Thursday, January 8, 2009

Picture This! A Contest and a Sticky Post!

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It's been a long time since I've had a contest here at the ole' blog (August 17th, 2007 to be exact!) so in honor of finally uploading some of my photography to Red Bubble in the hopes that maybe somebody somewhere will take pity on me and want to buy some of it (I think I qualify as a starving artist, I just need to buy a beret!), I thought it would be fun to have a contest to get the word out about my very own webstore, Mouseski's Photographic Musings, and it's potential to raise me up from lowly 911 dispatcher to world-renowned photographer! Well, that might be a bit of a stretch but it's nice to dream, isn't it?

After giving it some careful consideration and tossing around various ways to run this contest I finally decided to borrow a few ideas from Ms. Maggie Moo's Life is Short: Eat Dessert First contest as well as add on a couple of my own as obviously I'd like you folks to go over and take a look at my Red Bubble pictures.

I'm not going to be able to offer up a prize anywhere near as sweet and delicious as that which Mags offered but the grand prize winner of this contest will receive a 20" x 16" matted print of whichever photo you like best valued at over $25.00. The runner up will get three greeting cards with their choice of photos valued at over $12.00. I've got over forty photos currently uploaded in my account but if there's something else you've seen on my blog that you'd prefer to have that isn't currently uploaded at Red Bubble let me know and I'll add it for you. Now how's that for a deal?

Okay ... let's establish some rules ...
1. Go over to my account at Red Bubble and take a look around as well as take a peak at my BubbleSite, Mouseski's Photographic Musings, then come back here and leave a comment telling me what you think and which picture you'd want if you win. That's going to give you one entry into the contest.

2. If you leave a comment on any of the pictures at Red Bubble itself (this would require you to sign up for a free account which is very quick and very easy), that's going to earn you an extra two entries into the contest and one entry for each comment you leave on a picture there. With over 40 pictures uploaded, this gives you the chance to get mega-entries if you're so inclined!

3. If you write a post about this contest with a link to Mouseski's Photographic Musings and refer others over to this contest (who are not on my blogroll), I'll toss in another five entries for you and one entry for them if they leave a comment but the person coming over needs to make sure to tell me that you sent them in their comment. For each person who comes over from your post, you get one extra entry into the drawing.

4. Per my friend Cyndi's request, if you link to this post on your Facebook account and anyone comes over via that avenue and leaves a comment saying so, you will get one entry per person as long as they state in that comment that you sent them.

5. The contest will end on Monday, January 19th at midnight Pacific Standard Time with the drawing for the winner to be held on the following day and announced that evening. At that time, the winners will need to contact me with their full name and mailing address so make sure you're okay with that before you enter otherwise I'll have to go to alternate winners.
Alrighty then now that we've got all that settled - as Ben Bailey would say on Cash Cab - "Are you in??"

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  1. Anonymous6:45 PM EST

    Ben Bailey... Love him!

  2. WEll I am excited I have many pics I would like back to officially comment soon.. Whoo Hoo

  3. midnight the 19th? which time zone?


  4. I am SO glad you decided to market some of your work!

    The second link...the "musings" one looks very professional.

    IF I were to win...I think the Yantic shot or the "Bridge Over Frozen Water"

    I'll try and get a post up...although FaceBook has gone from funny to invasive for me...

  5. I love the winter beach picture and the black and blue sky.. I love a ton of those pictures thou... off to exploit you...

  6. I'm so glad you are going to sell some of your beautiful photos.

    I'll be back tomorrow. I'm tired because I just got done working and I can't understand all this right now, Duchess Linda Jean of Norwich Near the Falls....

  7. ...distracted by carnal thoughts of Ben Bailey...

    CallieAnnBrat sent me here from facebook.

    best of luck with selling your photos!

  8. Anonymous3:43 AM EST

    I hope you sell lots! My fav is Time Waits! It's a reminder to me that it doesn't.

  9. so what do I get if I do all that AND send an email to everyone I know linking to your blog and bubble head page??

    what if I do that and email and mail out flyers to everyone on my Christmas Card list?

    what if I do all that AND yodel your website from the top of my roof at midnight...when the most people will be home to hear??

    what if I do all that AND................................................................................

    I love ya babe.

  10. A contest? Yipeee!
    I'm in :o)
    I'd love to win the Sun Sets over the Atlantic or the Sun behind the Clouds.

  11. I'm so excited that you are online selling your work. It's amazing! Good luck. :)

  12. Oh this is exciting stuff Linda. Will have a look later on :)

  13. I'm in! And because I'm a train freak, Making Tracks is it for me!

  14. I hope you do well and become that world famous photographer. Your photos are amazing. So far, I think I like "Breaking Through" best. Wow!

    I signed up for an account (bcmom) so I can comment on your pics, too.

  15. Okay, I've completed steps 1 & 2. I'm not finished with my commenting, though.
    I did sign up and posted some of my photos, too - but none of them hold a candle to yours!

  16. I did the facebook gig...

  17. I am new here! What a great blog! Hope you have a beautiful day! ♥ Hugs :) Shauna

  18. I'm game. I'd like to win Sailor's Delight. (It was tough to pick. There is not a bad one there!)

  19. Racing through. Your work is fantastic. I'm in love with the railroad tracks. Managed to comment on three of them. Will try to do more tomorrow.

  20. Sailr's Delight is my fav for sure!! We lived in Maine for 3 yrs and both of our children were born there - back in the day when hubby was still in Navy. The New England coastline is so beautiful!!! Keep up the good work!

  21. Sorry I haven't gotten here sooner... this is a wonderful site with wonderful photos - you know I love your work. hmmm... hubby's b'day is the 19th :o)

  22. A good manouvre, Linda. You have so many good works.

  23. Hey Linda - I'll be honest with ya - I'm getting ready for bed, because this working 4 jobs crap is wearing me out... so, I haven't even honestly had time to read all the rules of what I need to do to enter... HOWEVER - I did run over to your photography site and let me tell ya, my friend... there is nothing 'simple' about those photographs! They are absolutely spectacular! You ROCK, and you are inspiring me to try to set up something online - I've been saying I would try, but haven't got the courage (I'm a big chicken afraid of failure). Your photos are awesome - I wish you the very best!

    I'll be back when I have more time to read the rules/details - but I just wanted to give you my initial reaction to your awesome photo site! For now... g'night.

  24. Anonymous1:39 AM EST

    They're so good, Linda. I'm proud of you for taking the leap and displaying your work.

    I can't decide!
    December Ocean
    A Path to a Beach

    oh, they're all so good.

  25. I L-O-V-E Cash Cab!!! I always watch and kick ass with the questions, but I'm sure if I was on the show I'd dumb right up! The same thing with Jeapordy...LOL

  26. registered and commented.

    I liked them ALL...

  27. I think that the black background on your site really sets off the pics fabulously!

    there, now you know I really went!!

    you already know how much I love your pics!


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