Monday, March 16, 2009

I've Got a Question - You've Got an Answer

Busy day again today so just time for a quick post before I get at it and then hopefully later tonight I can relax a bit and catch up on my blog reading. At least that's the plan!

Today's question is simple and yet probably complicated in more ways than a lot of people will ever know ...

How has the current global economic situation affected you or someone you know?

I know we here in America like to cry about the way our economy has most definitely gone down the tubes but in doing so, I think we tend to forget that there are a lot of other nations and people out there who are suffering just as much - if not more - than we are.

I, personally, know of at least two people who have been laid off due to the companies they work for downsizing and neither one of them have been able to find work since being laid off. You have no idea how thankful I am to have a job that I know is secure so even though I still can't make ends meet, at least I can get them closer than those people who have no job.

So now ... over to you!


  1. *knocks on wood*

    I personally am fairly safe. Probably the best time to be working for the gov't. But my Husband is holding his breathe. They've cut hours, wages, bonuses, raises at his place of employment. He's been gearing up to open his own garage. Slowly getting the equipment and tools he will need in the event that they do let him go, he will be ready to keep earning.

    Still waiting to see how it will affect my father's business. He's seasonal, and is just coming into his busy time of year installing aluminum patio roofs, enclosures, carports, etc. I designed a new webpage for him this year and I am hoping it helps,

  2. It really hasn't been difficult for us. We are savers though. We've always saved for the rainy days that are sure to come. We have ridden this roller coaster many times before. So we really haven't felt too much. We don't live beyond our means at all. So we have lots of room to play with.

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug. :)

  3. Anonymous12:46 PM EDT

    It's mixed with my family. I worry about youngest SD, Mabel, who will be graduating form college in December. I hope she'll be able to find the job she wants in the culinary field.

    I know several folks affected by this economy (job losses/decreased hours). I also pray that it improves soon for our country.

    Like you said, we must also remember we're better off than some of the other countries.

    On the other hand, hubby's job is in big demand right now. Yes, we feel somewhat of a pinch, but we are lucky in that we live quite simply and watch our cash flow. No credit card debt and very little consumer debt (mortgage and auto).

  4. Hubby & I were "lucky" that we both were forced to retire early. When the s**t hit the financial fan, we had our disability and retirement funds in safe places (and hubby had the foresight to put disability insurance in place when he refinanced his mortgage several years ago -- he didn't know why then, but does now).

    Our children and grandchildren are the ones who are suffering without jobs or prospects. And that is tearing us apart.

  5. Well, I sold my business of 20 years in 2006. I started this one in June 2007. That was after spending 6 months sending out resumes and going on job interviews. Talk about timing, huh? So I had no choice but to start another business.

    Although I was forced to cancel my Medical Savings Account a year ago, things could be much worse. I can't complain.

  6. Well...I'm not sure if I'm one of the 2 you know, but I lost my job at the end of December and have been faced with a horrible job market in Boston. Yesterday there were 2 jobs posted. One of which was a temp job.

    That's the trouble here-no one has it in their budget to hire full time people so they are trying to get us to work without having medical insurance or job security or the ability to pay into a 401K. I know some people may look down on my holding out, but in MA you are required by law to have health insurance and I just can't see paying for it on my own when I work part time or temp jobs.

    I do look for work every single day, most times twice a day-morning and then at night. Trouble is, 2 jobs for 5000 people out of work equals crap.

  7. most of my friends are retired but i do know a few internet friends that lost jobs. i am never 100% sure of these though. i was burned once by someone on the internet and i am very careful what i believe now. or who i visit...

    (smiles), bee

  8. my business started feeling the pinch even before the economy really started free falling

    thanks to Bush and his love for his corporate fat cat friends the huge incentives for cos. to set up offshore really hurt my clients which in turn hurt me

    it was then that I started working a 2nd job while trying to drum up new business

    the worst thing to happen to me due to all this is that I lost my health insurance - it's a long story as to how that happened and I've told it on my blog before so I'll spare you a replay

  9. Well, for me I am down to 5 hours a week. There is basically no business functioning at my work. I am the office. I do it all.. so from a 40 plus work week to 5 hours that tells ya how busy we are in the Trucking industry. I am also receiving unemployment insurance pay.. So I am very thankful for that. As for my husband we hold our breathe everyday. Our extended families have made plans in case any of us become totally destitute and lose our homes we will instantly look something like The Walton's...

