Friday, January 2, 2009

Shopping Made Easy!

As this past holiday season has probably proved, I am not what one might call an enthusiastic shopper. Matter of fact, quite the opposite would probably be true so for me online shopping has really become the way to go. No crowds, no wandering aimlessly through a mall looking for Lord knows what, and no aching back from the cement floors that most stores us and my back really dislikes!

Sometimes, though, it's pretty darned hard to figure out which online store to use and that's when a buying guide or two comes in handy. Not only can it show me which online store offers what I'm looking for, in some cases the guides can show me WHAT I'm looking for - especially when I have no clue (which is quite often!).

Recently I was checking out ShopWiki's Gifts for Women Buying Guide and not only did it give me some great gift suggestions but it also broke them down into categories like Gifts for the Fahionista (neither of which my two girls are!), Gifts for the Pet Lover (definitely what Jamie is!), Gifts for the Fitness Gal (something I wish I was!), Gifts for the Gadget Loving Gal (there's one for Amanda), Gifts for the Culinary Loving Woman (hey! I know a few of those), and other categories that were really quite helpful.

With over 30,000 stores listed in the ShopWiki's Buying Guides, one would be hard-pressed to NOT find just the right gift for pretty much anyone and you can do it from the comfort of your own home with a cup of coffee in one hand and your computer mouse in the other. What more could a non-shopping-lover want?!?

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