Friday, March 13, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday

It's Friday again and that has all of us Looking at the Sky on Friday with Tisha of CrAzY Working Mom - yay! Don't forget to pop on by her blog and click on the links to see some great sky shots!

Last Saturday while I was out walking around parts of New London I stopped in at Fort Trumbull State Park. The current fort was built from 1839-1852 with the first fort on the site being built in 1775. That makes it history and you know how I feel about history!

Even though the fort isn't open for the season yet, the grounds are and you can walk around the outside of the fort which is located on the Thames River and not quite directly across from Fort Griswold, a place I've previously written about and where a bloody Revoluntionary War massacre occured.

As I walked around the grounds of the fort on Saturday with a beautiful blue sky above me, I knew I was going to have no problem finding pictures for today's meme and I didn't!

The sky at Fort Trumbull

This tree is just inside the entrance to the fort and stands all by itself just past the Visitor's Center. It's extremely tall and I bet is quite handsome when its branches are covered in leaves. With any luck that time won't be that much longer!

Trees at Fort Trumbull

These trees stand to the side of the fort and obviously have been affected by the winds that blow in off of the Thames River. Again, I bet they look quite nice with leaves and as I'm planning another trip down to Fort Trumbull after it opens for the season, I'll have to remember to take some pictures for comparison.

I have some more pictures of the fort to show you in a future post but I thought these two were the best for the beautiful blue sky and wispy clouds that making Looking at the Sky on Friday such a fun thing to do.

May all your Friday skies be blue!


  1. Anonymous7:38 AM EDT

    Beautiful blue skies. I love trees in all their many seasons! My pecan trees are just as lovely all bare and brambly as they are when Spring comes and they burst into green! Beautiful, but different. And that is the spice of life isn't it? Enjoying the the many variations. Happy Friday, Linda.

    Can you believe it, I forgot about Looking at the sky today... it was a very busy week for me.

  2. Wow those pictures look like paintings. ON the west coast around Astoria Oregon on the ocean we have old bunkers.. Where little slits in the concrete look west.. guess they thought guns would shoot intruders.. They are really weird..:)

  3. Great shots of the majestic blue skies.

  4. That blue in your first pic is just amazing. It's actually sunny here today, after like a week of grayness. It's chilli 37 degrees though. But I'd rather have the sunny sky and little chill ;o)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. You always take such gorgeous pictures! Love the effect of the wispy clouds against the blue of the sky, just beautiful. I look forward to seeing pictures of the fort. Forts have always fascinated me with their history. xoxo

  6. Great shots; the branches in the last pic look like they're being blown by the same wind as the clouds (if that makes any sense! LoL)..Anyway, I luv the shot!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!

  7. It is amazing the way the forces of nature shape the trees into unique forms. I'll look forward to the spring foliage.

  8. wow, they are beautiful!

    smiles, bee

  9. I love the way you framed those photos. Nice job!

  10. The 2nd photo looks like the wind is blowing something fierce right then!

    When I did Civil War re-enacting we had an event at Fort Trumbull. That was a fun one-I actually felt like I had gone back in time.

  11. Can't wait for those photos from Fort Trumbull! I love History!

    Very beautiful photos. Wonder what it looks like with leaves in it!

  12. Now those are beautiful skies, you got great composition. It looks cold.

  13. I can hear the wind rushing through the branches in the bottom shot.
    Girl, you are getting better and better each week!
    Anxious to hear the "rest of the story..."

  14. Anonymous5:53 AM EDT

    Love that bright blue sky. Great shots. The first is so vibrant and the second so descriptive. You can just "feel" the weather.

  15. I see what you mean about trees. These are so lovely. The first one in particular.

  16. That first pic is awesome. Bluest of the blue!


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