It looks like the color is going to be a little darker than I originally anticipated but I really think it will still look good with the contrasting lighter walls. The trim is staying white so that will keep it bright in places, too, and it's a definite improvement over the white primer that was there.

Amanda helped me out a little bit when she got out of school yesterday but I kind of had to laugh as she had no clue how to hold a paintbrush or apply paint to a wall. This from the kid who is an artist! She ended up with paint splatters all over the drop cloth and paint pouring down the handle of the brush so I had to give her a second lesson. No doubt by the time she's done painting her own room she'll be an expert but for now it was pretty funny! Wait till she tries a roller for the first time! I'm sure I was just an inept the first time I tried painting a room but that was so long ago, I really can't remember!

The current house is still in no condition to be moved at all. There is stuff all over the place in various piles and places but it's more like moving the mess from one place to another. With my son, his friend, and Andrew coming over to do the moving of the bigger stuff on Saturday, I feel like I am going to be woefully unprepared. Considering that I've also got to work for the next 3 days and try to get in some more painting time, too, this is not going well at all. I need more time! Or a clone of myself who can help out!

We're looking at a big snowstorm here in the Northeast again today so Amanda has been told that when she gets up that she needs to sort through stuff in her room and get rid of things she doesn't want and box up things she does want. Hopefully she can stay off the computer long enough to do that. She's done a good job in the dining room where a lot of her stuff accumulates but there's still a bunch of stuff in her room, too. I rather wish I had a day off to be snowed in and go through things but alas, it's my 16-hour Wednesday shift and I'll be at work thinking about all the things I could be doing at home!

Ah well ... that's about it ... pretty boring stuff, eh? Hopefully this will all be over soon and then my whole life won't revolve around this move as it's doing now. I keep telling myself "this time next month it will be over" in the hopes that will get me through but it doesn't work all the time! Anyone got a better chant I can use?!?


  1. It will all be over soon and you'll be enjoying your new place. I'm glad that guys are coming over to help out with the big stuff. Don't mess up your back, k?

    I remember we painted the whole house the weekend before we moved in. Just the two of us and a couple of helpers (they just stopped by for a few hours each). It's a hard work. I could not do it as my job :o)

  2. It will indeed be over soon, Linda, as Ivanhoe said.
    After you are settled in Ralph and I will have to take a drive to Norwich some Saturday and celebrate. Even if he can't get inside your place, we can still go out for dinner.

    Pizza for everyone!

  3. Hang in there girl, I wish I could help... I am glad you have about 3 weeks to finish this all up. Have a good day at work.

  4. moving is a pain...

    but you have a plan...and time....and help...

    a new chant?

    how about "hot showers"

  5. I hate painting. I haven't done it since my kids were, well kids. But there is satisfaction at the end. Good luck!

  6. What Katherine said. Hot showers...thing hot showers.

    I'm sorry about the photography class. You will get into another one.

    Moving isn't fun, but you will get it done. Just take a deep breath.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  7. Bummer about your photography class. Will it be rescheduled?

    While I love to paint, especially when the rooms are already empty, I do hate moving. Keep you eye on the goal and how much better it will be.

    Remember my mantra when things seem overwhelming, "It's just like eating an elephant... one bite at a time!"

  8. I would be like Amanda in that I wouldn't even know how to hold a paint brush.

    Have a good day, Linda.

  9. Anonymous2:51 PM EST

    Just think about how awesome it will look when it all will be done!!!!

  10. Yep, your mantra should be "HOT SHOWERS HOT SHOWERS HOT SHOWERS"

    Just think, in a month, you'll be in your new digs and all this will be behind you! Wish I was there to help paint!


  11. That knocked your camera class about. Still, no reason not to stop taking pics, especially of your move.

  12. Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do apparently. Hope it all goes well honey. :)

  13. What you need is for all of us, your blogging buddies, to go over and help you! Can you imagine the paint all over then?? lol I still remember the first time I painted a room...omigosh, I'm so glad I'm much better at it now! Sheesh!

    I know it's a lot of work for you right now but just will be all worth it in the end:-) xoxo

  14. Painting, working, snow storm, kid juggling ... Somehow I envision you "going to the mattresses" and bringing in the mob to get it all done.

  15. Honey, I wasn't working when we made this move and it nearly killed me, and that was without painting anything! I do not know how you can do what you do - you're made of stronger stuff than me, that's fer danged sure.

  16. Too bad about the photography class. You so rarely take time to do something for yourself and that was a great find.

  17. The last we had a big move was in 1991. We must have been busy, because the last box from that move sat in our garage and was finally 1995! Moving is not fun, but the upside can be found when you host your first dinner party...

  18. hold up! a military brat who joined the Air Force can't PACK in a day??


    Girl! I expect sooooo much better! Whip that stuff into shape...then drop and give me 20...ummm donuts?


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