Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Scenery with Lee


I really want to thank Lee of Tar Heel Ramblings for inspiring me to start posting scenery pictures on Sunday and then for turning it into his very first meme as it really makes it easy for me to figure out what to post on Sundays now. Working 16-hour shifts makes it a little tricky for Sunday blogging but being able to do Sunday Scenery, the Photo Meme solves the problem nicely for me! Feel free to join us and make your Sundays easier, too!

For this week's scene I take you to the icy waters of the Thames River which flow from Norwich down to the Long Island Sound.

The Frozen Thames

If it looks cold, that's because it IS cold and yet there were some die-hard fishermen standing along the banks in an area that was a bit more open casting their lines. Seems to me if you want to get frozen fish, it's easier just to head to the frozen food section at the local grocery store but I guess that takes a bit of the sport out of it!

Everyone have a great Sunday and don't forget to swing by Lee's and check out the rest of this week's Sunday Scenery entries!


  1. Anonymous6:39 AM EST

    Too cold, too cold!
    No wonder you could do with peace if you have 16 hour shifts.

  2. I can't imagine standing out there, freezing my butt off to get some fish! Of course, I'm not much of a fish-eater, but even so...

    This is a remarkable scene, though... brrrr!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Anonymous8:18 AM EST

    That is a beautiful winter scene, Linda. Several people told me yesterday that I seem to have an "eye" for photography. I think the same applies to you. Very nice.

  4. G-g-g-gorgeous s-s-scene, Duchess Linda. A b-b-bit cold-looking.

    Hope the party was a blast!!

  5. Anonymous9:17 AM EST

    I love Lee's Sunday Sceneries. And this shot of yours is gorgeous. Although is makes me cold. How does that happen? Can't wait for spring scenery!

  6. Nice picture, I am ready for the snow here, but of course, I have to work in the stuff and it brings out all those accidents.

  7. Nice picture, I am ready for the snow here, but of course, I have to work in the stuff and it brings out all those accidents.

  8. Anonymous10:01 AM EST

    Beautiful shot!

  9. COOL picture, Linda - in more ways than! It's a wonder that National Geographic hasn't snatched you up as a primary photographer do such justice to nature scenes - it's uncanny! You make people actually think of venturing out in 15-degree weather to see this in person!

    BTW: Hope you had fun last night-again, sorry I couldn't be there to share the good times & at least one dance w/my fav. dispatcher!

  10. Nice to look at from far away FL!

  11. Anonymous10:54 AM EST

    if it's any bit like us, they may not necessarily just fishing... just chillin'...literally...LOL Sometimes we go fishing just to "escape"

  12. It does look very cold too. It's beautiful though.

    Try to have a great Sunday. Sixteen hour shift. Yikes. Big hug. :)

  13. That looks way too cold for me!

  14. What a gorgeous picture!!! I love the white of the snow against the colors of the sky. Wonderful!!!

    You can see mine at Flo's Place

  15. And those fish are hungry and more likely to bite.

  16. Your photography keeps getting better. And no wonder with so many amazing subjects in your area!

  17. Hey girl, I have tagged you for a photo meme.

  18. Brrrrrrrrrrrr.....I've got goose bumps on my goose bumps! But it is so wonderfully beautiful!
    We were out and about today and I totally forgot to post. I'll try to remember next week.
    Your shoes are really cute and I do hope your tootsies feel okay today.
    Bummer about working.

  19. Brrrr...It looks just as cold as it is here. 54 days until spring :o)


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