    Good Night John-Boy!

  10. A friend of mine who left the place I work tells me her husband and son were both made redundant from the place they worked on Christmas Eve.

  11. I'm glad that most of your commenters are making out okay. I on the other hand have not been so lucky. I have lost my job 3 times in 2 years. I have not had health insurance in 2 years. My husband is on disability which barely pays my mortgage. He is also a diabetic and I have a credit card with all his medical costs that medicare does not pay. I look for a job daily and send out resumes but no calls. I try to follow up on any leads friends or family have given me. There are many things I have given up or cut down on and will continue to do. And to top things off everything in my house has broken this year, plumbing, furnace, fridge, washer dryer al big items that I am forced to pull out of my stash.

  12. Unfortunately, we are doing just fine. I say unfortunately because it means there is still a great need out there for the instruments of war and the Strykers that protect the men and women in the field. It is good that it is helping them stay safe. It is sad that there is still a reason for them not to come home.

  13. I don't know anyone who lost their job due to the recession but lots of my countrymen are out there hitting the streets daily because they've been laid off or they can't find a job just because they didn't finish College. It's harder to find a job in here because of so many over the top qualifications.

    A lot of companies in the Philippines (okay, about 70%) are American companies so a lot of people receive half their salary or are completely laid off because of this crisis. In some cases, companies shut down because of bankruptcy.

    Yesterday I was in a Mall with my Mom and brother and there's a Job Fair and a really long line. Probably not all of them will have jobs.

    Here in the Philippines, everyday seems like an economic crisis lol.

  14. So far so good. Hubby and I are retired from public service jobs and, at least for the moment, our monthly retirement payments are secure. There was an article in the newspaper not too long ago however about the precarious nature of Hubby's city retirement fund which now has me a little anxious.

    As for our investments, that's another story...a very sad one. Still...I feel blessed compared to so many who have lost jobs, homes and are living on the edge. My heart goes out to them.

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  16. As you know, I had to quit work three years ago because of health issues and we were doing okay until hubman was blindsided at work on a Thursday night in November as he was headed out the door. He was able to file for unemployment (which is scary if you live in California!) and SSI, for early retirement. He wasn't planning on retiring until 2011. He was a partsman in the trucking industry - had been all of his career - and there is no jobs out here!
    My daughter is very close - like a month or so - from losing her cabinet shop...
    But we all have a roof over our heads and food in our gullets. We consider ourselves very blessed!

  17. My income -Social Security -got an increase in January that ended up giving me a decrease because the raise put me just over the line of demarcation for the state to pay my Medicare payment -the $98 or $96 a month deal, ya know -so now I get $36 less per month than I received a year ago and actually, less than I received two years ago! Lovely! But other than that, the biggest problem here has been that my son-in-law decided last summer to go into business for himself -opening an automotive mechanic shop. With people cutting back wherever they can, many are now doing simple car stuff -oil changes, and the like, even larger jobs too, on their own or with help from a friend or family member. If he can keep holding on in times like this, I think he'll be okay eventually, but it's a rough haul for him and my daughter right now with money so tight all over the place.

  18. Well I'm being forced to move because my brothers house is so upside down he'd rather let go into foreclosure than continue sinking money into it.
    My store is about 3% down from 2007.

  19. I guess Mark and I are one of the luckier ones as it did not affect us that much. We both have our jobs and are able to pay our bills on time.
    I know that our neighbor was laid off and I noticed a few little stores go out of business, but that's about it for now.
    Let's hope that it will only get better for everybody that was affected.

  20. Anonymous9:39 AM EDT

    Good question. I know a few people who have lost jobs. Personally, I am OK so far except for the usual one-third loss in my retirement accounts. I am 50 and figure I can make it up over time.


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