Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I've Got Nuthin' ...

I don't know why but lately when it comes time to sit down and write a blog post, I've got nuthin'. Normally I can think of something to post about or even come up with a good picture or two but lately ... nuthin'. I'm going to blame that nuthin' on the fact that this winter has me just about totally burnt out and I am in need of some warmer weather to re-energize my batteries and get me out of this frozen funk I'm in.

In the meantime, because I personally have nuthin' to write about, I'm going to direct you over to a post that was written by Lee of Tarheel Ramblings based on a comment that he left on my post the other day about the rude behavior of the head coach of the University of Connecticut Huskies men's basketball team. In "A Question of Priorities" Lee brings up a lot of good points about things this country should be worried about and it is well worth reading as there's a lot of food for thought there.

And because I've still got nuthin' else to put in this post, I'm going to share a video that one of the guys I work with posted on Facebook the other day that totally cracked me up - especially considering that Amanda seems to have a fixation with zombies lately ... and for other reasons that I'm sure you'll be able to understand!

Ah, Bob Hope - he was a funny, funny guy ... they don't make comedians like him anymore which is too bad. Clean humor seems to have gone the way of good manners these days.

Anyway, while I'm working on that nuthin' I've got everyone have a great Tuesday; I'm going to be spending mine digging my car out from under about a foot of snow that landed on us in celebration of it being March (darned lion!) and then hopefully finish painting Amanda's room. I spent 7 hours in there yesterday seeing red and with any luck I can get away with one more coat on the trim work and then I can call it done and move on to the kitchen walls (which will be infinitely easier than the black, white, and red of Amanda's bedroom!). Anyone want to try to talk me out of painting the dining room next? Please?!?


  1. What do you mean you've got nothing when it comes to sitting down and writing a blog post? It seems like everyday you post like one or two blogs! Now that's something! :P

    And I would love to see your house all coated with new paint! :)

    Much Love,

  2. Anonymous8:13 AM EST

    Thank you for letting me comment with a Name/URL. I'm starting to hate Blogger... grimbleschnitz? Is that the right word?

    I loved Bob Hope. I have the Comedy Channel in my Dish Network package, but seldom is there anything on there that could actually be construed as comedy.

  3. and you feel the obligation to blog, even when you got nothing, been there done that.

  4. Anonymous9:21 AM EST

    Good morning! LOL at that clip. And oldie but goodie.

  5. I put up the photo meme. Curiosity alone should keep you busy with emails satisfying your curiosity. Can't paint while you are typing.

  6. I've been feeling a bit post-less these days myself. Must be the cold weather that won't go away!

    Thanks for the movie clip this morning.

    Have a great Tuesday!

  7. Ah... I feel responsible to some degree... the anti-writing muse just left my blog... I am coming out of my fog... I am sure it's a winter thing. I put out a cry for help on my blog.

  8. Anonymous2:05 PM EST

    Not much here, either!
    But I DO like zombies!!!

    You're always interesting to read!

  9. Loved the video. They don't make movie stars like they used too. I find most of them very unpatriotic. That's a whole different post.

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug. :)

  10. Please... pretty please...don't paint the dinning room. It's perfect the way it is :o)
    There you go, I hope I talked you out of it.

  11. I remember the Bob Hope zombie movie...some of it was scary years ago.

  12. i hate it when i got nuttin' honey! sucks...

    smiles, bee

  13. I used to love the Bob Hope movies. :)

    Even when you write 'nuthin' it's interesting Linda. x

  14. Let me send you my husband, he'll give you plenty to write about.

  15. You sure wrote a lot for someone who has nuthin'.

    Bob Hope was one of the classics. I sure miss his holiday shows, especially when he trotted out the All-American football teams.


    Eat Well. Live Well.

  16. usually I have too much pinballing in my brain to be able to focus. Wordless Wednesday and Looking At The Sky Friday always help me out...smile.

  17. I think you should paint the kitchen in a nice yellow and blue checkerboard....with cherries stenciled in about 2/3 of the blocks. it'd be soooooooo cherrry!!!!


  18. The Fumes from the Paint are killing me.. knock it off... I love the movie clip.. "you mean like Democrats".. oh my you had me roaring.. bwhahahahahaahah

  19. Even your nuthin' posts are worth spending the time to read.


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