Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Walk in the Park

If my stat counter is correct, I've got lots of readers that stop in by way of the Norwich Bulletin but alas, none of them ever seem to leave me any comments. Maybe I should have a mandatory comment day like Miss Bee does on occasion and then I could get a few of those folks to at least say "hi". Wouldn't that be nice? Well, I won't hold my breath for that to happen but I will do a local post for those who stop in from the local area and hopefully those of you who don't live in the general area might just enjoy it, too.

Park Entrance

Even though it was pretty darned cold yesterday, it was still a day with gorgeous blue skies and beautiful sunshine so after my once-a-month get-together with my friend Rhonda I decided to spend a little time outdoors enjoying the sun and taking some pictures. After all, you've got to soak up the sun while you can during the winter and what better way to do it then a trip to a local park? To that end, I drove over to Mohegan Park, a place some of you may remember from a post that I did in November.


First off, I really need to give a shout-out to the Public Works folks here in Norwich as they did a fantastic job clearing off the roadways and pathways around the park. We had a bit of a snowstorm Saturday into Sunday that left not only snow but a layer of frozen precipitation on top of it that formed a crunchy crust. It's not the easiest stuff to clean up but I was very impressed with the cleared steps and parking lots as it made getting around the snow-covered park very easy.

Snow trees

The woods were quite beautiful as I made my way over to the playground area, a spot that I hadn't gotten to during my November visit.



The playscape looked more like a snowscape and I thought the snow made some really cool patterns so I couldn't resist taking a picture or two.

Snowy Woods

Beautiful trees surround the playground area and even though I was hoping to maybe see a squirrel or two out enjoying the day, the woods were empty except for the trees.

Firetruck for Boukie

My friend Erik, who writes The Fire Insider, had wondered in a comment that he left on my other post about Mohegan Park if the fire engine was still there that he used to play on as a boy growing up in Norwich. Even though this one is obviously fairly new, it's nice to see that a firetruck is still there for all of the kids to practice on until they're old enough to drive a real one!

Waiting on summer

The snow-covered picnic tables seemed to just be waiting for summer to return so that they could once again be part of family barbecues and other get-togethers.

Sun through the trees

Finally, I took this shot of the sun through the trees as I was getting ready to leave the park and head over to pick up Amanda after school. Cold or not, I thought it looked beautiful and it was a sight that lifted my spirits as it reminded me that even though winter can be too long and too cold, it can't be too pretty.

I hope you all enjoyed my little walk through Mohegan Park on a pretty winter's day and for those of you who stop in via The Bulletin, thank you and feel free to leave a comment once in awhile - I'd be happy to hear from you!


  1. Anonymous8:43 AM EST

    Good morning ....Just want to let you know I read you by way of the NB....Enjoy your down to earth view....I can relate to alot of the things you write about..I have relatives in Norwich but I'm from the Killingly area. Keep up the great work and by the way I really enjoy your photos...Taking pics has always been something I enjoy also....Seems to me you have a good eye and enjoy what you are doing....Enjoy the day.....

  2. ^ Hey, lookie there, Linda. You found a lurker! hahaha!

    I can't help but shiver looking at these. I can actually hear the snow crunching under your feet as you walk through the snow-covered park. Brrr!

    I always enjoy your photos and tours through Norwich!

  3. those are some great photos linda

  4. thanks for the walk! i had to put on a blanket to look though because it was so cold! ha ha

    come ON you lurkers! comment already!

    smiles, bee

  5. Sorry, I'm not a lurker, but hope that there will be more then one commenting here today :o)
    Wonderful shots, Linda. I have yet to see sun in my neck of the woods ;o)

  6. not a lurker with you...

    the playground firetruck and the sun thru the tree trunks are my faves...although they are all great shots.

    you do have a talent girl!

  7. Anonymous10:30 AM EST

    All great shots, Linda, but I like the last one the most. The sun flare through the trees is just a really dramatic image. Nice job.

    As far as people commenting, I've gotten to the point where I'm just happy to see people are visiting. With around 300 people a week stopping by, that gives me about 1500 visits a year. That's pretty impressive for an old curmudgeon from North Carolina!

  8. Anonymous1:19 PM EST

    Nicely done, Linda. I enjoyed these photos from the warmth of my office! :) The last one, the sun show through the trees was my favorite. But, then I am partial to "sky" shots, ya know. *wink*

    Thanks for the trip. I'm glad you were able to get out in spite of the weather.

  9. Very well done. I enjoyed going on
    the walk with you and your photography is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  10. Oh Linda your photography is just getting better and better I love them!

  11. We all need have a 'de-Lurking Day', to get the shy people to drop a line.

  12. I love your photos. This walk was very pretty-in most of them, I could feel the bitter cold CT air on my face. :)

    I love the last photo best.

  13. Well, Duchess Linda of Norwich, at least you got one lurker to come out of the woodwork. A friendly one, too!

    I enjoyed my tour through Mohegan Park, crunching along the ice-covered snow with you.

    I also was struck by your line about expecting to see squirrels enjoying the nice day. I never thought of squirrels thinking much about the weather, good or bad.

    Interesting concept.

  14. Anonymous12:17 AM EST

    I have to show my daughter Peanut your photos since they have snow in them. She is enthralled with it as much as I am enthralled to be away from it!

  15. It looks so pretty when the snow is fresh and everything is so nice and white !

  16. Great post Linda as usual! Like everyone else, I enjoyed the last shot the most. Kinda makes me feel like spring is just over the horizon(or should I say tree tops!)

    P.S. I figured they would've removed the old firetruck, as it was pretty run down when I was a kid, but glad to see that they replaced it with "another" fire truck, all be it fake... LOL

  17. It looks so crisp and cold!


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