Thursday, February 26, 2009

I've Got a Question - You've Got an Answer

Lately a lot has been written and talked about when it comes to President Obama's economic stimulus package and how it's going to bring our country back from that brink of financial disaster that we have been teetering on. Personally, I think there's a lot of stuff in there that could have been cut but I'm just your average Joe Citizen so what do I know? The folks in Washington are never going to listen to me so I might as well stop shouting at the television set and save my voice!

While the government has been handing out money left, right, and center, though, it would have been really nice had they decided to hand some my way as I'm more than sure that I could have done my civic duty and put it right back into the stressed-out economy with a fair amount of ease. After all, it doesn't do any business any good for the government to give them money to help shore them up if people still aren't going to be able to afford to buy their goods as once the money runs out they're going to be right back where they were to begin with. Rather than forking over trillions of dollars to banks, auto companies, and every other Tom, Dick, and Harry company that was ready to go under, the federal government should have given each and every taxpaying American a check and then told us to go forth and spend. Buy a home! Buy a car! Go on a vacation! Buy some new living room furniture! Just go buy!

I've no doubt that we Americans would have rallied to the cause and then gone out and sunk that money into any number of products made by American businesses and then those same businesses could stay in business and not lay off their workers because people were buying and there was work to be had! But again, what do I know?

At any rate, to get to the question in this post ... hypothetically speaking (of course), the federal government decides that they are going to stimulate the economy the best way they know how and put money into the hands of the people; to that end, a check for $10,000 lands in your mailbox with the proviso that you have to go out and spend that $10,000. You can't save it for a rainy day or invest it or any of that stuff - you have to go spend it ... so ...

What do you spend your $10,000 on?

My answer is pretty easy being that I really don't like to shop so wouldn't want to spend any time in the mall doling out my windfall. Instead, I would go on several vacations with the kids - definitely a cruise and definitely a trip out to California to visit my friends and family out there as well as invest in a lot of food at my two favorite Mexican restaurants! California needs some help paying for those new octuplets they're footing the bill for so I think it would be good to spend some of my money out there and help them out with that!

I'd finally get Amanda that synthesizer she's been wanting, buy a new bedroom set (none of that discount furniture but a really nice bedroom set!), and if there was enough left over maybe I'd buy a new laptop. Not that $10,000 goes as far as it used to, mind you, but I bet I could have a good time making it go somewhere!

So what about you? How would you spend your money?


  1. Easy take care of credit card debt.

  2. And no offense to the person who posted above me, but I'm pretty sure that's why Obama is not sending everyone a check. Most people have already done their spending via credit cards, and need to repay that first before they will be willing to spend more.

    But if I had $10,000 and I HAD to spend it, I'd get a cheap second car, maybe spruce up the house a bit with some new carpet/paint, and spend the rest on a new Alienware gaming PC. Omnomnom...

  3. Now Duchess, first of all, you would be an average Jane Citizen. Or Sally Citizen. ;-)

    OK, if I had to spend $10K I would buy another computer (Ralph and I share our desktop) and buy something fun for everyone in the family (including the cats) and get myself some new clothes. I'm wardrobe-challenged these days. But all the while I would be itching to put it toward our huge credit card debt. When Ralph was out of work, we needed to charge stuff like car and medical insurance, and blah, blah, blah. Long story. We're really not big spenders, but we did fall on hard times and had to do what we had to do.

    Good question you've posed. I'm interested to see what the others say.

  4. A honeymoon cruise to Alaska (we never got ours) - $2000

    Camera equipment (backup camera, some lenses) - $1500

    Clothes - $1000

    Home improvements - $5500

    Spending the morning daydreaming about getting the money - Priceless

  5. Anonymous9:31 AM EST

    $10,000? Take a 2-3 month trip, silly!

  6. Well I suppose you know I think washington has totally gone over the edge with this givaway crap. What would I do, buy stock, they are having a fire sell on wall street.......

  7. i buy stock in carnival cruises! it's at a low that would be a great buy i think. or i could just take some cruises...

    smiles, bee

  8. I have to agree with Asara; but, excluding those cc debts and maybe paying on the house...perhaps, paying ON the house - a new roof, a deck out back...yeah, I could spend it pretty easy! (Luv Star's answer, too!)

    Great for for thought on a Thursday morning; Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!

  9. I sure would like to squeeze in another cruise this year :o) I also need a new bedroom set and new carpeting in our house. If there is any leftover at all, I'd spend it on some new clothes ;o)

  10. I'd pay down my mortgage. Yep, that's what I'd do. I would rather save it, but you didn't give me that option.

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug. :)

  11. I'd add a small apartment on to this house with a small kitchen and dining area for myself. And a nice spacious sewing room for my sister to have for her quilting.
    And a new car, American, of course.

  12. Travelling definitely! You know how much I love my holidays dontcha?

  13. On a long, long, long cruise.

  14. Anonymous5:13 PM EST

    That's easy. I would by that 70-200mm image stabalizing lens for my camera and a little bigger camper.

    Oh yeah, and a dozen roses for Mrs. Rambler.

  15. Rent an RV, load Mandy and the kids -guess we'd have to take Chino the cat along too, wouldn't we? -and head to Florida for a nice little vacation, stopping along the way in West Virginia to visit my best friend, Joan, then on to South Carolina for a quick stop and visit with cousin Ken and his wife, Laura, on to Atlanta, Orlando, Jacksonville, Destin and finally Tampa so I could see cousins, Lori, Lisa, Suzie, friends Charyl and Mitch and lastly, my son's Godparents in Tampa. On the way home, I'd swing over to Birmingham to see my fine red-headed cousin Ruth and her husband, the awesome pastry chef, B-man, then north to Indiana, to visit my "Ray of Sunshine" cousin and after that wide circle, I'd head for home.
    I'd love to pay down the mortgage, but it wouldn't lower the payment. I'd also love to add on to my bedroom -enlarging it enough to hold my computer, room for a nice big closet and some lovely shelving for other stuff -craft items, books, etc. But $10,000 wouldn't buy much in the way of a room addition so I think I'd just do the trip and enjoy the traveling with Mandy and the kids!

  16. I would buy supplies for the end times and for when we get an earth quake so I can survive an extra month. That is confidence ain't it!

  17. a) get out of debt,

    if that's not allowed

    b) get a second car so I could work DAYS!!

  18. I would personally deliver your favorite mexican dinner from cancun...



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