Saturday, January 10, 2009

This Winter's Got Teeth!

Teethy icicles

This winter is proving to be one with a bit of a bite as we await yet another snowstorm that's slated to come into the region later this afternoon and leave 6 to 10 inches of snow in its wake. All I can say in regards to that is - UGH! I don't mind a little bit of snow every once in awhile and certainly expect it what with living in New England and all but does it always HAVE to snow when I have to go into work?!? Is that one of Murphy's Unwritten Laws?

Unfortunately I was not smart enough to have gone into a job like teaching that gets to stay home whenever there is a snow day and also doesn't work weekends and holidays. Oh no, I hadn't thought about that when I took a job in a career field that works 24/7, 365 days a year! Honestly, what was I thinking? Was I thinking at all? I think not!

What I think at this point, though, is that if this storm is as bad as the forecasters are predicting it's going to be (not that they've ever been known to be wrong, mind you!) then if they want me at work bright and early on Sunday morning then someone from work is going to have to come fetch me in a four-wheel drive vehicle - or sled dogs if need be as there is no way I am going to even attempt to take my car down the two massive hills that I live on. I need to seriously think about moving to flatter terrain if these sorts of winters are going to continue!

Ah well, in the meantime here's a picture of warmer days past that my friend Andrew sent me awhile back and gave me permission to use should I like. Pretty, isn't it?

Andrew's picture

So, how's the weather where you live?


  1. Well that photograph of what your neighbourhood looks like when it's warmer sure looks more inviting!

    the temperature got down to -5 here last night and everywhere is covered in a DEEP frost. However the temperature is rising thank goodness. We don't have it nearly as bad as you and we still can't cope!

  2. If I tell you how great the weather is, you'll just hate me.

  3. Anonymous10:18 AM EST

    Since we're neighbors, I'm looking at pretty much the same forecast. I'm kind of hoping the storm is delayed...then perhaps I'll get a day off work on Monday!

    I'm definitely having adjustment issues with all this snow. I have NEVER experienced a winter quite like this. While I enjoy the scenery (the ice glazed trees are stunning!)...I'm starting to feel cabin fever.

  4. Good morning! It's 18 degrees in Boston right now, and SUNNY as all get out! However, the clouds are slated to move in later this afternoon and then we're getting 4-6 inches of snow.

    Sadly, the weather people have been right on in their snow predictions here.

    Are you going to look at the place today?

  5. yep, teeth, now I remember why we moved to Florida

  6. Anonymous11:05 AM EST

    It was 11 degrees here in E. Hartford at 5 a.m.. I remember having to go to work whether driving conditions were impossible or not. Eighteen miles from Waterford to Norwich by VW Bug or, later Civic, I made it! Retired now, I sort of miss the challenge, well, maybe not! Dee

  7. 52 degrees. Clear and sunny.
    I think I'll go for a swim.

  8. It's closer to 20-some-odd degrees here in RI (next door & 18mi away from you) with increasing clouds. The weatherman here says 3-6in. starting between 8-9pm. I'm going out to meet my buddy for a birthday celebration just the same, though - snow be d***'ed! It snowed the last three times I was @ work. Yep, though I'm Irish, Murphy gets me, too! Please drive safe no matter what!

  9. sunny and only 79 today but still good...

    both great photos by the way!

    smiles, bee

  10. Finally SUNNY and should get into the 60's. The valley fog is gone for the weekend... how nice!

    I do remember those New England winters. The snow wasn't all that bad, it was the ICE that I couldn't deal with.

  11. It has been a suck-o winter so far! Happy Saturday, my friend...

  12. Anonymous2:17 PM EST

    Thankfully, we have no snow and the temperatures are well above freezing. But I'm still ready for warmer weather so I can get the camper out again. Great pictures though...even the icicle teeth.

  13. Anonymous2:42 PM EST

    My sisterdears are expecting the same as you. More yucky white stuff. SD3 went grocery shopping this morning to stock up. She said the store was mobbed and that every register had about 10 people in line with full grocery carts. I liken that to hurricane season down here and people stocking up. Yuck.

    We have a lovely day today. Severe Clear. High of 73.

    Naturally, I'm inside on a beautiful day like this doing laundry and cleaning my guest room for SD2 and BIL who are coming for a visit a week from Tuesday!

  14. Anonymous2:42 PM EST

    Umm... that Will is me. It sent it before I was through!

  15. Let's all go to Hawaii!!! lol I put my nose out the door this morning to get the newspaper and that was enough for me...too darn frigid to go out!! Love that picture of the icicles, just don't walk under them! lol xoxo

  16. Anonymous4:04 PM EST

    Having spent christmas near toronto i know exactly what you mean by snow.saw new year in at niagra with snow and minus 17

  17. Anonymous4:09 PM EST

    that stream is just gorgeous!!!!!

  18. Now that's a good idea! Have somebody come and get you and then take you home.

    Good luck with the snow!

  19. Shitty foggy cold wet damp ugly gray I don't care for it!

  20. when I see icicles like that I just have to knock them down and my kids yell at me.

  21. Today's storm, of which you speak, arrived here early today, is still here but it does appear to be moving out a bit now. My son-in-law estimates we got at least 10 inches of the fresh, white stuff! He and Mandy are out shoveling right now, as I type this.
    Hope it doesn't put too much of a crimp in your style there.

  22. Pretty icicles, Duchess Linda ~ it's Saturday night, 19 degrees and SNOWing.

    I hope you can get in to work OK in the morning. I hear you on the hills, we have hills everywhere here too.

    Take care ;-)

  23. Gorgeous photos! How's the weather south of Boston at this very moment? 24 degrees and snowing . . . maybe 10 inches to come.

  24. Okay, I want a house right here. I want to sit and look at the stream and watch the wildlife and dream.
    Right here...

  25. the ice one reminds me of sheet music...

    the weather are gonna hate me...was cold enough in the morning to have frost on the windshield...and 74 this afternoon...

    big smile.

  26. the weather?? ummm suffice it to say you DON'T want to know!!


    Just call 911 and have the ambulance pick you up!!

  27. The warmer weather photo is beautiful. Good luck with the winter months!


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