Thursday, March 5, 2009

I've Got a Question - You've Got an Answer

So ... considering that yesterday's post was rather long and detailed I thought I'd go with something quick and simple today like an easy question that doesn't require a lot of reading to get to on your part! For those who have massive amounts of blogs in your Readers to wade through, I know you appreciate short and succinct instead of my usual verbosity and running off at the keyboard so I figure I should give you a break every once in awhile and cut down the verbage. To that end I submit to you the following question ...

On average, how many hits/visits a day do you get to your blog?

For those of us who have stat counters on our pages, the answer should be pretty easy to determine and for those who don't - give it your best guess! My answer would have to be usually around 200-225 hits/visits a day but I have no idea how many of those people actually stick around and read as obviously I have nowhere near that number of comments on posts. I'd like to hope it's at least half of that but I kinda doubt it's that high of a number. Still, all things considered, it's nice to know that anyone is reading my drivel at all!

Now over to you; I'm going on a search for some cheap computer memory as I seem to have used most of the memory in my laptop ... talk about needing to cut down on things!


  1. sometimes i get that many but i only count the single ones, not the returning ones. that's about 105 a day. that's why i get so mad at only 25 comments. plus i subscribe to my blog in both rss and atom readers and can see that i have 66 subscribers in one and 16 in the other so 82 people are subscribing, not counting the ones that use the other readers. so why so few comments? i see them as cheaters. i wish i could block them. i truly do. they have made me want to quit blogging too. or go private. somehow i think they are creepy. so if you are reading this, leave a danged comment!!!

    smiles, bee

  2. I lost a lot of my readers prior to the election, liberals who were not interested in a different point of view, what I say about that, their loss.

  3. I don't even know how to tell. thats how stupid I am. But then again I blog for me.

  4. Mine varies a lot from day to day from as little as 30 to a few hundred. I think that may depend on the labels attached to the post that attracts searchers. My pet peeve is the no comments. Would it kill people to at least say "hello" "Kilroy was Here" anything at all so you aren't speaking to an empty void.

  5. Over two hundred. But I get a lot of information lookup for my DJ charts like Top Rock Singers, etc.

  6. I think 10, maybe. Up to 30 on a good day. I agree with Jamie that not getting comments kind of sucks. But then, I'm guilty of not commenting too, so what goes around comes around, I guess. For me anyway.

  7. I have no clue, because I deleted my stat counter last year.

    I know the cat's blog has 249 subscribed RSS readers and 130 Followers. Before I combined the cat's blog into my blog they were averaging about 60 comments a day. They got WAY too popular. That's part of the reason I combined my blogs. I didn't have time to do my blog or any photos other than cats. I still have a few of the cat blogs, but since the blog doesn't focus on them every day, I've got way less comments, which is what my goal was.

  8. Visits:

    Total 66,444
    Average Per Day 323
    Average Visit Length 1:39
    Last Hour 20
    Today 136
    This Week 2,259

    Page Views:

    Total 88,338
    Average Per Day 413
    Average Per Visit 1.3
    Last Hour 22
    Today 186
    This Week 2,894

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug. :)

  9. To be honest, I have a stat counter but never ever look at it. I figure if there aren't many hits then why feel depressed and if there are a good number of hits but not a lot of comments then why be frustrated.

  10. when I first understood what stat counters were and what they did I was OCD about them for a spell -- this was about 2 months into blogging

    Now I can't remember the last time I checked, I get the e-mail report and never open it

    I have the friends I have made and the conversations we all have and that has become what is important to me

  11. Looking at my counter, I get around 100 hits a day...why don't I get 100 comments????

  12. Anonymous5:07 PM EST

    My hits have gone down, but my "followers" have gone up. I guess they're reading through their feeders??

    I get 30-50 a day.
    I need to get rid of the site meter. It bugs me.

    The blog is for me. I spend too much time blogging as it is...I should get paid for it!

  13. maybe 7 only you and Mel comment regularly

  14. Several... I dunno at least 7, no more than 15, like others have said, I don't really pay attention

  15. I have made some wonderful friends since I have been in the blog world. They visit when they can. When I do the entrecard stuff about 50 a day I use to get about 250 hits a day.. Now I don't know what I get, I haven't looked, haven't cared.. I think cause I don't do the pay stuff.. but for those of you that do, it is a big deal.. I am just to Lazy. Imagine that. :) me lazy..

  16. I don't check. I was doing pretty well until my reader took a dump. But since I'm not doing any stuff for pay I don't keep tabs.

  17. that's kind of a PERSONAL question.

    not sure I care to answer that one!!

  18. I currently have 591 views since February 28. So that would be roughly 90-100 views a day and only 2-3 people comment. I'm always looking for ways to increase, it though! My goal for March is to reach 4500 views lol!

    Good luck finding a good memory for your laptop.

    Much Love,

  19. I don't have a stat counter...should I have one? I'm out of the loop I guess.

    Like Joan said, if I did have a lot of hits and few comments, I would be mucho frustrated I'm sure.

  20. I don't even know how to check :o) But I think it's better for peace of mind. No pressure or anger. Ha!
    If I have to guess, I'd say around 50.

  21. I do wish people would comment more. It drives me nuts. I'd like to engage in conversation more with my readers.


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