Saturday, March 28, 2009

An Amanda Artwork Update

It's been quite some time since I've done a post about any of Amanda's artwork so I figured I should rectify that. Despite what I might think, she apparently does occasionally do something other than chat with her on-line friends and eat me out of house and home!

It's still her dream to someday become an illustrator and make her living as an artist but I don't think she's quite caught on to the fact that she's going to be a Senior next year and that she really needs to start getting a portfolio together as any art school she applies to is going to want one. It's that whole "I'm a kid, I've got plenty of time" thing going on with her.

At any rate, she's been playing around with watercolors lately and trying to perfect her style in that medium. The first picture is the line drawing for what would become the final product in the second picture.

You'd never know that she has become a major fan of the band "Creature Feature from looking at these pictures, would you? Ah well, I guess the kid's got to get her inspiration from somewhere and now you can see why she doesn't mind walks in the cemetery with me at all! I'd just rather not have the whole monster vine and hand coming out of the ground experience though! I wouldn't mind a moon like that one, though, maybe I could finally get a good picture if there was one that big and that close!

This last picture is the line drawing for her next watercolor attempt; which is based on Creature Feature's song "Greatest Show Unearthed" hence the creepy looking sideshow barker and the dancing skeletons in the amusement park. Amanda was pretty happy with the way the skeletons turned out as it does rather look like they're dancing in a macabre sort of way which was her intent.

Once she gets the watercolor done on the second picture I will post an update along with the latest two plushies that she recently finished who are based on the singers in Creature Feature - Curtis RX and Erik X. Now if I could just get her to finish cleaning her room and get her stuff put away! Maybe she needs a few dancing skeletons to help her out??


  1. The first is interesting, but I really like the Amusement Park. It reminds me of Christopher's drawings when he was Amanda's age. Living with an artist is definitely an experience.

  2. Creepy!(in a good way). Good job conveying the ethereal feeling of a whole different world! Chills & thrills - that's what art's supposed to be! You're right about the portfolio, but the advice would be best heard from a friend/classmate closer to her age!
    Thanks for sharing these drawings w/us.

  3. Heh, well, I suppose we do chat a lot.

    I'll be sure to remind her to build up her portfolio more! *salutes*

  4. Super style! Well done, Amanda.

  5. The watercolour is great but I just love the black and white sketches! She's a talented young lady. :)

  6. Fantastic. She's really developing very well.

  7. The figure in the last image is REALLY good. Totally reminds me of the illustrations in the classic L Frank Baum "Wizard Of Oz" series.
    I can see her illustrating a Tik Tok Of Oz book.
    But you're right - by November of her senior year, she's got to have a portfolio ready if she wants to get into a good Art School.

  8. I enjoyed seeing Amanda's work. She is a good artist and should go far in this field.

  9. Anonymous6:11 PM EDT

    Whoa! Those are seriously cool! I had no idea Amanda was so talented!

    I love the purple monster vine!

  10. This is my first time to see Amanda's art work. I love the first one! You should keep a copy of this somewhere. By the time she's all set to do a Portfolio, she'll probably look around for it and maybe ask you where it is!

    These kind of sketches.. I always see 'em on newspapers and magazines!

  11. She is really talented. I'm sure she has lots of decisions to make. I hope she goes with her passion in life.
    She'll never regret it.

  12. No doubt, she has talent!

  13. well, actually her "official" portfolio will come later. she does need to be applying to some art colleges though.

    certifyably creepy.

  14. Amanda has a great eye for composition like her mom! The composition, perspective, shading, and use of color is excellent!
    I wish I'd followed my dream but I let it die. Amanda, listen to us! We really want you to succeed cuz you're really very talented!

  15. Yup! Time to start to work on her portfolio. I would love to have a job that I love :o)


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