Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Stealing My Happiness Away

The older I get, the more I have come to the conclusion that it really is the small things that make me happy ... a warm breeze, beautiful cotton-like clouds, freshly changed sheets, a good book, being able to sleep in rather than get up at the command of my alarm clock, the scent of vanilla candles, and a good cup of coffee are some of the things that come to mind.

All small things that can be easily found or attained for the most part but sometimes there are those who try to take away some of my small bits of happiness ... those who didn't have the foresight to provide for their own happiness and try to steal mine away ...


Amanda the coffee thief Sorry, Amanda, if you had wanted a cup of liquid happiness, you should have ordered your own!

This one is mine!

My coffee!

Don't forget to scroll down to see who won my photography contest!


  1. You guys are hilarious..:)

  2. Anonymous7:37 AM EST

    There is nothing "more gooder" than a cuppa joe!

    two splendas and two creamers, please!

  3. I just made a fresh pot of Dunkin Donuts coffee! And my sister brought Hermits. Do you know what Hermits are? :)

  4. No one in my house drinks coffee so I guess I'm lucky there is no race for a cup in the morning.

  5. oh we had fresh sheets last night and i was thinking the same thing... delicious.

    smiles, bee

  6. I'm older than you and I get pleasure out of the little things too. It just gets better and better too. No one should ever try to steal someones coffee though. That's a felony in my book.

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug. :)

  7. priceless photos! love the purple-ish tint - my son always says my aura is purple and I always tell him it's not my aura, it's my blood pressure cause he's pissing me off ;)

  8. Great Wednesday post. I agree... don't steal MY coffee. We have a pot going all day as #1 son is a real addict. The first pot only is a combination of regular, chocolate macadamia, and vanilla nut... then I add Hazelnut creamer :o)

    This morning Yahoo is stealing a bit of my happiness as they have decided to put a glitch in my email account... I am pouting.

  9. OH... I know what Hermits are!! Molasses & raisin bar cookies (dark and rich and moist) :o) yummmmmmmmm

  10. I'm older and I still want big things... ;)

  11. Great post Linda. I absolutely love fresh sheets!

  12. did anyone ever tell you how much she looks like you

  13. LOL love it!! The nerve of her trying to steal your coffee! hehe Love the look on her face. lol xoxo

  14. laughing Laughing LAUGHING

    this way too funny...

    although in my world if I am a little grumpy in the morning...everyone starts asking things like:

    "have you had coffee yet?"
    "can I get you some more coffee?"
    "here...drink this coffee now"

    there is no way they would steal mine.

  15. I don't turn into a human until my first cup. I quit smoking in '86 but the only time I miss a smoke is after dinner with a wonderful cup of coffee.
    Tell Amanda she looks adorable...oh, don't tell her - it will just go to her head.

  16. LMAO Linda! I see you're sporting the old style, non-OSHA compliant AASI jacket. Was this before or after work? Or it could be on a day off, as back then, I would just throw it on without even thinking because I worked so much...(I think it's the later) LOL

  17. You two are funny. I hope Amanda survived without a cuppa java.

    Like dianne I also think the pinkish-purplish tint is cool.

    I agree about the simple things..they make the difficult times easier to take.

    Coffee, certain candle scents, cats, cookies, cupcakes, cakes, crepes...I am trying to be alliterative.

  18. HA! Does this fall into that all purpose category of not realizing she wanted it until she saw you having it?


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