Saturday, February 14, 2009

VD Spent in the ED - Or Something Like That!

I had all good intentions of getting back into Lee's new Sunday Scenery meme this week but as they say, "the best laid plans of mice and men oft times go astray". In this case, the best laid plans of mice and men were laid astray by my ongoing back issues that got bad enough Saturday afternoon that I finally decided a trip to the local Emergency Department was in order.

To be honest, I hate going to the ED when it's something so simple as back pain but when it gets to the point that you can't walk, can't sit, and can barely lie down then it's probably time to do something. Besides, I figure that if it gets to the point where it's bad enough to make me cry then it's bad enough to go seek medical help.

Luckily I live about two-three blocks away from Backus Hospital so after carefully getting dressed, I told Amanda to come along in case I wrecked the car or something, and we drove the short distance over. The place was nowhere near crowded as I limped in and I was hoping that meant I wasn't going to sit in triage long but after watching one person after another who came in after me being called in, I finally sent Amanda over to inquire as to my status being that I was in quite a bit of pain. The not-incredibly pleasant nurse behind the desk told her that I was next and within a few minutes she called my name then looked on as I struggled to my feet. Sitting in one spot for 50 minutes had not been a good thing.

As she took my vitals and asked what the problem was, Amanda said something about maybe I should have gone via ambulance as I would have been seen sooner and the not-incredibly pleasant nurse told her that my situation certainly didn't warrant the abuse of calling an ambulance. I told her no kidding, that I dispatched ambulances and saw people use them for stupider things on a regular basis so I wasn't about to call one just because I had 7 out of 10 back pain and could barely ambulate. The not-incredibly pleasant nurse than sent me in the direction of Convenient Care so I shuffled down the hall and was greeted by a much nicer staff.

Amanda found it incredibly amusing that one of the nurses looked at me and said "Hey, you work at American Ambulance, don't you? I see you on a lot of people's Facebook pages!" Ah, notoriety! They immediately showed me into an examination room where I waited rather uncomfortably for probably about another 30 minutes before a Physician's Assistant came in and checked me out. I really didn't expect that there was much of anything that could be done in an ER setting but she gave me prescriptions for Vicodin and Valium and told me that should at least get me some rest until I could get back on my feet and in to see my ortho doctor. After warning me to not to drive after taking the Vx2 combo, she wished me well and sent me on my achy way.

Luckily, the closest CVS is not far at all so I carefully drove over there and had my pills in less than ten minutes. I grabbed some orange juice and a box of Puffs to help with the cold I've got on top of the backache and then came home to climb into bed after drugging myself up and hoping for a relaxing sleep and better day to follow. Actually, I'm rather impressed at my typing abilities here what with the combination of drugs coursing through my system!

So, it turns out that the only scenery I saw this weekend, other than the ceiling in my bedroom, was that out of the room I was in at Convenient Care which is depicted above. I'm actually surprised I had the foresight to grab my cell phone and take the shot considering I was really just hoping someone would come in and put a bullet in me at that point but I had a feeling it could be used in a blog post!

For now, I am going to roll over, turn out the light, and see where the drugs take me. With any luck I'll be able to be back at work tomorrow for my Sunday double as I really can't afford to miss two more days of pay but if not, at least I'll be able to rest comfortably here at home and should be comfortably numb enough not to worry about the money - for now!

Hope everyone else had a better Valentine's Day than I did! Oh, and a big THANK YOU to everyone on Facebook who left me such nice messages - it's really great to know that there are folks out there who care about me!
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  1. Oh wow. I'm shocked you can even type! Drugs are wonderful things for those who can take them (Vicodin? I'd be dead by now...I'm not kidding).

    Feel better and let the numbness take over. I will NOT say Happy Valentine's Day.

  2. Hang in there. Back pain sucks.

  3. Wow. Let's have a party! Vicodin & Valium? All we need is a bit of Smirnoff! Seriously, my friend, I've had 7 back surgeries. I feel your pain. I hope you're feeling better soon!!!

  4. Good god woman.. next time do me a favor and go the first day your screwed up and then that way you will feel better faster and get the crap over with... Your so damn stubborn... love ya anyway! :) glad your in the world of drugs Happy Night

  5. You have my deepest sympathy. When you wake up, please lay flat with a pillow under your knees.

    Should help relieve the pressure on the back until you get real help.

  6. Oh rats! I was so afraid your back would act up again... It's so hard NOT to do stuff you're used to doing. I catch myself lifting things and hoping hubman didn't see. He doesn't want me lifting stuff and I can't stand being so darned dependent on someone, even him!
    Rest well and dream of good days ahead...

  7. Anonymous11:03 PM EST

    Oh, you poor dear! I am so sorry...I hope that there is something that can be done for you when you go to your ortho doc. In the meantime, take care and rest!

  8. Anonymous6:36 AM EST

    7 out of 10 on the wong pain scale? Holy moly gurl!

    Hubby has a broken L4 and L5 (no surgery), so I'm well aware of what you're going through.

    Big hugs and extra TLC...

  9. The pain must have been REALLY BAD to take you to the hospital Linda. I hope the meds and rest work m'dear but I'm sending you oodles of Reiki to help. x

  10. I'm so sorry to read this, Duchess Linda.
    I just saw your comment on my Valentine post. I didn't do any blogging/Facebooking yesterday. I really needed a break from the computer. I'm sure you can understand!

    I hope you are feeling better today. Sorry it's double-shift Sunday though.

    I will say a prayer for you (we're on our way to church soon). Not that I need to be in church to pray, but you know what I'm saying.

  11. I hope you feel better soon.

  12. Poor baby. My back gives me fits all the time. It's the worst. Feel better soon.

  13. LOL, you are a certified Facebook addict if someone actually recognized you! Pardon me but what's up with Facebook anyway LOL. And Twitter. I swear, so many things are coming up, I'm too lazy to catch up!

    Much Love,

  14. What a dreadful way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Call me paranoid but it's my belief that the folks who work in all Emergency Departments are trained to be evil so that patients will do just about anything to avoid the always overcrowded place.

    Take care and I sure do hope those drugs to the job!

  15. Linda, I'm glad you finally went to the ED, but don't wait next time! The "not-pleasant" nurse seemed a little out of character for the Backus ED - usually they're all pretty decent. Perhaps we shall bring her ambulances chock-FULL of "-45's" & "-46's"....bwwwwuuuhaahaahhaaa! Anyway, hope the drugs work, and that you're "back" (no pun intended) in action soon! ;-)

  16. Sorry you'bve been so bad, Linda. Did the nurse ask for your autograph when she saw you were a celebrity?

  17. Sorry for all your misery!! I care, I really do... I just don't "DO" Facebook

  18. Anonymous6:42 PM EST

    I have had two back surgeries, so I empathize with you, Linda. But the picture of the clock still portrays what your Sunday Scenery was like (even if it was Saturday). As far as the less-than-friendly triage nurse, I have gotten to the point where I don't tolerate "attitude" any more. I would have asked to speak to her supervisor. Those people have difficult jobs, but that doesn't excuse bad behavior.

  19. I hope the drugs help...actually I hope you post while you are ON the drugs...that would be very entertaining for sure!

  20. I am SOOOO going to fuss at you when you're coherent again!!


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