Friday, March 20, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday

There were hints that Spring was almost upon us this week with a couple of nice days - especially Tuesday. The weather was so nice I took a walk in the cemetery and remembered to catch a shot of the sky for Tisha's great Friday meme as we were leaving and the sun was starting to think about setting ...

Cemetery Sky

Just to prove that it really is almost Spring I took this picture, too, and then made it "special" just for Amanda!

Spring Macro

Everyone have a great Friday and don't forget to spring by Looking at the Sky on Friday for more great sky shots!


  1. Great pics, Linda! One of these days I am gonna have to try my hand at sky shots but then that would involve my getting off my fat duff and getting dressed too and actually going outside, wouldn't it? Hmm. Will have to give that some more thought I guess.

  2. this is the best yet.......

  3. Look at the yellow in that sky! Fabulous! Everything is budding out here, too. My baby dogwood that was a yearling when my Dad planted it last year is leafing out! Its across the driveway mate did not make it through the winter so we're shopping for a pink dogwood to replace it.

    Happy Friday my friend!

  4. Anonymous8:17 AM EDT

    the buds are out here too! blooms as well.

  5. Yay! Spring is here. I love the budz :o)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. The first photo is awesome, I love it! It looks like someone sprayed something on the left side.

  7. The top shot is almost unreal. It is as if the artist wanted more character in the sky and 'touched-up' the clouds a bit more with acrylics...

  8. The weather is beautiful here today too. It's supposed to rain this weekend, but we need it so badly.

    Have a terrific weekend Linda. Big hug. :)

  9. Linda, this is great! And funny! Your photos are excellent! :)

  10. Once spring truly gets here, it's easy to forget the harsh winter.

  11. The gold is a beautiful shade. Lovely Spring shot.
    The White House

  12. That's a lovely sky Linda and a great shot of budding spring!

  13. I love the pic for Amanda - really cute

    the color in the top photo is stunning

  14. That golden yellow color in the first photo is just beautiful.

    TGIF - w00t! :)
    Tink *~*~*

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    Retail Therapy Skies Over Fort Myers, Florida

  15. its a good job you took that walk cause thats a wonderful sky. so much yellow

  16. Anonymous8:44 AM EDT

    Wow, you were right! Ours look very similar. Nice job, Linda.

    Thanks for playing. Sorry I've not been able to make rounds. It's been hectic around my place!

  17. Anonymous3:34 PM EDT

    The sunset picture is amazing!

  18. Love it, as usual! Still looks crisp but nice and clear...
    It was 78 yesterday and 55 today. I love spring! You never know what you're gonna get.


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