Saturday, March 7, 2009

Finally - I'm Done!

Back when I first rented the new humble abode, I went through the house and took a series of pictures to show people what the place looked like. Some of you may remember that this was what the bedroom that ended up being Amanda's looked like. The walls were a light gray and the trim work was a darker shade of gray. It wasn't bad but Amanda had this great idea that she wanted to have her new room done in black & white stripes with red for the trim work.

Thus began the longest painting job that I have ever done in my entire 50 years due to the fact that Amanda, despite being quite skilled with pencil, pen, and Sharpie, pretty much sucks when it comes to putting paint on walls. I wonder if Michelangelo found that he had the same problem when he began painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?? Probably not ...

Even though Amanda had this great idea for her room, she didn't really know how to execute it. Fortunately, I work with a lady who is an amazing artist and she came over and measured out the lines and did some of the initial taping. Thanks, Baby Liz! Her schedule, though, prevented her from getting back over here so the rest somehow ended up being left to me of the bad back and works-way-too-many-hours-so-how-do-I-find-time?? Add on the fact that my anal retentive Virgoness will not allow me to do a half-baked job even when I'm sick to death of a project and you can understand why this took almost a month!

However, at long last I am more than happy to say that IT IS DONE! I put the last coat of paint on the closest doors, pulled all of the tape, touched up the few spots that needed it, and called it finished around 1:30 Friday afternoon - just in time for me to get ready to go to work!

Luckily, the room came out looking pretty darned cool and Amanda is quite happy with it (she had better be!) so now we can start getting furniture moved in and maybe I can get the rest of the house organized a month after we've moved in. Personally, I'm getting a little sick of looking at all the boxes that are still stacked up all over the place!

Before I do that, though, I'm going to take some time to enjoy the nice weather this weekend and go take some pictures. The boxes have just been sitting there this long - what's one more day going to hurt at this juncture??


  1. Linda!!! That is totally awesome! I love it!!! I love that color red with the back. You did yourself proud!!! You ought to submit the "Before and After" to HGTV!
    The floors looks great, too.
    Amanda: You owe your mom, big time!

  2. Wow, I love the room and the colors, it looks much amazing than before! Looks like tough job! So sleek and modern!

    The floor is so shiny too lol! I would so love to have that room right now!

    Much Love,

  3. Anonymous8:01 AM EST

    Enjoy the time off and the pretty weather.

  4. wow i love it (and i can SEE it!). the floors are great too! she'll be happy in there...

    smiles, bee

  5. Great job, Duchess. Amanda is a lucky young woman to have you as a mom.

    Enjoy your photo-taking! It is really nice out there this morning.

  6. Lovely and striking room transformation.

  7. did an awesome job making Amanda's room into a colorful, vibrant, and modern place. Great job! Now go out and enjoy your've certainly earned it!

  8. Glad you are done. Now enjoy the great weather with your camera and let those boxes sit for another day.

    Have a terrific weekend. Big hug. :)

  9. Well you did a great job Linda. I hope Amanda doesn't get sick of it and want it changing. :#

  10. Wow! You outdid yourself this time! Now, this may be just a hunch, but perhaps Amanda's artistic abilities DID come from you - after all, you had only a little guidance @ the beginning (via Baby Liz), but the rest YOU did - all by yourself...and it looks FANTASTIC! Now, get out there & enjoy Mother Nature's early spring gift today! You earned it!

  11. It's pretty darn cool but I think I'm having an optical illusion.
    Is it terminal??

  12. I love your daughters room. I notice that you played it a little safer.

  13. Anonymous4:21 PM EST

    That is a LOT of work! Amanda should be doing your bidding for some time to come! Wow!

    I just basically wasted an entire afternoon: I will have to repeat all the work I did today. ::sigh:: I hate it when I break my first rule of computers... backup!

    BTW... I'm back to posting on blogger... Miss Bee can't see my photos, but I can't seem to give up WLW.

  14. You have great taste! It looks wonderful...

  15. Anonymous10:25 PM EST

    Holy crap that looks so great! I hope Amanda enjoys it for (many many) years to come. Haha.

  16. Anonymous8:56 PM EDT

    thought I was in a jail cell where a murder took place

  17. way back when I started reading you the banner of your weblog showed you as a bodice ripping "SuperMom"...

    you really are a Super Mom...and Amanda will always know how much you love her.

  18. now all the pictures need to be CIRCLES!! :-)

    I just remembered I was gonna email you a piece of the fabric that I'd like to do my kitchen it......lemme go find it.

    you gonna volunteer now that you have all this experience??


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