Friday, February 27, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday


Block Island sky

In honor of my upcoming trip out to Block Island in June that I wrote about the other day, I thought that I would look through my archives and find a sky picture or two from my trip out to The Block last September to use for this week's edition of Tisha's Looking at the Sky on Friday. I'm psyching myself up for some of the beautiful sky views that I'm sure I'm going to see while I'm enjoying my 3-day respite on a beautiful island out in the Atlantic Ocean!

These two shots were both taken from the deck of the ferry that we took from Point Judith out to Block Island, which is considered to be a part of the State of Rhode Island and sits 12 miles off of its coast. The sky was definitely doing some interesting things as we made our back to the mainland and there was even a small rainbow greeting us as we pulled into the docks!

Block Island rainbow

When I go out in June, I will be taking the high-speed ferry from New London, Connecticut so the trip will be a bit longer even though it will be a lot faster. It takes about an hour to get from New London out to The Block but if I'm lucky we might pass an interesting lighthouse or two along the way and that will make the trip more than worthwhile!

For more beautiful sky shots, be sure to go over to Tisha's and check out the linkies to see who else has joined in her popular new meme this week. Matter of fact, why not join in and play along, too? I bet you've got a beautiful shot or two of the sky yourself, don't you?!?


  1. Hi Linda, I had not heard of Block Island. Do people live on it? (Sounds like it if a ferry goes there?)
    Happy Sky Looking.

  2. Linda, these are breathtaking! Are they on Red Bubble?
    (I haven't forgotten the meme - I'm not able to blog much because of the glare -migraine monster. But I promise, I'll do it!)

  3. Anonymous3:42 AM EST

    wow..both sky are so beautiful, what a nice shot. great.thanks for sharing..

  4. Holy Rip, Linda! Those pics are really awesome! I think these are the best you've ever posted of the sky around your place or your travels! Beautiful!

  5. I absolutely love the first one! The rainbow looking thing in the second actually has a name, but danged if I can think of it!

    Truth between friends? I'm a bit jealous of your adventure, but I'm looking forward to your photos!

  6. Anonymous6:54 AM EST

    Just beautiful! Smiply breathtaking!

    We took a few ferry rides on the outer banks.... loved it!

  7. Wow, nature at its best! I especially LOVE the first photo. Seems chaotic on the upper half and peace on the bottom half!

    Much Love,

  8. Very dramatic skies! Nice ones.

    My Sky Friday is at
    More of Me - EG

  9. Anonymous8:29 AM EST

    Such dramatic skies, sure wish we could get some like that inland.

  10. the reflection on the water is amazing and the sun looks like a fluffy egg yolk in the second shot

    your trip plans sound great, can't think of anyone more deserving of some R&R

  11. Love them! Water, sky, sun, clouds...can't beat that combo.

  12. It seems the complexity of cloud formations occurs over water - like Block Island Sound. It looks like rain, but the peeking sun says maybe not...You make one want to take the ferry to the island just to get beautiful pictures for say...Friday photo memes??

  13. That second photo is da bomb! Where is Block Island anyway?

    Happy Friday!

    Tink *~*~*
    Now Playing at My Mobile Adventures *~*~* : Sanibel Island, pre-Charlie

  14. Oh my gosh Linda!!! These are gorgeous beyond words! They both took my breath away, and I found myself just sitting and staring at them. W.O.W. Absolutely magnificent. (Now, I've got to go get 'lost' in these photos some more...)

  15. Those are fabulous photos - the second one is especially breath-taking.

    Thanks for sharin' those, Linda; great shots!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead..

  16. I get more amazed at your photos each time you share them. But you know that...

  17. Anonymous10:27 AM EST

    I agree with Bud, Linda! You are an amazing photographer. I ♥ your work. The first photo is especially enchanting to me with the reflection of the water. Very nicely captured on both accounts!!!

    Thank you so much for playing along.

  18. that last shot is just magical--glad you dug through your old pics!

  19. Can I get in your suitcase to see it in person?

  20. I hope that the ferry won't go too fast so you can have a chance to take some nice lighthouse pics :o)

  21. Beautiful shots Linda. You are really getting very good at photography.

    Have a terrific weekend. Big hug. :)

  22. shoot i still can't see them. yours and barb's and sarge's don't show up, all the rest do. strange.

    smiles, bee

  23. Holy COW-that 2nd photo is AMAZING. It's so dreamy and fantastical it almost looks fake. What makes it so amazing is that it is not.

    Man, you've got mad skillz.

  24. Anonymous5:06 PM EST

    These are both gorgeous. I especially love the first one.

    I want to go to an island, too!

  25. the rainbow pic is fascinating. you have such beautiful skies

  26. HiLinda,

    Beautiful pictures. I can tell you have a really nice camera, plus the operator is not bad either, hehe.

    See you when we get back from our cruise.

  27. Gorgeous! Those are just stunning sky shots, Duchess Linda.

    Like Mags said, the second one almost looks like a fantasy world, a painting of a far-off place from someone's imagination.

    And what better than to capture a rainbow?

  28. Those are fantastic shots!

  29. Lovely lovely lovely....


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