Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Painting Myself Into a Corner

Well, sort of ... not really ... but it sounded like a good title! Now that my back is no longer giving me grief and I've managed to recover from my bout of the flu that left me feeling like the equivalent of a wrung-out dishrag, I've had the chance to start working on the paint in Amanda's room again. Even though it is one pain-in-the-behind paint job, I think that when it's finally done it's going to look pretty cool.

the corner

This shot is of one of the corners of the room and as you can see, I've got both the black and white stripes done in this section. There's only partial red on one of the windows because I was checking the color to see if it was going to work and how many coats it's going to take being that red is a very tricky color to work with. I was kind of hoping that perhaps Amanda would decide that she liked the current gray trim just fine but she's quite taken with the red. I do have to admit that it looks pretty good against the stark black & white but unfortunately it's going to take about three coats to get the color right.

wallFrom this angle, you can see one of the closet doors and the third window as well as the rickety ladder that Amanda is afraid to stand on. I know it looks like the wall is bent but that's just an optical illusion from the stripes. Actually trying to take pictures in the room is pretty tricky overall as everything comes out looking like an optical illusion! I think, though, that when it's all done and finished, it's really going to be quite an awesome room.

Of course, being done and finished is still going to take some time. I completed taping off the stuff I need to paint but didn't have time to actually start painting again as it was getting late last night by the time I finished and today I'm off to my other job at Mohegan Tribal Dispatch (I haven't been down there since before Christmas and I've probably forgotten more than I remember at this point). Wednesday is, of course, a double shift at American but I'm hoping to at least be able to get one coat of black paint rolled onto the remaining 13 stripes before I have to go into work Thursday afternoon and then get a second coat on Friday before work. With any luck I'll have all of the striping done by Saturday - woohoo!

Once the stripes are finally completed then Amanda and I will start on the red paint for the trim. I may have to spend some time showing her just how to hold a paintbrush and not be quite so heavy-handed but one way or another, the kid who came up with this great idea is going to help out as there is no way I'm going to crawl around on the floor painting baseboards. We all know what happens with me and baseboards, don't we?! Exactly! I don't need any more trips to the Emergency Room! Besides, if the kid really wants to be an artist someday, this will be really good practice for her when it comes to the "struggling" part!


  1. I agree with Amanda, the red looks better, preferably that red in that photo. I like what you're trying to achieve here! Lol I wish my Mom thinks the same way when it comes to the color of the walls. She just wants neutral colors like boring white, beige, etc. I want diversity!

    It's awesome that Amanda wants to be an Artist! You're right, she should learn how to paint! Have her paint the whole house lol.

    Much Love,

  2. I gotta give you credit, because I'd never attempt such a thing - and I love painting! That makes my back hurt just looking at it!

    I need a restful room to relax. I'm all about relaxing, actually! I wouldn't care for something so graphic and busy. But I love that you are allowing your daughter to express herself. That is awesome!

  3. Anonymous7:10 AM EST

    I love it! My dad's been after me to buy a place rather than rent...and if that's what I end up doing....I might steal the stripes idea. It's awesome.

  4. man you JUST get over the bad back and already you are painting? you are amazing!

    smiles, bee

  5. quite creative. feel back to normal real soon. Normal for you that is. lol

  6. Anonymous10:01 AM EST

    I like the red. it's fun and quirky. I could also see gray, but maybe a less "warmer" shade...Mid-tone, perhaps.

    Yup, red is one of the hardest paint colors... Don't know why. Usually takes more coats than usual and finding just the right shade... That shade is perfect!

  7. Interesting paint selection there but man, it makes me dizzy looking at it. Not so sure I'd be able to handle that over the whole room.

  8. Such an awesome paint job.
    Your a great Mom for letting her paint her room the way she wants.
    Amanda is so creative to actually come up with such an interesting design.

  9. My vote is with Amanda's...the red looks awesome. And I am most impressed that, after just recovering from a terrible back ordeal, there you are painting and painting and painting. What a good momma you are.

  10. Yowzers! That's a lot of taping off!!!! It looks amazing though, and it suits Amanda perfectly. I hate the gray on the windows with it though, so I'm glad the red was the first choice. The gray reminds me of a jail cell for some reason. The red looks fabulous!

    I've said it before and I'll say it again-Amanda has an amazing Mom!!!

  11. I was just about to say where is Ms. Amanda when you slave in her room :o)
    It's looking really good!
    Take it easy with you back, Lin.

  12. Amanda is a lucky girl
    will you adopt me? I don't even ask for much

    I like the gray but the red is cool too
    that looks like so much work

  13. It's all very striking and innovative

  14. You "great eye" that I love goes beyond photography. It looks great!!!

  15. That red is wonderful even if it is a pain in the posterior, but you are right that it is Amanda's posterior that should be pained not yours.

  16. That hurts my eyes really badly. Yikes.

    I'm glad you are feeling good again. Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  17. Your a busy woman! I hope that you get a chance for a nice break!

  18. just looking at the pictures gives me vertigo. I'd puke trying to stand in the room!

    have fun.

  19. My eyes would have trouble with those stripes. But then, I'm not a teenager anymore.


  20. it will be a fun room for her...when she finishes it! smile.

    (hopefully she will like it for a long long time ....)

  21. Nicely done, i think the red is the way to go! If you want to get really creative check out these crazy optical illusion room paintings http://visualfunhouse.com/altered_reality/3d-painted-illusion-rooms.html


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